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Seattle Emergency Medicine PA jobs

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I'm currently searching for EMPA jobs in the Seattle area. Looking to move in late spring/early summer of 2021 for my boyfriend's job. I've completed a postgrad residency in emergency medicine in an inner city hospital in the midwest. Will have 2 years of experience by time of move, was also an EMT-B for 3 years prior to school. I was wondering if anyone had information on good hospitals/groups to look at or knows of any places hiring!


C. Bloom

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Virginia Mason uses PAs as does Kaiser.

Avoid Harborview, they treat their PAs like crap.

North Sound Emergency Physicians in Bellingham is a good group, as is the group in Bremerton. 

It's a tight market and a lot of EM docs there. If you want to use your residency training to the fullest, you probably want to look at rural areas. 

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Highline Emergency Physicians (Burien area) and Ballard Emergency Physicians (Seattle) were both hiring recently, as was a group down in Olympia at Capitol Medical Center.  Associated Emergency Physicians in Renton at Valley Medical Center occasionally will hire, but they are a pretty tight knit group.  One of their PAs may be going out on maternity leave around Spring so a per diem thing may be open?

Agree with @EMEDPA, it's tough to be utilized to your full capacity in the region.  There are some rural groups in Central WA (Brewster, Omak, Tonasket) who will staff solo coverage PAs on occasion, he can likely speak better to opportunities further south.

I work pulm/crit in a neighboring city to Seattle, can talk more about my local group if you PM.

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