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  1. Hello- Your PS reads more like a resume rather than answering the prompt. I imagine most of all that you wrote about will be categorically entered into CASPA, but you just wrote more detail about it. It also seems to jump around from volunteer, MA work, CNA work, Peace Corps. With all of your experiences, I would think you would have a treasure trove of experiences and interactions that could make an engaging and dynamite paper.
  2. I think you could briefly mention your brother topic, but I wouldn’t use this as the bulk of your paper because it is so long ago and you were so young. I think a topic more relevant to you as an adult will carry much more weight and let your audience see that the adult, mature person you have become has a personality and you have had experiences that make you stand out in your current place in life. As to figuring out a topic, make a list of possible topics, experiences, personal interactions, whatever. See if any stand out as something you can expound on to make a great paper. The topic possibilities are endless, but choosing the right one is so difficult. Good luck!
  3. Having a change of heart is not a failure in my book. Yeah you spent a lot of time and money on a path you are no longer enthusiastic for, but in the end, it’s just that-time and money. If you can find a career that you love for the rest of your working life, I think it is worth it. I would strongly recommend you spend a lot of time shadowing several PAs to make absolute certain you are making a move towards a career that you will love and that you can see yourself doing for many years to come. All careers go through phases of highs and lows, you just have to love what you’re doing enough to stick with it. Best wishes.
  4. You could state that point simply, in a few sentences (2-3), rather than a paragraph. That will give you a lot of space to specify why the PA field is for you.
  5. Hello. Your PS flows fairly well, but it seems more like a research paper on what a PA is combined with your personal resume. I’m not sure how well it answered the prompt.
  6. Even though you may not have a strong preference for a school, I would imagine there has to be something professional and/or personal why a program is appealing to you. Try to answer truthfully so it doesn’t come across like an automated response.
  7. You can call program A and see if they can give you any insight as to your status or when they expect to notify applicants. That should help you make a better decision. Congrats!
  8. Send it to CASPA and check with your specific school if they want it sent to them or not. Also, go back into CASPA and enter your new grade for the class if you haven’t done that already.
  9. My best friend went to PT school right after her son turned 3. The school was 3-4 hours away. She moved and her husband stayed at home with the toddler. She drove home every weekend to spend time with her family. I know it was very hard, but it worked for them.
  10. Hello, Your first sentence starts out good, but then the rest is just way too philosophical. I’d work on it some more.
  11. CASPA will verify your grades one time only. So if you submit now, your Biochem grade will not be factored into your gpa’s in the CASPA application. So, only you can decide if you need this grade to boost your gpa or not. If you don’t need this gpa right now for anything in particular for CASPA, submit your transcripts and application with Biochem “in progress “ and then when you are done with the class and have your grade, go back into CASPA and update the grade and change the “in progress” to completed. And, resend the new transcript to CASPA. This grade will then be available for programs to look at, but the grade will not be factored into your verified grades.
  12. Hello. I’ve read your PS 2x. Your first PP is good. The next 2 PP seem like you could combine them. There are a lot of details that are not needed. Your last PP is a little weak. I would try to highlight yourself better. Your general writing style is fairly casual. I would try to rework some sentences and choose different words for a more sophisticated and polished flavor of writing.
  13. I think your PS is well written and easy to read. It gives me a nice snapshot of who you are. Your grammar is good, but I saw 1-2 typos and 1-2 poor use of the “;”. Good luck.
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