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2012-2013 Application cycle

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Guest carolanimal
UNT recently e-mailed me requesting to send an updated transcript at the end of my Fall 2012 semester....so I was put in a giant "maybe" pile. Just informing ya'll that they have started contacting people.


I received the same email. I think this is a good sign. They could have easily not responded so I think they see potential in us.

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@Davnymt: I was told by UNT that they generally look for GRE scores above the 50th percentile, but it will not make or break your application. They don't have a minimum score.


I got called for an interview about a week after I got my supplemental application in July. It's scheduled for the 14th of September.

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if you do not hear back, does that mean you did not get in or do you get an official rejection letter?


If you haven't heard back yet, it could mean a few things. They do several rounds of interviews, so they might still be evaluating your packet. As far as I know, they send out rejection letters, so until you get official notice you are still in the mix.

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