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  1. Anyone heard anything about interviews? Looks like they already were out this time last year.
  2. For those that have interviewed already, how many days before the interview did you receive the email with the schedule for interview day?
  3. Got the email as well. Don't recall that email last year. Looking forward to hearing a decision.
  4. Same, I replied to Will with morning on 10/21.
  5. Received an invite as well. What time/date is everyone choosing?
  6. I submitted on 05/24. I emailed them yesterday asking if they had everything from me and then they sent me the confirmation email saying my file is complete.
  7. I gave an update in May but was given this response : Thank you for your continued interest in program. We are not able to accept updates to applications on record. 
  8. Based on last year, it looks like first interview invitations should be going in about 2 weeks.
  9. thanks for the update! Last cycle, I submitted with letters from a MD and 2 PAs.
  10. Hopefully we finally hear something in the next week or so.
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