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Found 11 results

  1. Has anyone here taken any pre-req classes online through Doane University? Wondering about biochem, but haven't found much about it online. Also wondering if Doane's course is doable course for someone who hasn't taken orgo since 2015.
  2. Hello, I am done with most my prerequisites and in desperate need of a decent, online biochemistry course. Seems one must be matriculated to take this course at a 4 year college? I am in NYC. My cuny school is not allowing me permission to take biochem anywhere because they claim it is not a required course for me to graduate. I have searched endlessly and the only biochem related course I found was the New England Medical Biochemistry but from the description, does not seem like this would be the correct one to take. Thank you in advance and good luck everyone who has applied for this cycle! A
  3. Hi all, I will be graduating from undergrad in May, but I plan on taking a year off to finish some pre-reqs. I still need Ochem and Biochemistry for sure. I have already taken a course of Ochem but I need to retake it because I did not do well in it the first time because I was not serious about what I wanted to do with my future (this was freshman year). I plan on taking Ochem this summer to focus on just that class. For those of you that have taken Ochem, what are your study tips/advice on how to stay in top of things and do well in this course? I know it will be a huge time commitment, but I am motivated to do well this time around. I am looking into taking an online Biochemistry and Genetics course because a lot of the PA schools I am interesting in applying to do not require lab for them. Do you think this is a good or bad idea? Does it really matter if it's in class vs. online? if you've taken these classes, what is your advice for doing well? I appreciate any responses! Thanks!
  4. I am a current Sophomore Biology major, and plan on attending PA school after graduation. All of the PA schools I am interested in require about the same prerequisites. I am currently taking Organic Chemistry I, and am wondering if it is necessary for me to take Organic II. None of the schools I am interested in require beyond Organic I, but will it make me look more competitive to take Organic II? I really don't like the class, and currently have a B, so would it be worth it to take Organic II and risk a B/B-? Or would I (and my GPA) be better off without it? Also, taking Organic II would allow me to take biochemistry, which is also not required.
  5. I know many of you have taken Med Term with them. How long did it take you? Has anyone completed their biochemistry class? How long did that take? Thanks!!
  6. I have been accepted to LMU, however, I have to take biochemistry before starting in May. I enrolled in UNE's online medical biochemistry class and I am currently in week 2 of the course. I was just wondering if anyone had taken this before and how the class was or if you had any study tips. There is a lot if information to go through. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hi! Can anyone please recommend an online biochemistry course? I was looking through some but wasn't sure if there were some I should definitely stay away from. Thank you! :)
  8. Hi everyone! I am currently a Junior Pre-Physician Assistant student in a direct entry program beginning in Fall 2014. I have to make my schedule soon and was hoping to get some advice as to what classes are most beneficial. After this semester, I will have taken all the required science courses. I've taken a full year of Inorganic Chemistry and labs, a full year of Introductory Biology and labs, Genetics, Human Physiology, a combined course (specific for Pre-PA students) of Organic Chem/Biochem, and I am currently taking Microbiology and Human Anatomy and Physiology 1. Next semester, I will be taking Human A&P 2, however, I was hoping to add on one more science course to better prepare myself for the rigor of PA school. Do any of you have any recommendations? I was considering Biochemistry, Cell Biology, or Virology, but I am not sure what course is most beneficial. Do any of you know of what courses helped you the most before entering PA school? Thanks so much!!
  9. All: I am admitted to PA school pending a passing grade in biochemistry, which I start in the fall. I work full-time, and there were no classroom-based, upper-level biochemistry classes available at any of the universities/colleges in my city that would fit into my ridiculously strict work schedule. Thus, I have to take the biochemistry course online! Ugh. I'm a little stressed out with the thought of basically teaching myself biochemistry, since chemistry itself is not my strong suit. Has anyone on here taken biochemistry online? If so, please let me know your study strategies, helpful tips, etc. I am taking this distance course through Iowa State. Thanks!
  10. Hi all. I need some advice from current PA students. I start PA school in the fall. Last week a great temporary job opportunity came my way that I really don't want to pass up, as it will be my last chance to make some decent money until 2015. The job would end a few weeks before classes begin. The problem is... I am in the middle of taking an Orgo & Biochem class which would interfere with the job. Since this class NOT a requirement for my PA program, I am very tempted to drop it and work instead. The only thing keeping me from dropping it, is if the Orgo/Biochem background will help me with pharmacology in PA school. Your thoughts?? Thanks very much.
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