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  1. I did the same as @EMEDPA for 7 years of work as a ff/pm.
  2. Thank you very much! I would have guessed you'd be a screaming cat if you had to choose an animal. But Mother Bear is a great choice haha.
  3. I greatly appreciate all the responses. Sounds like an uphill battle for most to even get through the door for an interview.
  4. Has anyone here been or is employed by the VA? If so, how has your experience been?
  5. Saw this on indeed if any new grads are looking for work https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=91506c2a1cf4efcb&tk=1f2usoq8nosho800&from=serp&vjs=3&advn=1337488882621127&adid=18320634&ad=-6NYlbfkN0D0ff9e8Lfwlpl5zGbQmpn59AL71QmFd7VKOAnfyjZzp30iMMN3yCwMsoPKk0FcaFfMstToy3E36AkDbwnFfW8qFR4-rgcw0SSlpcc_H0-ZSjJUOPS3BnJio2AOGZaFmK_LRKKjb0lgCHL7OoAJ4HnnQq8l383aeD2i-9BjCbQn9uQfmukbzTxxXbQtfuCRsFjNCzZBEiQy-gcVVNUoLJnyoNt4j_gOID1XZv1k2DH2pMam2gV9WWnh5xWFdeNu3sH39gtmglqCkmRPNXkLg8lF23q-ebL8NDHEoPCUpwvwEZl7wt59UnsIeoDpc7aZlLGp60DMYsPLpA==&sjdu=_goTKyhSxNn_1R9LkGm4AUdWD-k
  6. I would advise you to take however many credits of post bacc high level science classes you need to get your gpa above 3.0. You can also retake prerequisite classes that you did poorly in to help your GPA. Assuming you need to pay for school with loans, you’re gonna have a ton by the time you graduate PA school if you were to do another masters program.
  7. I'd have to agree with you on that. However, this group was instrumental for me and many others when it came to getting into school. I for one do grow weary of the doom and gloom on here regarding the profession. Especially as an up and coming PA. The last thing you want to read is monotonous threads regarding how the profession is coming to an end as a new grad. I know it may not look like it on here but I can attest to the fact that there are lots of young PA's out there who realize what is going on and want to effect change regarding the NP/PA situation.
  8. Well when you're talking about government mandated vaccine passports it would be odd for "personal political influence" to not come into play. So at the end of the day I would say that politics has more to do with vaccine passports than any other factor. Which is why collectively there would never be full agreement on one choice. I totally understand your view point and the view points of others. However, I just don't adopt those beliefs for others. As I said before, I am pro vaccine, I trust the science and encourage vaccination. However, at the end of the day it is each person's choice as it
  9. It is completely normal to lack confidence starting off. When I first entered the medical field I used to shake checking a blood sugar on someone. It takes time to gain confidence, and anyone who is confident in treating patients with the knowledge that is required to treat and interact with patients as docs and PA's do gained that over many years and many patient encounters.
  10. While nobody can tell you what your chances are, you might find greater success applying to schools that evaluate your gpa based on the last 40-60 credit hours. With that being said I applied and was accepted to PA school with a 3.04 cgpa and a 3.44 sgpa. However, I had >10k hours of paramedic experience and my last 60 credit hours gpa was a 4.0 which included nearly all prereqs including orgo, genetics, etc. Find out what the cutoff for schools are that you are interested in applying to regarding GPA and PCE/HCE. The closer you are to their matriculant profiles, the better your
  11. a great number of people in this country are in financial duress and can hardly afford groceries. Let alone pay someone to bring it to them.
  12. It's funny, people like you are the same group who thought I was crazy when I said "hey your phone/tv is recording what you say" or hey the patriot act is actually a way for the government to wire tap every citizen without a warrant. Now all of that is common knowledge and we've lost privacy even in our own homes due to it. Vaccine passports and the like are a step in the direction of being required to show proof of your health status to live life normally which is an interference into your right as a citizen. And it's largely something we don't need. We have proof people are getting vaccinate
  13. Proof of vaccination is acceptable in certain situations. I.e. going to school and being in close contact with the same kids over and over for many years. But I'm not gonna advocate for vaccine passports for people to live their normal lives that will undoubtedly get turned into some other form of invasion of your personal privacy over time. Especially for a virus that is being well contained and has a mortality rate of 1.8% in our country. Liberty and freedom of choice are important, it has nothing to do with being self righteous. I'm a huge advocate for vaccines. I think everyone should get
  14. the line is drawn when people are actively spreading disease with intent to harm. Not a regular citizen who "might" be carrying one of hundreds of viruses being asked to show his passport to go to the store.
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