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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, Just signed up for this forum. I am currently a senior in my undergrad, I finish in the Summer 2021. My current cumulative gpa is 3.09 which is very low and for my science courses these are the grades I have made: General Chem 1 & 2: B Biology 1 : B Biology 2: C Orgo 1: C Orgo 2: F(first time), C (2nd time) Physics 1 & 2: A Genetics: B- Microbiology: D, I am going to retake. I am taking Biochemistry 1 this spring 2021 and other upper-division biology courses where I hope to make As in. I would like advice on what I should do to increase my gpa. Should I enroll in a post-bacc program while getting PCE (through volunteering/shadowing or getting a job at an urgent care or hospital) or should retake the classes I received a C or below in, then start prepping to take the GRE and going through the application process. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I would really appreciate if I can receive advice. I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.045 right now this is prior to my spring semester grades being placed in and I project my GPA to raise but I guess not much since I will mostly have A's and B's. I am also graduating in December so I have one more semester. What makes me nervous is that Yale requires prereq's that I don't have yet (Micro, A&P I AND II, and Biochem) but I have the statistics portion. Luckily, Yale doesn't require any labs for the prereq's. Yale's minimum GPA req is a 2.8 however, CASPA hasn't calculated my GPA yet and based on what I've heard a CASPA gpa is way lower than your transcript gpa and I want to be competitive. Not to mention that I am a psychology major which is already not the usual biology/chem. My major (science undergraduate) is a 3.5. My plans were this summer to take these classes at a community college while completing classes towards finishing my degree at my usual university. The reason for this is due to COVID-19 and my school deciding to continue remote learning via ZOOM. My university doesn't have the best science professors from what I heard and what I seen (taking chem which I got an A in). I figured community college whose curriculum is already set up as online would be much easier for me to pick u in and CHEAPER of course. I say all of this to ask if it makes since to put myself through all of this in the summer if I may not get an interview based on the fact that my regular GPA is 3.0 and even if I take all of these classes and receieve a 4.0 I doubt my CASPA gpa will be raised by that much. My PCE (Paid) is 2000.
  3. I'm currently a junior in college and have decided to switch career paths from a dietitian to a PA. I don't have any PCE hours (except for some volunteer EMS hours in high school) so I am wondering the timeline for how I would apply to PA school if I took a gap year. I am a college athlete so I can only obtain very minimal HCE hours during the academic year and thus plan on taking a gap year to work as a PT aide and volunteer EMT. From what I have researched most PA school applications open up in June for the program to start the following year, and there is no way I could get the minimum amount of hours before applying. If I take a gap year after my senior year, then apply to school, this would mean waiting two years to begin school. Is it possible to complete PCE hours after applying, or do you think it would be a better idea to strengthen my application through two years of experience as an EMT & PT aide. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, everyone! What are your thoughts on applying to programs with a ARC-PA probationary accreditation status (i.e., "Accreditation-Probation")? I'm a first-time applicant, and a couple schools that I have my eye on currently have probationary statuses (Johnson & Wales University; Monmouth University). I was wondering if it's worth applying to said schools, especially to ones that have had a probationary status for more than two years. Although these schools are still considered accredited, is it safe to apply to & then attend these schools? Do these schools prepare students to become competent & trustworthy healthcare professionals? Are these schools worth the debt? My concern is enrolling in a school with probationary accreditation and graduating as a sub par PA-C, but those are just my uncertain sentiments at the moment. Moreover, I've read that applying to these schools may be advantageous to some who aren't considered "strong applicants" (e.g., average grades/GRE). On the other hand, I've seen "strong applicants" display their admiration & loyalty to these schools here on PA Forum. I'm confused! Let's open up the discussion!
  5. I am currently an undergraduate and I am looking to apply next cycle 2020-2021. I have a list of schools I want to apply to that have pretty late application dates so I could get in as many health care hours as possible before application. I am planning to have ~1000 hours by application and ~2000 prior to matriculation. My GPA and GRE are very high. I have volunteer, leadership, shadowing, and research experience. My question is for schools that do not have a 1000+ hour requirement would it be more beneficial to apply a few months earlier or to wait until I hit the 1000 hour benchmark. Will it make much of a difference? Is it better to apply early because of rolling decisions or try to get as many hours before application?
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently in my third year as a biology undergraduate major at the City College of New York. I graduate next year and wanted to ask for opinions on whether or not I should apply to PA programs immediately after graduation. At the moment I have a 3.91 GPA, straight As in my science courses, have shadowed one PA for a few hours, and have over 200 hours volunteering at an ENT hospital. However, my plan after graduation is to work as an EMT to gain credible health care experience to put on my application. In your opinions, are my current credentials sufficient enough for PA programs to consider me as a serious candidate? Or should I take a gap year to focus on obtaining more experience to put on my application? If so, any advice or recommendations? Any responses are much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Trying to decide if it’s worth applying to schools that only require up to microbiology (no gre, no genetics, no extra math, behavioral sciences etc) after I finish next semester. Everything’s on track it’s just my undergrad gpa of 2.88 that makes me nervous and pulls down the cumulative so i’ve been very careful with my grades post bacc. The question really is if it’s worth waiting to be above and beyond the minimum prerequisites. At this point i’m about here: cGPA: 3.08 Pre-req GPA: 3.8 sGPA: 4.0 PCE: 1,300 EMT Hospital Volunteer : 100 Research: 1000+ LOR: 1) research mentor/bio prof. 2) NP/head of volunteer program 3) PA Hate to add to the pile of “what are the chances” posts but hey
  8. daydreamy

    CV vs. Resume?

    Hello All! For those who are applying to programs that require a CV/resume (i.e. Drexel), have you already completed your CV/resume? Are we allowed to choose if we submit a CV or a resume, or do they require a CV? Thank you! :)
  9. I am an old fart and I know it so I am looking for a little perspective from the young toots. :-) I stumbled across a program at UT in Medical Informatics which I have a little interest in so I started looking at the requirements. You can seek a certificate or any of 3 degrees up to a doctorate. I started looking at the requirements. Reasonable cost....check. All online....check. Accredited....check. Submit a 2 page letter of intent and 3 references. Nope. How about this.... I pay you and you educate me. You know a business transaction which is really what higher education is. This isn't a resident program where class size is limited or anything like it. I'm also not a high school grad trying to decide what I want to do in life. So what is the deal where I have to beg UT to puleeeeeeze take my money. I thought about writing my 2 page letter of intent in like...800 font size and just typing I INTEND TO LEARN SOMETHING. I understand the competitive nature of some programs and that they have more applicants than they can eat. This isn't it. Thoughts?
  10. Hi everyone, I'd like to receive some advice or guidance as to the route I am taking and whether I have a good change of being interviewed and accepted to PA school. I originally applied last cycle to about 20 schools and was denied to 19 outright, was wait listed for an interview at one, and eventually notified that I was removed from the wait list and denied. Here were my stats when I applied the first time... Science GPA: 2.94 Cumulative GPA: ~3.35 GRE (2nd time taking it): 149 Verbal (43%), 153 Quantitative (52%), 4.0 Writing (60%) Patient Care Experience - 2 years as an EMT at a paid volunteer fire department, did not receive many calls here so I only received about 300 patient patient care hours, but I put in well over 3,000 hours of employment here. 5 medical mission trips throughout Central America during the entirety of my undergrad. Earned about 100 unpaid hours from each and I served as President, Treasurer, etc at different times during this as well. Other Volunteer Experience - 8 years of experience with a national organization that is similar to habitat for humanity. Spent a week each year rebuilding or fixing homes for individuals of lower socioeconomic status. Multiple volunteer experience with different organizations. In order to make this a short post I won't list them here. Shadowing 117 hours of shadowing in primary care, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, emergency care, cardio-thoracic surgery, and a general research study shadowing. All were shadowing a PA except primary care and the research study. Achievements Who's Who Among College Students, Dean's List Three times during the last 3 semesters of my undergrad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is what I have done since applying the first time: I decided to pursue an MPH in epidemiology (primarily infectious disease) and global health in which I am currently in a well-respected program. I will complete this in May of 2019. Provided I do well, this should boost my overall science GPA since public health counts as an other science category. I should note that I decided to go for this degree because I wanted both degrees. I worked as a full-time EMT in private, urban EMS for about a year and a half, earning 1700 paid patient contact hours and running about 660 calls during this time. My total patient care hours are now around 2500. During this time I also was promoted twice and earned two awards for excellent patient care (which really doesn't hold any weight in the real world but I figured I would include it). I went back to undergrad to finish up two additional classes (Biochemistry and a PH class) which I did very well in both which should bring me above the 3.0 minimum for most schools. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, what are my chances of at least being offered an interview the second time around? I do not plan on applying until my last semester in my MPH program, in order to maximize the amount of new grades that I will have. I currently am not employed, but I plan on seeking a research assistantship for next year in order to hopefully get published. I realize that the reason I was outright denied to many schools is because of the 3.0 minimum science GPA requirement and the lack of paid patient contact hours that I had. I also realize that both my science and my cumulative gpa was not competitive at the time of applying, and still isn't considering I am only in the first semester of this new program. I was also encouraged to retake the GRE in order to get over the 50th percentile in all 3 sections. Truth be told, the reason for my low GPA is due to the significant amount of fun I had during the beginning of my undergrad, which lasted for 3 to 4 semesters before I really got my act together. Unfortunately, stellar grades during the last half of my undergrad do not make up for poor grades in the beginning. Any advice, criticisms, etc are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  11. Hello, everyone So I just finished taking UNE organic chemistry I course and received a grade of a B, which I'm pretty happy about. I wanted to apply to PA schools now but have realized that many deadlines have now passed. My number one pick is Arcadia University and that deadline is Oct 1s, there is no way I would make it in time ( I still have to take my GRE's). There are two schools on my list that I could still apply to, DeSales University and Clarkson University. I'm trying to decide if I Should go ahead and apply to these two schools or if I should wait another year and apply then? Any advice is welcomed! Thank You!
  12. Hello ! I had a question concerning the degree verification on the CASPA application. I am graduating with my bachelors next week and will be walking in the ceremony. The semester has ended and I am for sure getting my degree. However, my university states that it can take up to 4-6 weeks in order for the degree to be awarded on official transcripts. I have talked to CASPA and they said that they cannot verify that the degree has been awarded if it isn't on the transcript. Should I submit my application fairly early and have my degree still be in progress on my application? Or do I wait until Late June/Early July, just for my degree be awarded on my application? Most of the programs I am applying to just state that they want you to have a bachelors degree prior to matriculation but I know it looks better to have it awarded already when applying. What do you all think? What would be the best route to go? Thank you in advance !!
  13. To give some background, I completed my undergrad in 2013. I earned a BA with a double major in Biology and Psych. I had aspirations of medical school or a career in the psych field. I found out about the PA profession my last year of college around 2013 and had it in mind since then. Only in the last year or so did I make the decision that this is what I want to do and made myself more aware of requirements of getting into a PA program and what this career path is all about. I just reached the two year mark at my job as an intake specialist for addiction recovery. It is a call center position, so I have no direct contact with potential patients. We do however assess the needs of the callers to determine if our treatment programs are suitable or if they need to be referred elsewhere. We obtain PHI such as demographic info, medical history, and the specific drugs they are addicted to. From there we schedule the callers for appointents at the appropriate clinic location. I am planning to start volunteering for a hospice in my area and have been contacted by a couple of them. I realize this may not be satisfactory, as there is no certificaton needed for volunteers since they do not do much of the direct patient care portion. The schools in my state and the neighboring state have more "lax" requirements for direct pce hours than most others. Before anyone makes assumptions, no I am not trying to be lazy or take the easy way out. I realize how important it is to get necessary exposure to patient care before entering the program. I have several months before applying this cycle, but I also don't want to seem like I rushed into it. My eagerness and to be honest, impatience, is getting the best of me. The ultimate question is this - would it be best for someone in my situation to put off applying until the 2018 cycle or would I still seem competitive enough to even be considered?
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