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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone! I’m looking to take on some more pre-PA students who need help with CASPA review, personal statement brainstorming/editing and interview prep. I’m 4.5 years out of PA school with experience in NYC and Baltimore and am a former interview committee member! Please send an email to applyingtopaschools@gmail.com for more info and pricing!
  2. Hello, As a first time applicant who comes from a Canadian background, I was wondering if anyone would like to share their personal statements? I am stuck and do not know how to start? Is it something that is like a narrative story or simply my experiences and characteristics? If you would like to DM me or share on this thread, what ever works best for you. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi I’m a first time applicant and would anyone be interested in looking at my personal statement and seeing what needs to be revised? Here is the link down below Personal Statement copy.docx
  4. Hello all! My name is Kim and I am a demonstrated pre-PA coach and a current PA-S with a high success rate of client admission. I am currently available to take on new clients. I offer services including the following: personal statement editing/feedback, supplemental essay editing/feedback, interviewing prep/coaching, mock interviews, general pre-PA application advising sessions and pre-PA planning for the future. During the 2019-2020 cycle, I was invited to 7 interviews but only chose to attend 4 as I was accepted to my top choice by the 4th interview. I was accepted to ALL programs that I decided to interview with. Please email me at prepacoachkimberly@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more about my services. I also offer these services to other pre-health students as well. Happy holidays, Kim
  5. Hello, I've been working on my personal statement but having trouble with the structure. So far I've written why I want to be PA but wondering how to add my experience as a scribe into it? I first worked as an ER scribe to get exposure to a doctor. I then switched to scribe for a doctor at family clinic where I met a physician assistant who inspired me to become a PA. Where should I write about how my experience as a scribe will make me a good PA? Here's what I have so far: “Go be a doctor” was a constant thing I heard growing up in a Filipino household. My immigrant parents had their heart set on a better life for their children in America. They had many dreams for the five of us. They wanted me to be a doctor and I wanted to make them proud. After graduating from university I decided to take a gap year to volunteer, work, and study for the MCAT. I also made the decision to move back in with my family. I thought everything would fall into place, but it was only the beginning of an uphill battle. I found that I was always sleeping, had a lack of motivation, cried nightly, and was always sad. No matter how hard I tried to study for the MCAT all I wanted to do was lay in bed and waste my day away. I didn’t realize until later, but I developed depression. Every day I cried to myself, “I don’t want to be a doctor, I don’t even know what I want to be”. To pull me out of bed, I applied for an ER medical scribe position at my local hospital. I told myself that if I wanted to be in healthcare I should immerse myself in the environment. I scribed for five ER physicians. On my first day at the ER, I met a physician assistant for the first time ever. I had no idea that they even existed! That was the extent of my intrigue and had tunnel vision for being a doctor. I left the ER and applied for another scribe position at a family clinic. I scribed for a doctor, but she worked alongside a physician assistant, Christie Heany, PA-C. They worked together 2-3 days out of the week side-by-side. It was the perfect setting to compare the work of a physician assistant to a doctor. She would consult with the doctor, but it was her own choice on how to treat and diagnose a patient. Christie mused about physician assistant school and the training she received. She changed my perception of medicine. I have been walking along this path my parents forged for me to become a doctor, but I got lost along the way. I began piecing together my own path. I wanted to be a physician assistant. Should I start writing about how my scribe experience will make me a good PA here?
  6. Hi everyone. I am about to apply to PA school for the second time. I feel that I am a better candidate this time since I have retaken certain classes and acquired WAY more PCE hours than I had the first go around. However, I am struggling with this personal statement. The first time I wrote about my youngest brother. As a young child he was very sick and referred out to different hospitals/specialties which made a huge impact on myself. There were many great doctors and some awful ones (rude and dismissive) which helped shape the perception of what kind of doctor/medical provider I wanted to become. Yes, I was only 10-12 at the time but as an older sister you get protective and your dreams of becoming a princess or superhero often resolve by this age. I thought that I had a good topic but my husband, an engineer, disagrees. Could someone please let me know what they wrote about or even message me to bounce ideas around? It would be much appreciated. - Madison
  7. I think I am at my final draft and would love for someone to review it/read it over. Have looked at is soo many times that its hard to see any mistakes or weak points at this time. Anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know and I will send it over. Please and thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some feedback on my personal statement. This is the google doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzHXUUlMxPUMcp_eOcx4ZKpaPwo5IRe1dOQSg6Xfixg/edit Thank you very much!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to help me with my personal statement. I have something of a rough draft written. If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  10. I just finished my first draft of my personal statement. I plan to edit it and rewrite it more, but I was unsure where to start. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks! As I sat in the backseat of my car playing games like every other five year old; I noticed something in the corner of my eye. My little brother began to stare off into the distance and his arms along with his body began to jerk. He was having a seizure. I had watched it happen before, but my parents had always been there to comfort him. I did the only thing that I thought I could do and held his hand. He was always confused and upset afterwards, so I sat there with him and told him “ Everything is going to be okay I’m here.” My brother was diagnosed with the genetic disease tuberous sclerosis and has gone through many test and brain surgeries. He is very fortunate to still be able to live a normal life. Everything the nurses, PA’s, and doctors have done for him and my family is what inspired me to purse becoming a PA. I began to work as a CNA after my freshmen year of college. I was very eager to be able to care for someone one on one. I worked full time, so I quickly developed good relationships with the residents. One woman named Angela began to impact me a lot. Whenever she saw me she would get the biggest smile on her face and she always wanted to talk for hours. When I had downtime I would always try to color with her because she loved art. Her daughter was always very thankful when I was her nurse aide because I did a really good job with her and actually cared. For me, it was hard to believe that people would do this job and not care about other people. Unfortunately, Angela began to decline very rapidly. When she eventually passed her daughter talked with me about how thankful she was that I was there for her mother and the impact I made in both of their lives. It never really crossed my mind that I was doing something out of the ordinary. These situations along with many more over the past few years have made me realize how much I love being able to make an impact in someone else’s life. As a PA I will have the ability to get to know patients and make an impact in their life by educating and improving their health. After being a CNA in nursing home for two years I wanted a change of scenery, so I began looking for a job in a hospital. As a PA not being tied to one area of practice and having a lot of job flexibility appeals to me. I like that I could work in family medicine, do surgeries, or even share my passion for medicine with PA students by teaching. I am interested in a lot of different things in medicine, so being a PA gives me the opportunity to explore them all and to continue learning. A big learning experience for me was when I got to volunteer in the ER of a local hospital. This provided me with a real glimpse of what it was like to be a PA. On my first day in the ER I got to see what the PA doctor relationship was like. The PA initially examined the patient and consulted back to the doctor to ask questions. I like that as a PA you can consult and get another opinions from a Doctor. I believe you can learn a lot from other people and being a PA you get to work closely with many different health professionals. It was mesmerizing to see patients come in with chest pains and shortness of breath and watch the medical team use there combined knowledge to work together. Along with that, PA’s are constantly learning. Medicine is always changing and the idea that a new treatment or breakthrough could happen any moment is fascinating to be apart of. It was very interesting for me to see the PA ordering different test for one patient trying to figure out what was wrong like searching for a missing puzzle piece. I couldn’t wait to be on the forefront of the diagnosis and developing a care plan. As I continued to volunteer I noticed how intelligent and professional the PA was with families while still being empathetic. I admired this a lot and plan to be like this when I am a PA. I began to think a lot about what being a PA would be like for me. Going into the medical field is not easy. I have spent countless hours not only studying, but truly trying to understand the material so I can be prepared for PA school. I know there is a lot more of that to come. People say that PA school is like “ trying to drink from a fire hose”. It isn’t going to be easy, but it will be worth it. As a PA student I believe you must commit your whole life to it because in the end it’s another person’s life in your hands. I have learned that medicine is not easy there are complications there are non-curable diseases, and days that don’t seem like they will ever end. I don’t think experiencing a death of a patient will ever become easy, but I do believe there are things that make it extremely worth it. For me, knowing at the end of the day that I could make an impact in someone else’s life even if it was just holding there hand and encouraging them to keep fighting is enough.
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