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  1. Hi @Justinasyu I just came across this post and saw you are applying this year to PA school, right? If I am too late to the game with this advice im sorry haha... So I travelled to Taiwan and studied abroad in Taipei and Taichung I miss it! So I would recommend also looking at schools in Pittsburgh: Chatham University and The University of Pittsburgh PA programs. Also, George Washington University or Howard University in Washington DC. Both areas I have lived in and are good for Chinese/English language and culture but my favorite is Pittsburgh. Good luck with your applications!
  2. @miaswift I applied to both. My recruiter made it seem like I wasn’t selected for either and there was only 3 scholarships total? I was confused for most of the call actually because I thought there was a couple HPSP and then more HSCP (60 ish?).
  3. Yeah, I just called her to check in and she said they only gave out 3 scholarships for over 60 applicants. Didn’t get it but wishing you guys all the best!!
  4. So on the Navy HSCP fb page I saw that people heard back for PA school scholarships 2 weeks ago...I wonder if you only hear back if you got it? Has anyone got a rejection call or email? I don’t want to annoy my recruiter by reaching out lol
  5. Here is to hoping we hear back this week
  6. The waiting is both exciting and nerve wracking haha...like waiting to hear back about PA school I’m excited to have found this thread too! Will check in with you all if I found out anything. Happy Holidays!
  7. @cmfoster13 I submitted the first week of October, my recruiter said the first week was the deadline to be included in the first review board round? Not sure if they didn’t actually review till November though now that I have been reading this thread
  8. Hey! I submitted my Navy HPSP and HSCP packet in October to be reviewed. I haven’t heard anything and am getting super nervous because I was told that last year applicants heard before thanksgiving. I am trying not to freak out and my recruiter has been amazing but was wondering if anyone is in my same boat for submitting their packet in October for November review and hasn’t hear anything? I was confused about the timeline and wanted to hear other people’s experiences haha Thanks M
  9. Keep checking everyday because spots open up a lot more than is expected; especially a week or so before the interview date and people tend to back out. That was our experience at the Worcester campus at least and it’s the same portal I believe. Very frustrating but the dates do open up if you check everyday or every couple days
  10. @Zacarias I interviewed December 4th and heard back on my portal in the afternoon on December 12th! Most hear back though about a week or two after I did if I remember correctly And it’s no problem! Let me know if you have any more questions.
  11. Hi all- I got in last cycle and start in January If you need any advice or have questions, hit me up! Best of luck- M
  12. Hi I was wondering if any of you guys think an IPad Pro 12.9inch, would work just as good in our program as a MacBook Pro? I like the document highlighting feature and drawing on PowerPoint but I’m worried it won’t feel stable enough for writing in word and taking our online tests ? Any thoughts? Thanks! M
  13. Hey guys I wanted to just extend my congrats to all of you who are interviewing this week! If anyone of you has any questions about the process, or worries, feel free to message me. Congrats again and know you worked so hard to get here!!!
  14. Hey all! I checked my portal this morning and found out I have been accepting for spring 2020 I wish you all the best and a happy new year!
  15. @marissajanel I’m sorry about the waitlist but that’s good in that’s ive heard they do accept people from that list it’s just a little later you will find out. Fingers crossed Sending you good luck with the waitlist and other interviews!
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