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  1. The legal issue is simple in theory, but as with anything in reality will likely be a convoluted mess. Your employer agreed to pay you based on RVU production...they are not holding their end of that agreement. They have two choices: either figure it out NOW, or make a new agreement with you regarding payment for those estimated RVUs that can't be quantified. In regards to the clinic manager, I give three attempts in writing. After that I go to the next level forwarding the unresponded emails. This shows the next level that the clinic manager isn't managing and therefore you need guidance. It's kind of a ballsy move, but the clinic manager is acting unprofessionally and I'm willing to take steps.
  2. Obviously differing of opinions will always occur, and that's ok, but Sweden has trialed the herd immunity protocol: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/covid-19-swedens-herd-immunity-strategy-has-failed-hospitals-inundated/N5DXE42OZJOLRQGGXOT7WJOLSU/
  3. If I'm not mistaken, this is based on at least 95% of people wearing masks. The reality is that this is not what is happening, and far too many people think that covering their mouths is good enough. Beyond that, far too many people think the mask is magical and therefore don't worry about washing their hands. I've also seen tremendous numbers of people pull their masks off as they sneeze and cough, which obviously defeats the purpose entirely. Obviously I'm an N of 1, just as you are. But, the simple fact is that we aren't at 95% for mask wearing, and even those who are wearing them aren't wearing them appropriately (and that even includes myself...it's easy to become lazy about it). Regarding how a vaccine will change recommendations...I don't know. I'm not an expert there and will defer to the experts as we all should be doing.
  4. Not only is it portable, but if you have a HDHP and your employer doesn't offer an HSA you can still open one privately.
  5. I've got to ask...does the physician work these same hours, or just you?
  6. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-10-qa-covid-vaccine-comingwill-safe.html A good read for those significantly concerned about the vaccine safety.
  7. Can someone get through PA school while planning a wedding? Sure...but you will be putting increased stress on yourself in what is already going to be a stressful 2-3 year period. Doesn't mean don't do it, just understand the ramifications. The biggest thing to remember is that nobody owes you anything because you are getting married. Assuming you choose to plan a wedding during PA school doesn't entitle you to leave class or rotations early, do poorly on exams, or other assignments. You are entering PA school with the intention of being involved in the healthcare of people...therefore you will literally make "life and death" decisions. Don't take that lightly and put your wedding before that. You owe it to your future patients to be present in both body and mind for PA school and learn everything you can.
  8. Just FYI the non-compete is probably not enforceable, so maybe look into that before uprooting your entire life unless you want to. Edit: also, the hours and everything else sounds horrible
  9. My hospital just cut endoscopy rooms down to 1 to use the others as step down units...we've haven't had any open beds for admits from ED for several weeks, but have been able to continue with orthopedic surgeries without issue. But, I've been working like a dog and saving to make a massive payment on my student loans (maybe even pay them off) before the end of the year...not doing that with this stupidity, keeping the cash.
  10. I'm not going to lie...that made me laugh out loud...
  11. Yep...had the nurse and front desk person both add to the chart. Also charted that I did call both state and local DPH.
  12. Unfortunately she refused to sign anything and clearly stated she would not isolate as she needs to go with her daughter as I mentioned above. I did report to local and state health departments, but both said there was nothing to do as we can't force her to do the test or to quarantine. The only thing that I maybe should have done would have been to call EMS, but the patient would have been gone before they arrived anyway.
  13. Didn't think about that, will keep that in the back pocket...but hopefully I stop these shifts soon...just trying to get rid of these student loans.
  14. About to call...had two other patients I had to see first...and then wanted to confirm with admin that that was next step and they confirmed.
  15. 100%...also sent a patient case to her PCP...wish I had a way to contact him
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