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  1. I submitted CASPA and Supplemental on 05/24 and still haven't received anything besides the email after submitting my supplemental.
  2. Thanks for the update! Curious as to how many would still accept an interview offer with it being a few months after the new application cycle.
  3. Were you offered the interview today?
  4. do you know about how many they interview?
  5. Submitted supplemental app last night as a reapplicant!
  6. Applied last cycle and submitted my application yesterday after retaking 2 classes, improving GRE and shadowing.
  7. Anyone heard anything recently?
  8. did you turn it down today? i'm still holding out hope for an interview here!
  9. crcrown

    LOR Problem

    Someone who is filling out one of my evaluations on CASPA said he received the email from CASPA but there is no pending request when he logs in. Has anyone run into this problem before?
  10. when did you receive the interview invite?
  11. Anyone on here receive an interview yet?
  12. I liked it, definitely informative about the program and faculty really spent a lot of time taking questions from students.
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