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2019-2020 Application Cycle

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Interviewed with the afternoon session on July 15th and found out  the next morning I got accepted! 

Best tip I can give to those that will interview is to yes be yourself..... but don’t tell them answers you think they want to hear. Be honest/stay relaxed & show off your personality.

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17 hours ago, futurepa100 said:

Hey, I’m interviewing this Thursday! Any tips? Were the questions pretty straight-forward? I’m super nervous so any help would be appreciated! 

Hey there! The interview is super straight forward. They honestly want to get to know you, how you would be a good fit for their program and your motivations for wanting to pursue the PA profession. It will be a great interview experience. Be yourself, smile, talk to everyone and enjoy the buffet ! For me I love to eat, so I calmed down a bit after the breakfast lol. Also cool tip, if you can incorporate some green into your outfit that could be a plus. I wore a green top with my suit and the faculty liked it. Good luck this Thursday! 

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A question for any of the prospective or current students. As of now I've applied to 13 schools, my CASPA was verified beginning of June. My stats are as follows. GPA- 3.12, GRE-303, over 6,000 hours HCE as an ER tech and MA, over 200 shadowing a PA, excellent letters of rec.  I would like to apply to this school but after realizing my extreme downfall with my GPA being much lower than others I've seen, I'm becoming discouraged. My freshman year I had a couple Cs and a D which I would mentioned in the supplemental, since then its been all As and few Bs. 

I would love extremely honest brutal answers, I need to strengthen my application where I can. I'm 29 and a couple of my science courses are 10 years old as of this year, making this probably my last year applying (my 3rd cycle) unless there's something I'm missing that I can do to increase my chances. 

Methodist was one of my top schools to attend but now I am realizing I may never get into this profession if I don't drastically change something. It's not super feasible for me to retake a couple classes while working but I will do anything I can. 

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