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  1. Congrats to the C/o 2017! My name is Shruti, I am in the class of 2016 with Whitney. Like she said if you have any questions feel free to ask us! First semester will be your easier semester but don't underestimate it either. Enjoy your free time right now!! I'm sure you are anxious to start but relax before you start!
  2. I started a group on facebook ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/CBUPA2016/ I am not too good with facebook so i hope this works!
  3. I haven't thought of anything yet, still soaking it in!
  4. Received my acceptance today! Looking forward to meeting the new class!!
  5. @queenofhearts I just tried to track down previous supervisors and called continuously to see if they were still there or anyone that took their place could fill out the form. Since it is just a form, a lot of people agreed and trusted in what I told them. I got enough to have a little over 1000 hours verified. There were some I could not get. I hope they do not base a lot on this because it was difficult to do.
  6. It's time to start checking those mail boxes! Good Luck to everyone that interviewed!!
  7. It'll be towards the end of September. I waitlisted last year and received an email invite during the 2nd to last week of September for an interview in the first week of October.
  8. I have a low cumulative and science GPA from undergrad, but I decided to pursue a M.S. in Medical Science which has greatly helped my chances of getting in. Also raised my GRE scores and have done more patient contact work. I have received 2 interviews so far this year. Persistence is the key! Don't think a low GPA will hurt your chances, some schools may look past it if they see how passionate you are.
  9. Haha I'm trying! Good to know y'all are in my boat!
  10. Anyone know how many interviews are left? The waiting game to hear back for acceptance is driving me crazy!
  11. They said they should let us all know in September. They will wait for all the interviews to be over then make a decision. One essay but its something you should already be able to write about so no need to stress.
  12. Definitely be yourself. Take your time answering questions. They are very friendly so they will make you feel comfortable. Questions are pretty basic and they are just trying to see why you are pursuing the career and if you really know what the profession is about.
  13. Loved my interview experience! They were SO nice and made me feel very relaxed. The campus is gorgeous and the area is really nice as well. This is the first interview where they actually wanted to get to know as a person and just talk and not intimidate and trick me. Loved it!
  14. same same. I applied last year and they sent me that same email every month until January, when they rejected me. Hopefully this year will be different
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