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16 hours ago, JM413 said:

Interview scheduled 10/04! Can't wait! Anyone have any interview intel to share?!


12 hours ago, jenniferto7 said:

Heard back about an interview today and signed up for 10/4! Excited and nervous! 🥳  I think I heard that their interview is part group and then 1:1 with a faculty member 

When did you all apply? 

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On 8/20/2019 at 11:31 AM, johncfl said:

Do you mind sharing your stats?

I hope this is helpful/provides hope for anyone applying this cycle or anyone who wanders to this forum in the future. 

My stats. First time applicant. Received interview invitation. Declined interview because of acceptance elsewhere. 

cGPA: 3.44; sGPA: 3.41; 2000hrs CNA, medical mission volunteer; 23hrs shadowing PAs; 4 LORs - MD x2, post-bac professor, nurse supervisor.

Feel free to contact me w/ any questions. 

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23 hours ago, JM413 said:

Anyone know anything about the format of the interview?! 

So based on a answer of a person from last year's thread who attended the interview, they said: 

"First you start with a presentation on the program, then you split into groups of 5 or 6 people (I think there was like 20-25 interviewees on my day). You rotate to 4 differen t stations: group session with current students, fa cility tour, one-on-one interview, and a group session where they ask you to work through a scenario with your group. It was all pretty informal, especially the interview part. Most of the interviewers are faculty members/professors, and they're really approachable and try to make it more like a conversation as opposed to an interview. Overall it was pretty relaxed and went smoothly."

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11 hours ago, catsandscrubs said:

Hi all-

I got in last cycle and start in January 🙂 If you need any advice or have questions, hit me up! 

Best of luck- 


Hi! Thanks for being kind. I am wondering how long from your interview date did it take for you to find out you're accepted? Like approximately how many weeks.

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