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  1. @Morganlynn thanks for the info! @Lholloway14 just wanted to let you know that I finally heard back from someone yesterday, and I emailed him a bunch of questions. His name is Scott Edward and his email is sedward@atsu.edu if you wanted to contact him directly with your own questions!
  2. Just got an email today that my application was received and is under review! I submitted CASPA on May 14 and was verified on May 15. Good luck to everyone!
  3. I sent them an email late last night! I'll keep you posted on their response.
  4. Hmm...I wonder if the other ATSU staff from Arizona would be able to answer our questions or at least point us in the right direction? I may send them an email tomorrow.
  5. Yeah, I was verified on May 17. Just got an email today that they received my CASPA, but no supplemental yet
  6. Hi, I submitted the verification forms with the CASPA app. From last year's thread, it sounds like they only need 1000 hrs verified, but I'm not sure if that's different this year.
  7. yeah, what @Leah37 said! I also received an email about completing the supplemental the day after I submitted my CASPA app, and that link worked for me.
  8. I applied to this program and was wondering if anyone else is applying or has any more information on it? I can't find a webpage for them anywhere
  9. Hi! Is anyone else having trouble opening the supplemental application?
  10. Does anyone know if they are done interviewing for this cycle? Thanks!
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