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  1. i am feeling a little frustrated when they keep giving us these dates and then not sending the emails on the days they say they will, which makes us glued to our phones and anxious... i feel like they shouldn't tell us a date if they can't meet that day
  2. still nothing for me...... i feel like they just shouldn't have announced such a hard date if they couldn't meet it because it's making us check our emails like crazy lol
  3. Anyone else going to be frantically checking emails tomorrow?? So happy this school is sending interview updates out so soon!
  4. What schools are not requiring the GRE this year when the previously have? Hoping to make a thread list!
  5. After being rejected this cycle, I have begun starting my list of PA schools to apply next round. I was pre-nursing before I decided to switch to PA so my chemistry and biology classes don't necessarily exactly match up with the pre reqs of schools I am looking into. For example, I took 1 quarter of gen chem, 1 quarter of organic chem, and 1 quarter of biochem. Do I bother applying to schools that require 2 semesters of general chemistry? Anyone have any experience or advice applying to schools where you might not meet course requirements exactly, but are otherwise a great candidate? Tha
  6. I heard from UW Madison last week and they asked me if I would be willing to take a pre-req because my course didn't exactly match their requirements. I am willing to do the class and hope this might help me get an interview. Is this a good sign that I heard from them? Anyone have any thoughts?
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