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  1. Just received an interview invite for the Hendersonville campus. I chose Nov 17! Is anyone else picking that date? Would anyone like to talk before hand ?
  2. Could someone please explain the verification process further? I believe that I understand it but I do not want to mess this up.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently had an interview with a PA school and found that the interviewer seemed to find clinical experience with a MD more valuable than clinical experience with a PA, and yes, this is actual paid hours, not just shadowing. Has anyone else experienced this? I am in total shock since I am applying to PA school rather than Medical school. I may be wrong but I thought that my experience working closely with a PA was a huge plus. How would I know that I wanted to go to PA school without that experience? Working with a PA has provided a huge insight on the role of a PA vs that of an MD. Can anyone else speak to this experience? Have you had similar experiences? Do you agree or disagree with the interviewer? All advice/input is welcome.
  4. @Patricia5827 @Janie55 Thank you so much for your feedback. I will definitely incorporate your advise as I am rewriting my statement!
  5. Hi @KRushin ! I would love to know about your personal statement. I am currently trying to write mine and Im unsure if the topic is strong enough. It is a very rough draft at this time. I will be applying May 2020. I have a meeting set up with Susan L this month. Anything I should specifically ask her? I have already been to an open house.
  6. I am applying to Wingate - Hendersonville April 2020. I would LOVE to hear some of your personal statement ideas or review yours for inspiration. I have a rough draft written but needs major work I think.
  7. Hi everyone. I am about to apply to PA school for the second time. I feel that I am a better candidate this time since I have retaken certain classes and acquired WAY more PCE hours than I had the first go around. However, I am struggling with this personal statement. The first time I wrote about my youngest brother. As a young child he was very sick and referred out to different hospitals/specialties which made a huge impact on myself. There were many great doctors and some awful ones (rude and dismissive) which helped shape the perception of what kind of doctor/medical provider I wanted to become. Yes, I was only 10-12 at the time but as an older sister you get protective and your dreams of becoming a princess or superhero often resolve by this age. I thought that I had a good topic but my husband, an engineer, disagrees. Could someone please let me know what they wrote about or even message me to bounce ideas around? It would be much appreciated. - Madison
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