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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, I am a currently a PA student graduating in August and sitting for my boards in September, based out of FL. No prior military experience and history as a licensed Florida EMT-B, ED tech, and over 1000 clinical hours as of now and GPA of 3.4. I am currently applying to the Navy for direct commission (DC) withing 6 months of graduation from school and was wondering if anyone has done DC to the navy (and if so what helped you be a good candidate), life as a navy PA-C, what to expect, specialties I can expect to be able to work in, and just any general info. I have a good recruiter but you never know and I hear a lot of good and bad.
  2. Hello Everyone, We are holding the first open house for our Physician Assistant Program on January 30 at 6:00 p.m at the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown NJ (www.cse.edu). For information about the program visit https://www.cse.edu/academics/aas/physician-assistant. Please see the attached file and register soon by emailing me at ltarke@cse.edu. Space is limited. What you will gain: CSE requirements, tour the PA Program, meet the faculty, and Q & A.
  3. Hi everyone, I am hoping that someone will be able to point me in the direction of some hospitals or private practices that have preceptors who are willing to take PA students in the scottsdale, mesa, Glendale, chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix area of Arizona. I am currently a first year PA student at Hofstra university in New York and we are getting ready for rotations this year. For my program, we are allowed to do two rotations out of state so I hoping to go to Arizona. However, we are responsible for finding the preceptor and giving the information to Hofstra. I will be staying in Scottsdale but I am willing to drive!! Any information will be helpful as I am not really sure where to begin looking or who to contact. Thank you SO much in advance!!! Hunter
  4. Guest


    Hi I'm a undergrade pre pa student. I have one semester where ill be pretty much finishing up my last credits before graduation. Can someone recommend a pharmacology book that can get me mentally prepared for what to come ? Or simply any books that you think will get a pre pa student prepared in general.
  5. Hello! I was wondering if anyone accepted into any PA program could share or message their application stats (gpa, HCE...), I want to know whether, if I were to apply in a later cycle I could be considered a competitive applicant. Also, if you could put the schools you were accepted into/chose to go that would be great! Also, if there is a recent thread with accepted students stats you're more than welcome to send me or comment the link. Thanks so much! -Maylily7
  6. For those of us with a bit of downtime or waiting to matriculate, what are some excellent podcasts to help get those brain juices flowing!? Please share podcast recommendations pertaining to any PA school related material, clinical, or specialty knowledge in particular. I'll generally nerd out on The Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Live and Emergency Med Cases podcasts (even though a lot of this material will eventually be outside our scope, it's still fun to learn about) in addition to a few others non-PA related.
  7. I am wanting to get a dog before i start PA school in May. I am worried about the time i will be away from home and was looking for dog parents in PA and how they handle it. I will be living by myself for the first time and I think having a companion would be good for me. Is it really hard to balance? Thanks!
  8. An information session about the Jefferson College of Health Sciences​ PA program will take place this Friday, June 9, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The event will begin promptly at 10 a.m. in Room 616 on the Jefferson College campus at Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital, 101 Elm Street SE, Roanoke, VA 24013. Register through the link below. Reservations are encouraged, but not required. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the program, the PA profession and the application process. Jefferson PA program representatives will be on hand to speak individually with prospective students and their families. https://www.facebook.com/JCHSPA/posts/414310522302184 The final information session in 2017 will be held July 21.
  9. Hi everyone, My program will be starting in about 2.5 months. It has been a while since I have taken medical terminology. Would anyone kindly recommend any helpful medical terminology books for me to read before I start the program? I want to be able to hit the lectures without feeling too overwhelmed of any possible foreign language and utilize the time there absorbing and understanding rather than being confused over terms. Thanks!
  10. First Rounds (FR) — news written by students, for students — is seeking a motivated PA student to serve as the Assistant Editor for 2017-2018. The Assistant Editor position is a 2-year commitment; the student will then become Editor when his/her predecessor graduates. The duties of the Assistant Editor include, but are not limited to: Collaborate with AAPA editorial director and FR editor to develop quarterly themes. Respond to inquires and revise article submissions. Assemble the final selection of articles, photos, and photo release documentation. Edit and prepare a minimum of one article every two months for publication on AAPA’s PAs Connect news feed. Commit to the role of Assistant Editor March 2016-2017 and the editor position in March 2017. Be flexible with scheduling, be adaptable, and communicate effectively with the entire First Rounds team. Assist with promotion and advertising of First Rounds to PA programs nationwide via social media. Organize and maintain contact databases, articles, and emails. In addition, the Assistant Editor and editor will both receive a $500 stipend to attend AAPA Conference 2017 in Las Vegas to promote and advocate for First Rounds. If you are a proactive, current PA student with a strong interest in writing and editing opportunities, please send a resume or CV with your name, PA program, graduation date, and a short summary of why you would be a great FR Assistant Editor to FirstRoundsSubmission@gmail.com. The deadline for applications is March 30, 2017. Phone interviews will be held the first week of April. Requirements: Must be a current PA student in good standing with an ARC-PA accredited PA program Must be a current member of AAPA The selected candidate must have at least one year remaining in school as of December 2017. (i.e. graduation date of December 2018 or later) Those with prior writing or editing experience will be given preference, but it is not required. For more information, please contact Editor Mia McDonald at FirstRoundsSubmission@gmail.com. https://www.aapa.org/pas-connect/2017/02/wanted-assistant-editor-first-rounds/
  11. Interested in seeing what are some of the procedures PA students learn before starting clinical rotations? Head on over to my blog to find out. Thanks! http://apthepa.blogspot.com/2017/02/clinical-procedures.html
  12. Dear PA Student or PA Grad, After personally tutoring PA students matriculating in PA schools for 2 years, I began tutoring graduates who were about to take the PANCE for the first time. 100% of the first five I tutored scored high. After teaching for over 20 years, I have made these subjects relatively simple to learn without memorization! And since 2012, I have helped 57 students pass the PANCE and PANRE. My students were from schools all across the U.S. *Of those 5 first time takers, 100% passed. *Of those who had failed once, 97% passed. *Of those who failed twice, 93% passed. *And of those who failed three times, 91% passed after taking my course. These are awesome results. Now I am pleased to offer my complete personal Automated AudioVisual PANCE/PANRE tutoring course online. This course has taken me 5 years to develop. It is a complete NCCPA Blueprint oriented AudioVisual PANCE, PANRE tutoring course with 1,200 Power Point slides. This course has also been used by students still in school with great success because the student can pick and choose the Topics and Systems the student wants to review. This is my complete ‘one on one’ tutoring course online with text and audio, at a fraction of what I charged for personal tutoring. The audio alone lasts for 20 hours. I encourage you to visit my website at www.PrecipioLearning.com to watch a free sample. Most Sincerely, John Athas, M.D. (retired) Level 1 Trauma ER M.D. Internist Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fl
  13. Hi everyone! I am involved in PA student government at my school and I've taken on the project of starting specialty interest groups for my fellow PA students. I've already gathered data regarding which specialties everyone is interested in pursuing. For those of you who are involved in student specialty interest groups, what exactly do you guys do when you have meetings? Do you have lectures, a hands-on activity, a group discussion? How often do you meet? We're a brand-new program, so I'm setting these up for the first time and any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!! PS - Sorry if this thread has already been posted elsewhere!
  14. Hi everyone, I am new to the forums. I am a PA with 1 year of experience. I just got an offer in a family practice in the North Texas area. After talking with the providers there, the supervising doctor seems to be very patient with the PAs and willing to teach. I feel this is a good place to grow. I was wondering if this is a fair offer. I feel the pay is a little low and benefits seem a little on the low side too. Salary: 90k annually, work 8-5 and 4 hours on a weekend every month. Assuming 8 hour work days and 4 every month, $42.29/hr. Bonus: Very vague bonus. At discretion. Call schedule: 1 night per week and 1weekend per 5.5 week. Vacation: 15 days pto, Most major holidays off. Health insurance100% paid for health insurance after 90 days. Does not state dental or vision. CME: $1000 + subscription to a review course. Dues, licenses and professional membership $1000 per year every 6 months. Performance eval at 6 months then annually, Malpractice paid, tail not mentioned. Parking is not mentioned which could be costly considering the parking garage is the only option. In summary Location could be closer to home but not a deal breaker by any means. Specialty is good. Supervising physician is good. Pay is lower than expected. I would appreciate any feedback. I think this place is a good fit, but I also would like to be compensated fairly. Thank you for all the feedback! My responses to the questions: Call is just answering service. I do not see patients in ER or hospital. I do have time set aside to chart and review labs as part of my work schedule. This is salary and is not hourly. I calculated the hourly rate.
  15. Check out our new blog post about how to choose your elective rotations! - Choosing Elective Rotations This post is authored by Lauren R. Let us know what you think and please feel free to leave any feedback or requests for future blog posts! -Adam
  16. Hey everybody, I am a 20 year old male Pre-PA student studying Biology currently. I have wanted to be a PA since I first learned about the profession when I was a freshman in high school. I am now a sophomore in college and am working at the local hospital (300+ beds) as a "float" CNA. I have about 900ish hours so far. I also have my EMT license and was blessed with a position in a rural ER just outside of town (15 beds) as an ER Tech, but have not been able to start that position yet due a rigorous and busy semester for me. I plan to start working there early this summer. My GPA is currently hovering around 3.4. I have been on multiple mission trips all over the world. Spain, Honduras, India, and many within America. Only 1 medical mission trip so far that was to India. So first of all, from what I have researched and read, I have pretty decent chances to get into PA school my first attempt if I apply broadly. Is this true? What do some experienced PA's have to say about my experience? So, now for the main reason for this post. After I graduate from PA school and get a couple years experience under my belt (hopefully in emergency or family medicine), I plan on doing international medical missions part time. Does anyone have any experience working as a PA in medical missions? I know it is difficult for PA's to gain credibility around the globe (hopefully it is getting better/easier), but do organizations allow PA's to provide care in other countries? Is it difficult for PA's to gain acceptance into these organizations? Or is it just doctors that are "allowed" to provide care in these third world countries I am hoping to help one day. Also, from what I understand, there are some PA programs that give preference to those students who show and really believe that they want to work in rural medicine. Would I be a good applicant for these schools? Also, are there any schools that have any inclination or experience with sending students or graduates on Medical Missions? I have read some threads on here about this subject, but I just want to know more about it and see what else people have to say about it because I know I can't be the only Pre-PA or even professional PA wondering about this. I know there were a lot of questions in this one thread, but don't think you have to answer all of them. I will be happy with any amount of feedback, whether good or bad. Thanks in advance for your input! I really do appreciate it.
  17. Hello! My name is Molly Fior, and I am currently a PA student at Saint Louis University. I am currently in the second phase of the didactic portion of SLU's program. I am going to be entering into our clinical phase/rotations in January, 2014. My husband recently accepted a job in Columbus. Unfortunately we don't have any contacts, friends or connections in the Columbus area. With the program's permission, I am allowed to complete certain clinical rotations out of town. I have been reaching out to different physicians, PAs and health care providers, but I have not yet had any success with finding clinical sites. It has been very frustrating and quite disheartening. I am allowed to set up the following 6 week rotations out of town: Family Medicine Pediatrics Surgery Women's Health/Psych (each 3 weeks in length) an elective of my choice (I am interested in orthopedics, gastrointestinal and intensive care medicine) evidence based medicine clerkship (I am really interested in Nephrology). A friend in the program suggest I reach out on the physician assistant forum to see if anyone might be able to help me. I would be so appreciative if anyone would have any suggestions or recommendations as to who I might be able to reach out to, or if there are any PAs from Columbus that would welcome a student from SLU. Thank you for taking the time to read my post; looking forward to the adventure and learning opportunities of the upcoming clinical year. Molly ennisme@slu.edu
  18. Hey guys is pharm tech a direct patient contact job? I'm debating whether I want to get a certification for it or not
  19. Hi PA applicants! I just finished my first semester here at UTSW's PA program. I figured most of you would like to know what the first semester is all about. I wrote a pretty detailed blog post you can check out here. http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/08/first-semester-at-ut-southwestern.html Thanks Paul
  20. Did anyone had to work together to take group tests, and create projects? I read a former PA student's experience off of Buzzfeed. http://www.buzzfeed.com/xochrissyjayy/12-struggles-every-physician-assistant-student-can-vpc3
  21. I decided to make a discussion about ways to study oncology while in PA school. The infomation is overwhelming. What should I focus on?
  22. I have seen a handful of people write Physician Assistant (PA) in their Narratives. It probably helps save character count by writing "PA" instead of the full two words, but wondering if this is maybe frowed upon? Of course, everyone on the ad-com would know what the abbrevation means, I am curious if this looks bad?
  23. First off I wish to express my gratitude and sheer excitement to become part of the PA family! Although school hasn't started I have found myself running around to complete pre-orientation requirements (physical, immunizations, transcripts, etc.). I have also spent copious hours reading almost all posts made within this forum, and discovered some pertinent information to help guide me through this new journey. Babbling aside, I want some input from PA students and practicing PA's in regards to my personal situation. There has been much dialogue about Healthcare experience and how quality experience is essential for not only program success, but also job acquisition upon graduation. I am curious as to how well my personal healthcare experience has equipped me for my future endeavor. I am 24 years old and graduated with a double bachelors in Microbial Cell Science and Food science Human Nutrition, GPA- 3.89 SGPA 3.91 GRE Verbal 158 Quantitative 167 . Throughout my 4 years of High School (yes high school) and subsequent winter and summer breaks throughout undergrad I worked within a Primary Physicians office. At first filing was the extent of my duties, but after that first year of work my responsibilities graduated to basic MA tasks: PT history, Vital signs, and EKG testing. Whilst working in the Dr's office I also gained knowledge of Lab testing, imaging results, and health insurance billing. Furthermore, throughout undergrad I volunteered in the ER for 2 years biweekly, I shadowed a pediatric orthopedic surgeon along with interoffice PAs, and taught a medical careers class which had a section devoted to the PA profession. Aside from the MA work I did within the DR's office, I have no other DIRECT PT contact experience. I would like to know how detrimental this will be to my studies and future job search. After reading a few blogs describing how it's a shame programs accept applicants with low-quality experience and how it'll reek havoc on my future, I found my excitement has been replaced with fear. I never questioned my PT care experience nor doubted my future clinical abilities until now. I guess the few forum naysayers really have me slumming :(... Maybe i just need some words of encouragement. P.S. This forum has been a blessing, providing a surplus of quality information, I am gracious to all members making posts to help guide the current and future generations of physician assistants :).
  24. No monospot test either at one of the FP/UC places I work at (per MD's preference). I am just wondering I should be pushing to get the rapid strep test (and monospot) at the clinic, cause I find myself Rx'ing more antibiotics for pharyngitis. I know that rheumatic fever is pretty rare in the US, but I don't know know if it's because we are over-Rxing antibiotics or another reason. What does this mean in terms of liability? Does this mean I can rely on the CENTOR criteria without any need for any sort of assay?
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