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  1. I'm not sure if you are trying to become a PA and therefore use medical scribe as patient contact hours...but many schools do not count being a scribe as patient contact hours. I had multiple classmates who had been scribes, but while we were in school they changed their policy to not include scribe hours as patient contact hours. So be aware of that.
  2. If you mean signing off as in you did the work...absolutely illegal. You aren't doing the evaluation and the point of you signing off is stating that you have done the work to bill the insurance AND the treatment is YOUR plan. If you mean co-signing, similar to what an MD/DO does with PA/NP then that would depend on your state laws. Assuming that signing or co-signing the chart is legal (questionable at best), then at a minimum this is true. Again, by putting your name on the chart you are signing off on the history, ROS, PE, and Assessment/Plan. If there is a bad outcome you definitely would be party to any malpractice lawsuit and likely as an "over-signer" (made that one up) would be the main person targeted. Bottom line from my perspective, I would not do this...hard stop...end of story.
  3. I have a 1.5yo girl...and this is a MAJOR gripe for me. I HATE plastic toys that require no imagination...and I am known to donate brand new toys that are noisy and require expensive batteries. We didn't do it this year, but 100% plan on next year requesting from grandparents gifts that are experiences: piano lessons, ballet lessons, zoo membership, etc.
  4. In my experience they are used very similar to an MA in a FM office: rooming patients, taking histories, setting up procedures, etc. They also sometimes will do the casting (NOT the setting) of a fracture.
  5. I think the above responses are quite thought out and useful. The one thing I will add, I have no qualms seeing coworkers and their families (and regularly do)...with one major exception: controlled substances. To me that is an extremely fine line to draw, and could be heavily scrutinized if there was ever an ethics question. Personally, I take pride that my coworkers respect me enough to trust me with their personal healthcare and the healthcare of their families. It not only shows that they respect my medical acumen, but also that I don't treat them as trash in the workplace.
  6. Sounds like you would possibly be a 1099 employee and it is quite common to purchase your own malpractice, as well as pay many other exorbitant taxes. Therefore, make sure your hourly rate takes this into consideration. If they aren't paying your malpractice 100% of that money should come to you. There is no reason you couldn't be under their malpractice while working for them...that is ridiculous.
  7. Absolutely would be what I recommend if OP plans to go into ortho straight out of the gate.
  8. Ignoring the portion that I crossed out, this is unacceptable as a new grad. What is an "undesirable location?" The point is that you live in one of the most sought after cities in Michigan. Of course that isn't ubiquitous, but as a new grad PA you likely are going to struggle to find a job in that immediate area. Are you searching the entire state and what area of medicine?
  9. Is anyone else getting spammed hard by the new Butler DMS program? I have been receiving promotional emails multiple times per week going on 3 weeks now...anyone else? I get they are "proud" (quoting the one I received today, but I also feel that this takes away from the program. If it was so great then why advertise like this? Personally I find it annoying...
  10. That sounds like a threat to me. This MUST be reported. But bottom line, if you don't have a license it doesn't matter how important your patients are. Stand your ground and look for a new job...NOW. But, I would also look into reporting this (as already mentioned), because that would maybe give you whistleblower protection if poop hit the fan.
  11. Ironic how this thread mimics the confusion of the VA system just by talking about it...lol
  12. No idea...but I have received 4 emails in the last 2 weeks about the doctorate program...if I didn't still have student loans I would probably be chomping at the bit more, but I don't relish the idea of adding another $40-$50k of debt on top of my current loans - especially as I would not expect any bump in pay. But, I do plan to discuss with my employer in 1-2 years about them possibly covering or a potential pay bump as a result.
  13. For me, I chose to refinance my loans and was able to get a quite low interest rate, 3.375% over 5 years. At that interest rate it really doesn't make financial sense to pay off early. This allows me to pay the minimum, fund my budget, and everything extra is prioritized to retirement savings.
  14. That is a very common target number for retirement savings. Generally, over the course of a full working career, 15% into retirement annually will replace 80%+ of your current spending. As for me, I have an NP coworker who is financially illiterate. She has a married daughter in college and is paying 100% of tuition and lifestyle. That is awesome, except she has 4 more children with zero college savings. This NP is also 10 years older than me. She has saved some for her retirement, but nothing significant. Her savings are purely from when she was an RN and had a 6% match. We unfortunately don't get an employer match into our 403b...sucks...but she uses that as an excuse to save nothing now. My goal is to be financially independent in 10 years. My definition of financially independent is that my passive income provides for my basic needs - NOT my entire lifestyle. I don't plan to actually retire once that is achieved, but the point is that if I wanted to (or needed to) I could. This gives me the control. This concept is what some call coastFIRE. But, again, I don't plan to necessarily do the RE part, or at least not that early.
  15. This is a huge issue, but because of our current title an assumption is made and we have an uphill battle from there. The name is literally the root cause. While I think there are logistical issues with changing our name, I think this can be handled with a quality and widespread PR campaign that is actually similar to the recent "What can a PA do?" and targeted at clearing confusion with THAT being the reason for the name change.
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