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  1. Congrats. I’d get a good computer if needed , compression socks for rotations, and have fun/chill.
  2. Being a Med Tech will count towards your hours you are trying to get to apply to PA school. The issue you have to figure out, is if this experience falls into the PCE or the HCE realm based on your job duties. Do some research on the schools you plan on applying to and see what they require with regards to HCE/PCE; and how they explain the difference of those for their school. This forum has a bundle of posts on this topic you may find helpful as well.
  3. Employers typically choose their employees based on their resume, skills, interests, and if you are a good fit for their organization or not rather than where you graduated from. I wouldn’t base my decision deciding between the 2 programs on what a future employer may or may not think about where I graduated from. Congrats on your acceptances.
  4. The description sounds like you’ll be working with staff and not patients in a volunteering capacity. This wouldn’t satisfy any PCE/HCE, but would be considered volunteering-which programs value.
  5. Janie55

    post bacc caspa

    All of your science pre/post bacc will get calculated into your CASPA sGPA. As for retaking courses, you need to see if the grade you already received is adequate and/or competitive for the program. You can find posts on the specifics of raising your gpa and if it is worth the cost/time or not. Any new science courses will help raise your sGPA.
  6. They will accept a combo course as long as you meet the minimum credits needed by a programs prerequisites.
  7. You have great PCE for the schools you are applying to and a strong application already. I don’t see any negatives for whichever job you decide to take. Take a look at your programs you want to apply to and see what their admitted student stats are. That may help you make your decision. If you are competitive against the stats then just choose the one you want to do the most.
  8. So sorry that happened! My thought is that schools won’t look at your application if the deadlines for a complete and verified application are all passed. They typically have a plethora of on-time applications to look at.
  9. I’m not sure how exactly how CASPA cross checks what schools you have attended or not, but I do know you have to attest that your grades and schools are all accounted for honestly and accurately; and if CASPA doesn't “catch” your omission, then a program might. Which would be awful for you.....not to mention the whole idea about falsely submitting an inaccurate application and the untruthfulness of that all.
  10. I know a lot of people will recommend waiting until you have more experience. I’m more of-take the chance and try if you meet a school’s admission criteria, you’re application is competitive for those schools, and it would not be a financial hardship.
  11. Not all schools will let you know if you’re out or still being considered. I’d contact the schools and see if they are done with their selection process, if not then update your info if they want it. That way you aren’t left in this limbo state.
  12. Potential obstacles: expense of moving to and from, expense of travel back home for breaks/holidays, finding a place to rent, not having family/support system close. No affect on job search.
  13. My top 3 changes would be: 1. Have several medical people read your personal statement and revamp as needed. 2. Prepare and take the GRE. 3. Seek out schools that specify in their selection process that they value your Navy service.
  14. I would go the fastest and most economical route. You have a bachelors degree already, so I’d work on the prerequisites, get PCE, shadowing/volunteering in and apply. If you don’t get in, then do the extra classes, etc as desired.
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