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  1. Thanks @slgardn2, had no idea someone beat me to the punch!
  2. Hey all, I tried to create a Facebook group for the Class of 2015 so that those who have been accepted can join, however in order to create it you need to add members to the group by name (no real names are used on this forum so I couldn't add anyone). If you like the idea and maybe know a friend that has also been accepted, feel free to start up the page and the rest of us can join! Unfortunately, I do not know the 'real' names of anyone in our class yet, so I cannot start the group myself. Thanks, just thought I would throw the idea out there!
  3. Hi Everyone! Thought I would start a thread for those who have been accepted so that everyone can start talking about the road ahead and all that we need to do before school starts in July! Look forward to meeting you all!
  4. Got my acceptance call last week as well, looks like they pulled from the waitlist
  5. Have any alternates been pulled off the waitlist yet? Or do they typically wait until Spring to look at the waitlist again?
  6. Got my acceptance call today at 4pm! So excited to meet everyone next year, and best wishes to everyone applying and interviewing!
  7. Got an invite today for mid-January as well! Maybe I will see you there!
  8. Anyone from the 11/16 interview day heard anything yet? I noticed on here that they typically get back to you the Tuesday after, but since it is Thanksgiving week I wasn't sure if they stuck to their usual routine. Thanks, and good luck to everyone!
  9. I interviewed on 11/16 and I haven't heard anything yet...fingers crossed!
  10. Naisha said the decisions were mailed on Monday, so we should be receiving them any day now. I am not sure if they called those who were accepted or just sent it by mail to everyone...they were a little vague on that on interview day. Regardless, good luck everyone!
  11. Me neither....maybe they haven't started calling yet. I will try to call Admissions today and ask where they are in the process of making calls/if they already did.
  12. Anyone who attended the October 26th interviews heard back yet?
  13. Still nothing...this is killing me! Tomorrow marks 2 weeks, so its still reasonable!
  14. Phew, makes me feel better knowing everyone is in the same boat! Good luck you guys, and someone let us know when you get a call!
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