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  1. That's not as bad as I was expecting, but of course the total taxes would be dependent on your dependents and deductions.
  2. Received the email today that "in the next few days to weeks some difficult decisions will have to be made." So, not furloughed yet, but as a fellow ortho PA I wouldn't be surprised. The only potential saving grace is that I am working in a non-respiratory UC and could certainly work more. But, we'll see...
  3. So I guess I was premature in my post yesterday stating that it was the final update, or the government has no idea what they're doing. But, received results today for the swab performed on 3/21/20 and results are negative. I don't trust the results, and at this point doesn't matter 14 days out beyond just tracking data, but I guess it's something...
  4. Upon evaluating a patient who absolutely had consistent symptoms with coronavirus and swabbing the patient, I sent my pregnant wife and daughter up to my parents. Unfortunately the state of Michigan decided not to run the swab...long, frustrating story, but it will be good to see my wife and daughter after the 14 day incubation period. Thankfully I've shown zero symptoms, and was wearing the relative recommended PPE, so it was probably a bit of an overreaction to send them away, but with the wife pregnant we weren't taking chances. Now, I'm awake at 1:45am because I can't get out of my head concern that my small rural hospital will be forced to start furloughing providers. I just don't see how we can stay afloat with full physician and NP/PA staff. I work orthopedics and am covering a non-respiratory UC. But, while the orthopedic surgeons are stupid expensive, I can't do their job. So, get rid of the person who can surgerize patients or the person who is far less expensive, but can't do the job? The answer is simple. As a result, I am strongly considering volunteering (with pay) with one of the staffing agencies in high need areas. I don't have a death wish and have a healthy emergency fund, but with a pregnant wife and concern for looming furlough status it's hard not to want to take advantage of someone offering $13k+ per week...even if it is a crappy situation. At least I could have the opportunity to help people.
  5. I certainly hope so. I am thankful that my income has not been interrupted or effected, but if the day comes that it is I will IMMEDIATELY file for unemployment. I have an emergency fund, but part of employer payroll taxes is for unemployment. If my income is interrupted I want the taxes that my employer paid on my behalf. Who knows how long it will take to get a new job if my income is interrupted and therefore I need that emergency fund to last as long as possible. I was planning on dropping some extra cash into the market during this downturn - you know the mantra, "buy low, sell high." But, I actually haven't because I have made the decision to hold the cash. If this crisis doesn't start slowing down soon I just don't see how my employer can continue to pay all of the providers their full base salaries. I wouldn't be the first in line to be cut as I am viable for UC, ED, hospitalist, and could be effective in the CCU with guidance, but who knows!
  6. Regardless of whether you are wrong or right, we don't have enough PPE to wear when in contact with anyone and everyone. So, the idea is conservation and using only when we know we need it. Unfortunately the lack of PPE is a huge aspect of why cases are continuing to balloon.
  7. Obviously everyone's experience is going to be different, but I have personally been contacted by multiple hospital recruiters looking to see if I could help in NY and other areas of MI (where I live). I am not even putting my information out there. This does NOT mean I believe we shouldn't be striving for change...we ABSOLUTELY should be.
  8. I think one simple answer for this is that due to the purpose of body bags I highly doubt they have an expiration date. Plus, that would be something that the military should pretty much always have stockpiled due to the potential for war...not that that means they shouldn't also have PPE and needed medical equipment. I will also say that I wouldn't be surprised if the military has PPE and other medical equipment stockpiled, but it is not making it available for civilian use due to national security (because everything is done in the name of our supposed "national security"...)
  9. The patient's PCP had already called by the time I got the news, but the patient is super nice. I'm sure the patient is frustrated, similar to me, but at least understands it's not our doing...
  10. Correct, I have the same account (login and password) as what I had during PA school. I have had this account transferred to each of my employer's subscriptions (at no increased cost to the employer or a cost to myself) which brings my previous CME with me, but also allows me to continue personally logging in to continue to gain CME. I do have to refresh the login from a hospital computer once every 3 months or so to re-certify that I am still employed and linked to my employer's subscription account though. But, I am not surprised there is confusion as I am the only provider I have come across within my hospital system that was aware of this and have showed countless others in my 1.5 years here. I do want to say though that there may be different subscription accounts that employers can purchase. So it is potentially possible that this won't work for everyone.
  11. Final update regarding the patient I tested on 03/21/2020. The below is a quote sent to me by the State of Michigan regarding the status of the test results: "At this time your lab test is not considered high priority, and therefore will not be run. Due to the lack of priority the swab has been discarded as of 3/30/2020. If you have concerns or would like to discuss the priority status of your patient please call XXX-XXX-XXXX." So I can call to discuss the priority status to argue the swab should be run...but they already discarded it? You would think that as this has been ongoing they would have increased capacity to know the full picture within the state as Michigan is shaping to be one of the hardest hit states (currently #4 in cases, #3 in deaths) and doesn't appear to be slowing down. But, as I have said before, I'm not surprised with the result at this point and honestly I would agree that the priority to run the swab 12 days after collecting is low priority...
  12. Just to be clear, the IMG/FMG's are NOT included in your quoted 90% and 94% numbers?
  13. As far as I know we are still not allowed to bring our own PPE...but I'm also not working in our COVID clinic so not exactly in the thick of it.
  14. Are there really that many medical school graduates (from USA medical schools) that are unable to match? Last I had read, over 95% of medical school graduates match, but I believed that did include international schools (could be wrong).
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