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  1. Hi everyone, I am a physician assistant student interested in current legislation issues concerning PA practice in the state of Texas. If anyone has any links to resources regarding this topic I would be very appreciative. I am looking for both current legislation issues concerning PAs as well as legislation that has not passed but that would improve a PAs' scope of practice in the state of Texas. Thank you!
  2. I just received a letter (snail mail) today informing me that I am on the alternate list. Best wishes to everyone
  3. I interviewed on Friday, Dec 6th and received an email today around 2pm notifying me of my acceptance! Best of luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear back.
  4. Just wanted to throw it in that my GRE scores were very similar to yours and I still received my acceptance call last week after interviewing in Sept. My GRE was a 157 on Verbal, 150 on Quant and I'm not even going to mention my written (not great, lol). I think you'll be just fine if all other areas are strong! Best of luck :) This may be too late but from what I understood the earlier you interview the better because it is rolling admissions and you will be competing for less seats the later you interview in the process! Best of luck to you as well!
  5. I just cancelled my interview at ATSU so hopefully that will give someone else a good shot at interview/acceptance! Best of luck to everyone!
  6. I just received my accepted student checklist as well! I interviewed on Sept. 10th. Congratulations to those accepted and best of luck to everyone!
  7. Anyone else flying in for the September 10th interview? I'm flying in from Texas and looking for cheap places to stay close to campus or maybe even just a couch to crash on the night before. As some of you know this interview process can be pricey. Thanks and best of luck to everyone interviewing/applying this cycle!
  8. Received an invitation to interview this morning. Sent out my application mid-July and scheduled to interview Sept. 10th.
  9. I'm moving to Tacoma, WA next week and I am looking for a PA in the area that would be open to being shadowed. My schedule is flexible. Please private message me if you know of any opportunities and thank you!
  10. Interviewed on Nov. 17th and received the email today that I was placed on Committee Hold. Best of luck to the December interviews this weekend and those of us still waiting to hear back!
  11. Good luck to the upcoming interviewees! Anyone from the November interview hear back yet?
  12. @Icarlson3. Congratulations on the acceptance! Just wanted to ask if you ever received a call or did you just receive the acceptance letter in the mail?
  13. Throwing it out there one more time before I make plans as I intend to book everything this weekend. I'm flying in from Texas for the November 17th interview. Anyone interested in sharing a hotel or renting a car and does anyone have recommendations for affordable and safe accommodations in the area? I also plan on staying there Fri-Sun so if anyone is interested in seeing the area before or after the interview then message me on here! Best of luck to everyone and I'm excited to go back to Oregon!
  14. For those out there who were/are reapplicants...how much of your original PS did you change when applying the second (or third, etc) time around? I feel that my original PS is very strong and reflects who I am and I would change very little about it but wanted to hear other's opinions. Thanks in advance!
  15. I am currently applying to PA school and so far I have 3 interviews in-state and 2 out-of-state. The cost of both out-of-state schools is estimated around 100K+ whereas in-state is estimated at about half the cost (or more). I pretty much know the response I will get but I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be worth it to wait an extra year to go to in-state (in case I'm not accepted this year) and save myself a lot of debt versus going out-of-state. Also, for current PA students or graduates who are now working as a PA, what is your estimated debt if you don't mind sharing and how long would you say it will take to pay it off. Thanks
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