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Hello everyone, I am currently in my second semester of my didactic year. I struggled so much my first semester and ended up having to remediate one class. I feel like I retained nothing from my first semester and can barely recall things. I get so anxious everyday over my future . I have no idea how to face my family if I do fail. Also it would really crush me because this is what I've been working towards for the past 3 years since I graduated high school.  Compared to my other classmates I feel like I know the least. Living in fear everyday is really getting to me emotionally and I don't know what to do.

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Well first of all you shouldn't worry about facing your family, because just getting into PA school is an accomplishment. PA school is hard, the material is hard, and thats because its worth it. When I was probably around your age I got hired at the fire department with several other individuals. I by far struggled the most and for 1 year I felt like I was going to be fired every single day while watching most of my colleagues do great. But I didn't give up, I sought out as much advice as I could from other members of the fire department and ultimately succeeded. You can do it and you will make it. 

If I were you I would try to speak with professors and other classmates about best practices and what they are doing to retain and absorb the material. You may need to change everything about how you are studying in order to be successful. But don't give up and don't let yourself be "stressedanddepressed"!

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There are a few issues here...

One, of you don’t have one already you should get a therapist. You’re clearly dealing with some mental health issues on top of everything else. Talk to someone. Figure out a way to cope with your anxiety. 

Two, how are you studying? What resources (outside of lecture) are you using? Have you tried multiple study methods? Has anything been effective? 

Finally, stop comparing yourself to your classmates. Everyone is going through it and struggling, trust me. I can barely remember material I learned last week. It’s normal. 

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So you remediated one class? You've gotten the chance to move ahead.

Being in a class is something like being in a card game. You look at your hand and wonder if it's better than those of the other players. Since you can't see their hands, you never really know (until the hand is over.)

Try not to catastrophize about how horrible it will be when you fail out. Just move on day by day doing the right thing. You'll find the strength to do what you need to do. Worrying about things that probably will never happy only saps your strength. That you can't afford.

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