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  1. I know there is a preference for veterans. Website doesn't state there is a preference for NC residents, but UNC is a public institution so it's possible.
  2. I'm actually a BSPH student, so I've taken policy, epi, health education, and various other health courses. Since we're an undergrad program, we're under the Health Education and Health Promotion department and not Public Health like the grad students. It's just confusing because epidemiology, environmental health, public health, and health are all considered "other sciences, but health education classes are not. I wonder if they base it off of the course name itself. It looks like your ethics classes would be a non-science, but I'm not too sure about policy. If you haven't already, check this link out. It has a list of courses and what category they would fall under. Maybe you'll understand it better than me. https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/academic-history/course-subjects/index.html
  3. Hello, This question may have been asked before, but does anyone know if most programs only look at the science gpa calculated by CASPA? Or do programs recalculate it based off of their required prerequisites only? I feel like this might vary from program to program considering some grade replace but I'm not so sure. Also, I am a public health studies major so several of my classes are HLTH classes, which according to CASPA would fall under science courses. However, Health Education is considered a non-science and my major is essentially Health Education and Health Promotion... Should I assume that they will be factored into the science gpa? I don't plan on applying until next year's cycle, but would like to know so I can attempt to calculate my gpa just to see where I stand. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently an undergrad student finishing up my junior year. I've yet to finish taking all the pre-reqs, however, I have decided to retake a couple of classes, that I believe I could do so much better in, after I graduate. I doubt I'll be eligible for financial aid which means I'll be paying out of pocket. Do you guys think that retaking those courses at a community college would have a negative impact on my application? I know that some schools prefer for pre-reqs to be taken at a 4 yr institution, but I'd like some input from other pre-pa students. Thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone for your input! I registered for my summer classes today so we'll see how it goes, but hopefully all goes well. Thanks again!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm planning on taking A&P 1 over summer at a local community college since I wasn't able to get into a class for next fall at my school (the waitlist is huge Im sure). Initially, I wanted to take it at a university back at home, but the cost for a four credit hour class is more than I can afford. I'll be taking A&P 2 along with rest of my prerequisites at my university, but do you guys think that taking A&P 1 at a community college will have a negative impact on my application? I know this really depends on the program but I just want to know what you all think. Oh, and the only reason why I'm in a rush to take it is because it's a prerequisite for a handful of core courses within my major (If it weren't for that I'd be saving myself the stress and money). Thanks!
  7. I would really hope so! I still don't know what I'm gonna do. I've had a couple of people tell me that I should just switch my major to nursing since it would be a good way to get hce and a backup in case PA school doesn't work out. I just don't know if I want to delay graduation by a year, work for a year or more, go back and do pre-reqs, and then apply. It wouldn't be a bad idea I'm just confused. Anyway, thanks for the advice!
  8. Hi! I've been having trouble finding a PA to shadow in my area. If anyone has any advice or info please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Hi! I'm currenlty a sophomore, thinking about getting my CNA certification this summer. I hope to be able to work at least part time while I am still in school and then take at least a year off after I graduate to gain more HCE. While being a CNA during my gap year(s) seems like a great way to obtain these hours, I've also considered joining the military as a healthcare specialist. Which would be more appealing when applying to PA school, gaining experience through the military or CNA, or would it not make a difference?
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