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  1. I am originally from Medico. Mexico does not have the concept of PAs.
  2. I had a pretty neat experience. Rotated in a small town. Got to do about everything: first assisted all procedures (including lap surgery, cutting, retracting, suctioning, irrigating, clamping, cauterizing, ligating with sutures, etc), closed every case, removed nevi for bx, breast bx, I&Ds, colonoscopies, polypectomies and bx of colon, EGDs, bronchoscopies with BAL, central lines (IJV and femoral), paracentesis, thoracentesis, chest tubes, debridements, wound Vac, . I even got to do a lap appy all by myself (with supervision of course). Rounded, admitted, discharged, put in orders for labs, imaging and meds. I agree with previous comments. Getting a surgeon willing to teach and without other students is the key.
  3. Hi! Is there anyway you could get me in touch with these classmates? I recently applied to the UF PA Surgical Residency program and I wanted some feedback from "insiders". I would REALLY appreciate it!
  4. Hello All! Sent my applications in for a few surgical residencies around the country. Looking forward to interviews. Have been reading MANY horror stories so if you have any feedback (good or bad) about your experience in a surgical residency PLEASE comment. If you know anybody that has undergone a surgical residency at Johns Hopkins, Duke or U of Florida, I'd appreciate their contact info as I would love to get in touch with them to discuss their experience. Thanks!
  5. Irishdazey24, I was not at the interview that day. I attended my interview on Nov. 3 :)
  6. Got accepted! Received the acceptance notification via email :D Good luck to all!
  7. Has anyone heard from UTHSCSA? At the interview in Nov. they said they would start sending out acceptances on Jan. 19. Then again... this Monday is MLK so... yeah. EC_11: I hadn't logged in at all! I am so so sorry. I guess it might be too late right now but yes, I was at UT Southwestern Interview in September. LOL Sorry again.
  8. Thanks! Received the interview via email. So make sure you check your email regularly and also your junk mail! :) Does anyone know what to expect? Will the mini interview portion be similar to the one at UT Southwestern?
  9. I have received an invitation to interview on Nov. 3! Just letting you guys know they are contacting people.
  10. Getting ready for my interview this Tuesday. I am in town from TX. Any other loners? Maybe we could go have dinner or something and check out what the town has to offer. First time in Florida. :)
  11. Got invited for an interview on Oct 15. Just thought I would share :)
  12. Hey guys! Just letting you know that admissions have begun! :D Interviewed on Saturday and just got offered an early admission today. Sooo excited. Good luck to everyone!
  13. THanks fdamico! I will stay positive. I have my first interview coming up this weekend and would benefit from all the positivity! :D Hope to hear from MWU soon. You mind sharing your stats? Oh.. and congrats on getting in!! I wish you the best!
  14. Hi. I just received an email from UTPA notifying me that both my CASPA and supplemental app were in (they have been in for like... 3 months now). They said they would invite applicants for interviews from mid to late JANUARY. So heads up... it may take a good while!. Good luck everyone!
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