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  1. I meant that I'm going to be honest even if it is harsh, because sugar coating it doesn't help you. Certainly a GRE score can hold you back if a school requires it. While your GPA is lower than average, I do think ad coms often will look at trajectory...at least they did for me. Does your essay discuss your progression? Also, obviously hoping you are accepted, but if you are not one thing that could really boost your application would be to retake some of the classes that you did not do well in. It seems kind of goofy, but it shows commitment and recognition to the problem. I was a high school chemistry teacher before going back to PA school. My freshman year of undergrad I didn't know how to study because I never needed to in high school...therefore my GPA sucked. As a high school science teacher I retook chem 1 and chem 2 because I did quite poorly in them in undergrad. By far the easiest classes I ever took, but had two different interviews where it was brought up and mentioned that it showed commitment and humility in doing that.
  2. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I don't think that list of demands is all that bad. My assumption for some of those is that they have occurred and so implemented rules as a result (e.g. the ALL CAPS). The issue is that they are just vague enough to allow for the company to have complete control and they can deny access or membership. That is a huge problem when you are paying an enormous subscription fee. But, I don't plan on ever paying to work. That is ludicrous.
  3. I'm going to be honest...it doesn't help not to be. With your stats I am also surprised that you have not been offered more interviews. Therefore, I have to assume something about your CASPA essay isn't working. Whether you decide to pursue surgical tech or PA school or whatever...give that a look because something there may be hindering your interview offers.
  4. except for the height of the pandemic where some of the local hospitals laid off some providers...and then had to grovel to try and get them back (unsuccessfully)...not a whole lot has changed in my area. Pretty much everyone else working in healthcare is in MASSIVE demand right now though. It's honestly extremely frustrating as admin knows it, and while my employer isn't terrible they have definitely taken advantage.
  5. Multiple here are suggesting this. Is this really the best path? What impact would this have on OP's employment. Passing a DOT certification course can't be that difficult (haven't done it myself), and I would assume would reflect poorly on OP and as stated could impact OP's employment.
  6. Can your employer require you to get a certification? Absolutely. But, the bigger question is what is your actual job? You work in family medicine. That is one role. You first assist in surgeries. That is another role, completely unrelated to family medicine. You work in the wound clinic, another completely separate area of medicine. It almost seems like your job is just to fill in wherever. If that is the case then 100% they can ask you to do DOTs. But, that is an odd job and one that personally I would not accept as I would be concerned about being burned out being pulled in so many directions. Last thing...make sure they pay for your CDL certification AND the time you spend completing the certification.
  7. I am not, and honestly would be highly surprised. In my experience the NCCPA generally relies on the state boards to do their due diligence. Absolutely a true statement, and good on you for recognizing it. From what you have said, you have done everything right after your transgression. Continue to do things right and I wouldn't expect any issues with licensing and certification moving forward.
  8. I have not been an expert witness, but was paid $150/hr during a deposition. Was the most boring day ever...but worth it.
  9. Completely true and I do agree...but at the same time this doesn't change the inappropriate pricing of this medication. If the company had funded the research then maybe it wouldn't be so egregious...but they didn't fund the research.
  10. While this is true and definitely a factor, another factor is this quote from the article: "because federal agencies spent at least $29 million on the drug’s development" Now certainly there is the question of how much did it fully cost to develop, but from the article it seems the vast majority, if not all, of funding costs came from our government (i.e. taxpayers)? So, the company literally did not spend money on the development AND they get to double dip by reaping profits from the medication by charging 40 times the cost to manufacture. We spend to develop the drug through taxes AND get charged crazy by the pharmaceutical companies...and it happens for far too many medications...pretty much all of them. It's a pretty crazy system we live in.
  11. My base salary is $120k, but am on track to make something in the ballpark of $20k-$25k in bonus. I don't have a breakdown what that comes out to hourly as my hours/week vary, but I'm not working tremendous hours and don't have call. But, location and job duties/description matters a lot in terms of pay.
  12. can? yes...absolutely, because that is what they are. Should? That is an entirely different discussion and one I would arguable say no.
  13. Well an update regarding the specific NP I was referring to...my employer just recently mandated the vaccine as a condition of employment. I wasn't aware, but this NP is not vaccinated and has no plans to, so unless something changes she'll be out of a job by November 1 anyway. Doesn't fix everything or take care of all of the cases of negligence or just poor care, but at least one of the major repeat offenders will be gone.
  14. absolutely...I'm not a martyr...and with a family it would be selfish to become one over this. Furthermore, I would just become more collateral in this NPs conquest of bad medicine.
  15. I want to thank everyone who has responded. I've obviously been thinking more about this...kind of non-stop... and have decided I am going to have a meeting with our chief of medicine, along with the physician who oversees the walk-in clinics...and then of course the counseling I've already mentioned. No idea where those meetings will go, but I also want to ensure that they are aware 100% aware of my concerns regarding the singular NP who is harming patients on a consistent basis. After that I will sit back and pay attention and down the line it could be a job change is required that gets me away from the culture. Being a smaller community hospital there definitely is a "set in your way" aspect. Unfortunately a job change wouldn't fix the issue here, and of course there will always be other bad providers or other systemic issues...but sometimes change is necessary because you don't become aware of other's behavior.
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