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  1. Congratulations! Do they send rejection notifications by snail mail? I also interviewed on the 2/5, but haven’t heard back.
  2. FtPAs

    South College-Atlanta

    Does anyone have the phone to contact the Atlanta and Knoxville campus to check on application status? If it’s separate from the one on the website
  3. FtPAs

    South College-Atlanta

    I am a bit confused because I was under the impressions that the interviews didn't start till January. " As a rule of thumb, we send out notifications once your file is complete and ready for review. Interviews are held January–May "and applicants selected to interview are notified 3-4 weeks prior to their interview date. Due to the large number of applications that we receive each year, we are unable to give individual status updates during the application process. Status updates will be sent to all applicants by July." I am surprised there are interviews for October for the Atlanta campus. I got an email that said my application was complete in August, and that review begins in August. Did you guys get another additional email that said your application is being reviewed after the initial email for completion? Edit: I applied for both the Atlanta and Knoxville campus.

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