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  1. The UNE course I took (Biochem) had a list of programs that have accepted it as credit before. Shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  2. A few other things to consider: 1) Each school's schedule. Does the longer program offer more time at holidays or shorter class days during the week? I'm guessing that even an extra hour a day can make a difference with a new born at home. 2) Rotation sites. Does one school have better sites/extra offerings over the others? 3) Cost. You didn't mention this but its a big factor. Do they all cost the same? Good luck!
  3. Many schools look for ~$500, but UNT HSC does not require $$, just a written committment.
  4. Research schools. There are several schools that look at Science GPA and recent GPA as much as or more than overall GPA. Getting a ton of HCE can only help you. Balance out your application with strong grades in sciences and other outstanding areas (volunteer work, HCE, great GRE, etc). If you really look at all the schools nationwide you will find several that you could apply to and be competitive. I just got in with a 2.89 overall, but my Sci is 3.6 and my last 60/Post bacc is a 3.84. I also have 3000+ HCE hours, medical mission trips, PrePA club leadership, and a solid GRE (160/160/5.0). And I targeted schools who would look at that. You can do it!
  5. It took several weeks to process and I got mine in pretty early. My GRE scores took a while to get in too, so once they were in I think everything was fine. If your account shows complete, then you've done everything, now its just a waiting game. Good luck!
  6. Overall GPA: 2.89 Sci GPA: 3.6 Post Bacc Sci GPA: 3.81 Post Bacc/Last 60 hrs GPA: 3.84 GRE 160/160/5.0 (new version) HCE 3000+ Hrs as a Patient Tech in the hostpial, 2/3s of it in the ICU Hope that helps!
  7. Check the schools you want to apply to. Some will want science within 5, some within 10, some don't care. Your GRE should be fine for most schools. If anything, look at what the schools want. More HCE?
  8. Congrats! I just interviewed at the end of October. I'm really hoping to hear some good news from them in a few weeks!
  9. Check out the Medic in Medicine Bridge tab - Trevecca PA program is looking for military medic without a Bachelor degree.
  10. Congrats! I'm on my way to interview there in November. Hopefully without the flu :)
  11. If you haven't heard back yet, it could mean a few things. They do several rounds of interviews, so they might still be evaluating your packet. As far as I know, they send out rejection letters, so until you get official notice you are still in the mix.
  12. Here's some interviews with students and alumni from BCM on my blog
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