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per diem rate family medicine

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I am leaving my current job and will have a 2 week time period between my last day of current job and day 1 of new job.  I have offered to work two days (one day each week) for my current job for controlled substance refills, and I'll probably also take walk-ins for acute care.  As this will technically be after my "resignation date" they are going to pay me per diem.  I am curious what rate people would recommend.

I will have to drive ~200 miles ONE-WAY, for a total of 400 miles and a 6 hour commute - PER DAY.  I am doing this as a favor to the practice to help out my current collaborating physician - strong, personal relationship that will continue and he is NOT the reason I am leaving.  He actually tried to actively resolve the issues that led to me finally deciding to leave and when he became aware of all of the issues actually was supportive of me leaving.

They have offered $500 per day, but I feel like that is low due to my commute.

- Current Salary: $87,550,  basically $374 per working day

- True income: $113,000 (base + RVU bonus + tuition repayment), basically $482 per working day

- Usual schedule on non-controlled substance days I see 18-22 patients.  On refill days (like both of these days) I often see well over 30, sometimes 40+.  Granted the majority are simple refills, but still a hectic, stressful day.

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Your f'in kidding me? I wouldn't go to work next door for $500/day.

What is it worth to sleep in next to your spouse, wake up late, drink your coffee in your underwear, and play with your kids (or grandkids) for the day?  To me it's a lot more than $500, and that's not mentioning your 400 mile commute (which costs you about $260 in gas, vehicle maintenance and replacement), OR your 4 hour commute.

I'm not you and you are not me, and your geographic area is not my geographic area, but I would charge about $125/hr for 12 hour shift for that, less for 24+ hr ED coverage.  (Fyi -my new job is 2 hour commute, 24 hour shifts, $90-100/hr with great benefits).

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I commute 63 miles to 1 job and 115 miles to 2 others. I will not work a shift less than 12 hrs long and will not work for less than 1000/day. But that's just me...

11 minutes ago, Boatswain2PA said:

What is it worth to sleep in

my goal is to sleep in at work...:)   usually works out pretty well these days...

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This is FM, so a bit different, but also meant to be a favor.  Unfortunately the practice manager (one of the main reasons I'm leaving) is being unreasonable.  I honestly don't think $500 for the day's work is bad, but I asked for the practice to reimburse my mileage...the practice manager's response, "Take $500 per day or don't do it, up to you."  So glad I'm moving on...

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