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Apply or dont waste my time?

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After being rejected this cycle, I have begun starting my list of PA schools to apply next round. I was pre-nursing before I decided to switch to PA so my chemistry and biology classes don't necessarily exactly match up with the pre reqs of schools I am looking into. For example, I took 1 quarter of gen chem, 1 quarter of organic chem, and 1 quarter of biochem. Do I bother applying to schools that require 2 semesters of general chemistry? Anyone have any experience or advice applying to schools where you might not meet course requirements exactly, but are otherwise a great candidate? 

Thanks so much!

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Where I've been involved, there has been an administrative person screening applications to make sure that they are complete and that all required classes have been taken before a faculty member does a review and decides if the applicant should be invited. Hoping something extra in one part of the application will override something missing from somewhere else just doesn't seem to happen.

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I have contacted programs about substituting a higher level course with mixed success. You have to contact the specific program to find out if this is acceptable.  85% of all programs in the nation require a full year of Gen Chem, I would say to bite the bullet and take the course.

You may actually want to start contacting programs anyway. I thought it was odd that you were able to take biochem without the full year sequence of gen chem. Most programs will not accept science courses intended for allied health programs, they have to be for science majors. Good luck!

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