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  1. Just received an interview invite for the Hendersonville campus. I chose Nov 17! Is anyone else picking that date? Would anyone like to talk before hand ?
  2. Could someone please explain the verification process further? I believe that I understand it but I do not want to mess this up.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently had an interview with a PA school and found that the interviewer seemed to find clinical experience with a MD more valuable than clinical experience with a PA, and yes, this is actual paid hours, not just shadowing. Has anyone else experienced this? I am in total shock since I am applying to PA school rather than Medical school. I may be wrong but I thought that my experience working closely with a PA was a huge plus. How would I know that I wanted to go to PA school without that experience? Working with a PA has provided a huge insight on the role of a PA
  4. @Patricia5827 @Janie55 Thank you so much for your feedback. I will definitely incorporate your advise as I am rewriting my statement!
  5. Hi @KRushin ! I would love to know about your personal statement. I am currently trying to write mine and Im unsure if the topic is strong enough. It is a very rough draft at this time. I will be applying May 2020. I have a meeting set up with Susan L this month. Anything I should specifically ask her? I have already been to an open house.
  6. I am applying to Wingate - Hendersonville April 2020. I would LOVE to hear some of your personal statement ideas or review yours for inspiration. I have a rough draft written but needs major work I think.
  7. Hi everyone. I am about to apply to PA school for the second time. I feel that I am a better candidate this time since I have retaken certain classes and acquired WAY more PCE hours than I had the first go around. However, I am struggling with this personal statement. The first time I wrote about my youngest brother. As a young child he was very sick and referred out to different hospitals/specialties which made a huge impact on myself. There were many great doctors and some awful ones (rude and dismissive) which helped shape the perception of what kind of doctor/medical provider I wanted to b
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