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  1. The medical center in the town my program is in will be giving it to students there for rotations. Otherwise, our clinical director told us to contact local health departments for the vaccine. I'm in Memphis, TN for rotations and me and a classmate got the Moderna vaccine 2 counties away.
  2. Could the patient also have had a LUE arterial occlusion with the cold/numb left arm + a PE? Have seen this once previously in a post surgical patient. Were pulses diminished at all?
  3. No one on here has received a rejection email saying they weren't offered an interview right?
  4. I have not received anything. I was waitlisted for an interview last year and made a lot of improvements for this cycle so was really hoping for an interview this time.
  5. Anyone know if they have more interviews to send out? I know they sent out all interviews on one day last year but it seems like there was a much greater response on here then.
  6. Anyone know if they have any more interview dates left or if class is full?
  7. Anyone done or heard how the EM Advanced practice provider fellowship is at Atrium Health in North Carolina?
  8. Interviews went out October 12th last year. Pumped for mid October now!
  9. Also received an invitation today to interview October 25th. I submitted my app back in late May.
  10. gpa: 3.2 shadowing: 51 hours GRE: 300 HCE: over 7,000 hours (608 hours as a CNA, then 3 years as ED scribe)
  11. Anyone heard anything about interviews? Looks like they already were out this time last year.
  12. For those that have interviewed already, how many days before the interview did you receive the email with the schedule for interview day?
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