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  1. Interviewed yesterday morning, as well and accepted!!!
  2. Hi! I am also a reapplicant this cycle. Submitted CASPA May 14; got confirmation email that supplemental was received on May 16. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Would anyone be interested in meeting up sometime on July 31st, just to get out pre-interview jitters?
  4. Got an email yesterday that they're starting to review file scores 5.0 and above. They said to allow at least 3 weeks for review, so fingers crossed and good luck everyone!
  5. My file score is 5.50 (only bc I took all prereqs after gradution and did well; my cGPA from undergrad is terrible). My understanding is that having a file score above the cut off doesn't guarantee an interview; it just means your application will be reviewed. But don't give up hope! Last year's applicant pool and this year's are different, so who knows what the cut off will be this cycle.
  6. I received a confirmation email that my CASPA was received and forwarded to the program for review, but they aren't on rolling admissions, so I don't think we'll hear back from them until after their deadline.
  7. I was also verified 5/15 and haven't received anything yet.
  8. Got an email today that they received my CASPer score, but they still haven't decided what the file score cutoff for app review is.
  9. I was verified May 16, but haven't heard anything Good luck on your interview!!!
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