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  1. Just found out I’m on the alternate list. Anyone else?
  2. Has anyone heard back recently from the July interview?
  3. Has anyone heard back from the July 16th interview? It’s been months so I’m starting to lose hope.
  4. Has anyone heard anything back from the Aug. 16th interview? It’s officially been 4 weeks and I’m going insane waiting.
  5. Interviewed yesterday during the morning session and accepted today!
  6. Hey, I’m interviewing this Thursday! Any tips? Were the questions pretty straight-forward? I’m super nervous so any help would be appreciated!
  7. We signed a non-disclosure form stating that we would not talk about the interview process with others. I will say that they go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and the whole process was enjoyable. Relax, be yourself, and you’ll be fine!
  8. I haven’t heard anything back yet. Did you also interview on the 16th?
  9. Have you heard anything back from your interview?
  10. I submitted my application on 5/25. I was verified by CASPA on 5/27. My grad school app was submitted on 5/26 and sent to the program on 6/13. I received an invitation to interview on 6/19. Hope this helps!
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