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  1. what a great word! Completely agree, and while people from all groups do it...those who identify as evangelical christians are some of the worst.
  2. As an evangelical Christian it really saddens me how poorly many who identify as evangelical christians have critical thinking skills, live a life that is defined by Christ, etc. But, I will say about the elevated D-Dimer...OF COURSE! A D-Dimer doesn't diagnose a blood clot. It is used to either rule it out or show the potential presence of a blood clot, but it must be confirmed by other means. I don't know the specific validity of this, but during my PA rotations many years ago I was told by one of the hospitalist MD's I rotated with that if the phlebotomist misses and has to re-stick
  3. Probably not the degree you're referring to, but I've had a few. One recently showed up on my Press Ganey as a "mixed comment" saying that I was a good provider, excellent exam, etc. but I needed to "shut up about the vaccine." "He is obviously knowledgeable, but I'm more knowledgeable because I'm an (name redacted, same hospital employer] nurse!" We live in a weird world.
  4. I haven't personally, but I also haven't pursued it. But, I know MANY PAs who have successfully done this. My recommendation - moonlight at an UC and/or ED to get your foot in the door. Your ortho experience will be a plus, but obviously not comprehensive.
  5. I think I'd prefer finish carpentry...and I'm really not joking.
  6. such a sad, but true statement...it's a really weird reality in medicine we work in today. After my day yesterday of 72 patients in a 10 hour shift (which became 12 because we were so far behind)...60 in clinic and 12 telemed visits (with two sent by ambulance with respiratory distress secondary to positive COVID, a 31yo and 42yo both HEALTHY before this) I am 100% done covering our UCs. It's just stupid at this point. I used to take pride in being able to see that many...and now I just see it for what it is. It's dangerous, stupid, and soul crushing. I regret to say I somewhat lost it on
  7. If I become a ND I get to smack my patients in the head...that might just be worth it...
  8. Yeah...that would be across the line for me to report. Probably wouldn't do anything, but that is ludicrous.
  9. $500 per month for 40 years with an average investment return of 10% totals just over $3.1 million. Personally I would say 10% is a bit of a high average to use for 40 years, but would "only need" 8.5% to hit $2 million. Obviously that isn't taking inflation into consideration...so that would be a concern.
  10. Yep...my employer can't figure out why the can't hire MAs at $12.50/hour. Doesn't help that the other two somewhat local hospitals start at $13.50 and $14.00. Only reason my MA hasn't left is because I treat her well and because she likes "serving her community hospital" (her words...literal quote).
  11. Absolutely there is risk...but a risk I'm willing to take. There's also a risk to paying off low interest debt super fast. I have a very healthy emergency fund. But, not sure what you mean by "grandma's ICU bill." In regards to hyperinflation, we're not in that situation and the risk of it is quite low. But, if that were to occur, that has far more effects than just simply the government resetting debt. It would cause a complete market meltdown where paper/electronic money would have no value and the currency would be food and bullets.
  12. I'm going to be honest because I don't see how being anything different helps you. The ONLY way I see you even having a chance at gaining acceptance to PA school is if you are able to identify what went wrong during MD school and convey how you have responded, and therefore corrected that issue. Even then I think the chances are thin...and you likely would have a better chance at being readmitted to MD school than gaining acceptance to PA school because to have you readmitted to MD school and graduate removes the negative statistic they have to report to any prospective students in the f
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