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PA School what are my chances?

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Hello all, I've been wandering around this website for quite some time reading peoples' posts and finally decided to try and make my own and have some people who have similar stats as me shed some light. The last post I made was in 2019 and since then I've just tried steadily improving my stats compared to previous.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in August 2018.


My previous cumulative GPA initially was a 3.0, since then I've gotten it up to around a 3.1'ish. My initial science GPA was also a 2.7 which I've gotten up to about a 3.05. My last 42 credit hours is a 3.6 and my last 60 credits is a 3.5.

That is in terms of my academics, my GRE is on the lower side and it's a 298. I do plan on retaking it just before the cycle starts if I really need to (Which will probably open up more doors if I obtain above a 300).

In terms of shadowing; I have around 100+ shadowing hours, shadowing a ARNP transplant surgeon, internal medicine physician, urgent care PA-C, Cardiology PA-C, and psychiatrist.

In terms of my experience, I worked as a ER scribe for about 3.5 years. I was a chief scribe, trainer, and just a regular scribe throughout my time as a ER scribe. With the addition to that, I have also worked as a ENT Medical assistant, Ortho MA, and currently as a cardiology medical assistant and I have about 2.5k hours as a medical assistant in combination of both. I wanted to diversify my experience as a MA to see what I really enjoyed.

In terms of letter of recommendations, I will be getting one from my cardiologist, an ER physician I worked with, and my latest Bio professor and they can all speak about my capability as someone who is hardworking and in terms of my academic capabilities. I do also have some volunteer hours as a volunteer counselor in the crisis text line. The time I applied I had a sub 3.0 and now many doors are open to me as well. I just want to include in my personal statement I'm currently writing I did have experiences working during the pulse shooting in Orlando (which was my first ever experience as a scribe) and also catching a STEMI while helping perform a stress test in the cardiology practice I work at. Thanks in advance. 

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