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  1. Anyone on here receive an interview yet?
  2. I liked it, definitely informative about the program and faculty really spent a lot of time taking questions from students.
  3. Still nothing, hopefully we hear something this week!
  4. No interview or denial yet. Received email about my supplemental application on 01/23.
  5. Anyone that was accepted this cycle go to the open house? was it helpful? Did any faculty remember you at the interview?
  6. Anyone think we will hear something today? Doubt they made all 32 calls late monday afternoon.
  7. Anyone have any idea when they will start sending out interviews?
  8. Anyone know if they still have any interviews left?
  9. Submitted 09/13 and have not heard anything yet either.
  10. Got a call today and will be interviewing the 12th at 2:15.
  11. Are there still any spots left in the program or is it too late to apply?
  12. Would love to apply as I am from New Jersey but do not have 50 hours of community service. Will probably apply next cycle.
  13. Does anyone know if it is too late to apply for the Northern Kentucky campus?
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