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  1. You sound like an awesome candidate. Just from this message, your writing skills seem very good, so I assume you can produce an excellent PS. Have you taken the GRE? Your GPAs make you very competitive, but maybe someone else can comment on your question regarding taking more science classes and getting a master’s. I don’t think I would go for the master’s though based on your current stats and the cost. Stay confident and positive! It’ll take that to get through the whole CASPA process and rock your interviews. Best of luck.
  2. I think I would make a list of the schools you plan to apply to and see how many will/won’t except this. I’m personally not a fan of things that are “considered on an individual basis,” because it leaves you not knowing exactly what they will/won’t do with the class. I think after making the list, you should have a clear picture what is best for you based on how many schools you can apply to.
  3. If you’re going to retool your paper, I don’t mean to imply you need to discuss every point in your personal/PA top 5 lists, but use some of those ideas/examples to bolster your paper.
  4. Hello. I liked your PS, but it came across like a small synopsis of your college life, rather than a strong essay of why you want to be a PA and why you will make a great PA. The paper was fine with regards to grammar and sentence structure. If you don’t plan on changing anything about it, I would swap paragraph 2 and three for better thought organization. Your PS has good bones to build on, if you want to turn in an excellent PS, I think you can with a little more work. Here’s how: Make a list of the top 5 reasons what attracts you to the PA profession; ie. versatility, working on a team, etc/whatever. Make a list of your top 5 strengths; ie. leadership, working with community, etc/whatever. You have excellent themes (football, community work, physical therapy aid) in your current PS that Im sure you can draw upon for specific examples of how the things you admire about the PA profession and your personal strengths mesh. You will have to omit a lot of your current sentences, that don’t add much value to your paper. For example: in your first paragraph you use a lot of sentences to give me a play-by-play of how your broke your ankle and what happened next, but all that detail does nothing to add value to your paper. You could easily state you broke your ankle playing football and the PA treating you was your epiphany moment. Your other paragraphs have some of that play-by-play vibe to them too. I don’t think you need to scrap this PS, but I think you could make it much stronger, by getting rid of the no value sentences and writing about why PA for you, and what you have to offer. Good Luck!
  5. I’m not sure if anyone can accurately state what this will do for your chances. The competition is so fierce for every spot in a program, a negative mark on your transcript could be enough for an admission committee to pass you over. If you are planning on applying this cycle, I would maybe wait and reassess your goals and what it is going to take to get there. If you have several years to apply, you may be able to redeem yourself with stellar grades, great PCE, and reflect on this mistake in your PS.
  6. Janie55

    LOR Problem

    I had a different, but similar problem last cycle. The PA didn’t receive the first CASPA email. I had request an email to go out to him several times before it actually went through to him.
  7. I entered mine separately if I followed a different provider.
  8. You will have to research each school to see what they require. Some schools do want the hours verified on letterhead. Others do not require it, so I made a document that I had my supervisors sign and date that I submitted to those schools that were not specific.
  9. Yes, you can return later to updates your grades, but CASPA will only verify your grades one time. So, if you get your grades verified and then finish classes after the verification, those grades will not be calculated into your CASPA gpa. You will still want to update your grades in CASPA though so schools can see those new grades as well. Here’s a screen shot how to do it.
  10. I don’t have a personal experience, but I have heard the service is less than proficient and can make errors that create a lot of problems.
  11. I have read your PS a few times through. In general I come away not remembering anything in your statement about you or why you want to be a PA. It reads more like a resume. It has a bundle of grammatical errors, run on sentences, and frankly sentences I’m not sure what you are even trying to convey. Your first paragraph is awkward and in no way makes me want to read anymore. There is not much I’d keep in the second paragraph either. Third paragraph is all resume info. Fourth paragraph has some redeeming sentences and ideas, but they need to be developed better. Again, there are grammatical errors, improper use of words/vocabulary, and capitalization error. The sentences about MDs and nursing are awkward. Fifth paragraph is very weak and poorly written. With that said, this seems more like a first brainstorming draft with no regard for correct sentence structure, grammar, or organization of thoughts to make a strong statement. If this is your first draft, keep working on this. It can take 10 or more revisions to end with an awesome statement. Research what makes a strong PS. Make sure to answer why you want to be a PA. Think of examples from working as MA that bolstered your decision to pursue this career and specific examples of how you will be a great PA. Have friends/family/coworkers who you think have great writing skills to help proofread your statement prior to submission to CASPA. Don’t be discouraged! This is a hard paper to write. This is such an arduous process and the last thing you want to do, is to go through all this work and then submit a PS that is less than excellent. Good luck!
  12. I wouldn’t use their name or initials. HIPAA has very strict guidelines regarding discussing a patient that could be identified by any name/description. I would use the appropriate pronoun for referring to your patient/situation you are discussing.
  13. I agree. I think “no” is an honest answer. You have not matriculated into the program yet.
  14. Yes, it is okay. Finish your entire CASPA application first. Then submit your extra info to each school as you complete their specific requirements. You don’t have to submit to all your schools at the same time.
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