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  1. I can’t answer any of your questions, but schools know you are applying to several programs. I wouldn’t think they would get bent out of shape from this small error.
  2. You need to look at each school you plan to apply to and see how many pre reqs they allow as “in progress” and see if they have a “must be completed by” date attached to the pre reqs. CASPA will only verify your transcript 1 time (which happens when you submit your grades) and then your CASPA GPA is calculated off of that. So if you submit your application as is, those grades will not be calculated into your CASPA GPA. But-after those classes are completed and you have your grade, you need to go back into CASPA and update your classes that were in progress and then send an updated transcr
  3. I’ve read about people doing it either way. I’d put it under membership.
  4. I’m not sure what you are asking as your question is a little vague-maybe be more specific.
  5. This should help answer your question. I would get my application done as quickly as able and apply to the schools that do not need your GRE score. Some programs may even let you apply that require the GRE prior to you taking it, but you must submit your scores by a certain due date. “https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center/Sending_Your_Official_Transcripts_and_Test_Scores_to_CASPA/Sending_Official_Test_Scores_to_CASPA/Official_GRE_Scores Official GRE Scores are submitted electronically to CASPA directly from Educational Testing Services (ETS) using a special CASPA GR
  6. I’d submit the hours, all the contact information, and release authorization for them to contact the organization. I would try to list the contact person as someone who could vouch for you as putting in the time, which may or may not be a supervisor. If questions arise and a school is wanting to look into this more, you can then explain your circumstances.
  7. No big deal. That won’t keep you from getting invites.
  8. You need to get LORs from people who know you and will write you a good recommendation. Maybe the A&P prof would not have written you a good one-so no loss there. Look at the schools you plan to apply to and see if they have specific requirements who they want letters from. I have seen a requirement for a professor, but not specially from A&P. I think the math prof would work fine if they can give you a good one.
  9. Look on this forum for PS that people posted-there are a bunch of great ones and a variety of styles and approaches.
  10. I would use the same description since it was the same job/role.
  11. Your stats look great. Per this forum, it seems most people apply to about 8-12 schools. I would apply to as many as you can comfortably afford without breaking the bank. Even people with great stats may not get an acceptance sometimes for unknown reasons, or maybe they bombed their interviews. Good luck this cycle.
  12. There are many ways to get PCE-CNA, MA, RN,Phlebotomist, Opthalmic tech, PT aid, etc. Search this topic on this forum and you’ll find great advice and ideas.
  13. My class had a wide range of majors: psychology, kinesiology, biology, math, biohealth science, biochemistry, zoology, and several others.
  14. I wouldn’t take unless you need to for a pre-req for a program or requirement for your undergraduate degree.
  15. There are many people who get in after being waitlisted either in the cycle they applied to or the next one. Apply again.
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