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Hi everyone. I am about to apply to PA school for the second time. I feel that I am a better candidate this time since I have retaken certain classes and acquired WAY more PCE hours than I had the first go around. However, I am struggling with this personal statement. The first time I wrote about my youngest brother. As a young child he was very sick and referred out to different hospitals/specialties which made a huge impact on myself. There were many great doctors and some awful ones (rude and dismissive) which helped shape the perception of what kind of doctor/medical provider I wanted to become. Yes, I was only 10-12 at the time but as an older sister you get protective and your dreams of becoming a princess or superhero often resolve by this age. I thought that I had a good topic but my husband, an engineer, disagrees. 


Could someone please let me know what they wrote about or even message me to bounce ideas around? It would be much appreciated. 


- Madison

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I think you could briefly mention your brother topic, but I wouldn’t use this as the bulk of your paper because it is so long ago and you were so young. I think a topic more relevant to you as an adult will carry much more weight and let your audience see that the adult, mature person you have become has a personality and you have had experiences that make you stand out in your current place in life.

As to figuring out a topic, make a list of possible topics, experiences, personal interactions, whatever. See if any stand out as something you can expound on to make a great paper. The topic possibilities are endless, but choosing the right one is so difficult. Good luck!

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Yes, I agree with the other person. Don’t focus too much on it in your paper, but you can mention how it opened your eyes to the healthcare field. Just focus on answering the question: WHY would YOU be a great PA?

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      I applied last cycle and didn't receive any acceptances. I am on a waitlist, but I figured I would gear up to reapply well in advance so I'm not left scrambling if I don't get in. A part of my second application will be rewriting my personal statement. But, I'm at a crossroads with what to write about. My original thought was to explain how tough my last year had been after not getting any acceptances. From feeling defeated and receiving some disheartening comments when people found out I didn't get in, to using that feeling as a fuel to continuously work on improving. I wanted to explain how I was working 40 hours/week at a hospital gaining patient care hours while taking online and night classes as well as working weekends at a second job in a healthcare/leadership position with a nonprofit and shadowing whenever I could. I would end with how the last 6 years of my life would've been substantially less difficult if I would've chosen to do something else, but how I would do it all over again because it will eventually get me to where I want to be as a PA.
      However, I am second guessing this topic because I'm not sure if schools would want to read an essay entirely about how I've been working on being a better applicant in the past year. I definitely want to include this information somewhere in the essay, but I don't know if it should necessarily be the focus. Should I include this but maybe also talk about an influential experience I had with a PA during a shadowing experience this past year? 
      I really struggled to write my first personal statement and I don't want this year's to hold me back like I think last year's did. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions, criticisms, and advice!
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      Looking for general feedback. I appreciate your criticism. Thanks all.
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      I  think I am at my final draft and would love for someone to review it/read it over. Have looked at is soo many times that its hard to see any mistakes or weak points at this time. Anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know and I will send it over.
      Please and thank you!
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      Hi everyone!
      I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some feedback on my personal statement. This is the google doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzHXUUlMxPUMcp_eOcx4ZKpaPwo5IRe1dOQSg6Xfixg/edit
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