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  1. I've looked into it in the past, but the rate was always significantly higher than what I could get through a conventional mortgage with 5% down. Last time I looked it was a 5.5-6% loan vs. 3.625% (what I have now). For me it was just never worth it. I'm actually in the process of refinancing currently and looking at a sub 2.625% loan. Note: these are all 30 year flat rate mortgages
  2. and unfortunately there are PAs who would be ok with that...or even be glad about it
  3. They are foreign and domestic medical school graduates who haven't matched into residencies. I could be wrong, but it is my understanding they are currently only eligible to practice in certain areas of Missouri, but that is in danger from multiple fronts.
  4. I had a similar experience as a child, just not within the medical field. I wrestled as a kid (and all the way through college), but during early season weigh-ins one of the very involved dad's said, "mgriffiths, you've got to lay off the food." That was elementary school and I'm now 31...still remember it plain as day. Let's ignore that I was by far the best wrestler on the team, grew 6 inches that year...yes that is correct...6 inches (I was like a newborn giraffe trying to walk)...and this dad had a beer belly that caused him to waddle. One of the most embarrassing, belittling, and shameful experiences of my life.
  5. While I wouldn't completely disagree with you, I think the difference here is that Rev (or someone) prepped the PCP clinic ahead of time. As a PCP, don't stick your nose into specialty care. It's fine to ask the patient for an update, what is being done, etc., but to stick your nose into it and give your own lecture/treatment plan when they're already established with a specialist (especially when this is a new patient to this PCP) is inappropriate. But, I completely agree with calling the NP and having a professional discussion.
  6. To answer Reality Check 2's question, I have butted in previously on matters similar to your description of incidents BC. I have not, and probably never will, say anything regarding COVID. Unfortunately, I believe the most likely thing to occur is one of the multiple iterations of a quote famously (and potentially, incorrectly) attributed to Mark Twain: "Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” Edit: I'll add...I covered one of our UCs yesterday and had 13 telemed visits for kids that were all at the same local overnight camp. All started having symptoms in the last 12-36 hours (including several that lost taste/smell). If parents are willing to play politics with their kid's lives...then there isn't much hope of changing their minds. One mother even threatened to sue me if she loses her job, because I told her that SHE must also quarantine because of exposure. My response, "Yeah...that's not how it works..." and hung up. Of course I also had the fun of contacting the local health department with patient names so they can follow up (glad I don't have that job) and also contact the camp and other attendees.
  7. A previous FM job I had was M-F, 36 hours of clinic + 4 hours of admin time, with on average 1 Saturday every 4 weeks from 9-1pm. There was no extra time off the week you worked a Saturday and the pay for the Saturday was included in the salary.
  8. A good resource is to follow the Prime Directive from the subreddit "Personal Finance." Pretty much 99.99999% of everyone fits into this flowsheet. Of course you can make decisions to do things differently, but it's a really good starting point. Here is a link to it, but if you don't trust random links just google it. (Edit: didn't know it would just pop up like that...cool)
  9. Yeah...probably would request my employer to cover my phone bill if it is required for work. Otherwise I just would magically not have a phone anymore...
  10. Unfortunately you are in a tough spot and even worse your employer is taking advantage. There are just far too many APPs ready to take your job if you don't sign on for the call - especially in primary care. It is stated clearly in my contract that call is not part of my job description. But, my employer could change their mind pushing a new contract on me. I would have two choices: Accept the call and keep my job Deny taking call, citing my original contract, but likely be terminated and I would be replaced rapidly. In our current job situation it's pretty obvious what I would do.
  11. I would agree with NYCPAC...but truly your employer should work with you to limit your exposure. Obviously working in healthcare it will be essentially *impossible* to make your exposure zero, but if you can't just take a LOA they should work with you. Edit: somehow forgot the word "impossible" above
  12. In a perfect world the question of quick debt payoff vs. investment is a simple mathematical vs. psychological question. But what so many forget is that our world is not perfect, and while over the long haul history says you will win long term if you put excess toward investments, it doesn't take into account the risk of timing. For me, I've taken a balanced approach. I thankfully earn a salary and have developed a budget that allows my family to fill our Roth IRAs, my 403B, and my HSA; while also being on a 5 year timeline for student loan debt payoff. I could have paid off my student loans a few years ago, but I wasn't comfortable neglecting my retirement completely. On top of this, hopefully my student loans will be gone by the end of this month or early August (thank you Michigan loan repayment program!!!! - I've been accepted into the program, but it is pending funding from government). Once student loans are gone then the question is what we will do with our mortgage. Do we pay the minimum over the rest of the 30 years and allow for some lifestyle creep or start putting some college savings together for my daughter, direct full student loan payments to our mortgage, or again somewhere in between...? Likely we will just pay the minimum on the mortgage and split college savings and lifestyle creep...which I would be more than good with.
  13. Good grief...I'm not a new grad, and wasn't when I took the job (I've lost count, but somewhere around 4 years of PA experience when I accepted) but in Southern MI I make $120k base salary in general orthopedics with a pretty sweet setup - no call, minimal rounding, office schedule isn't ridiculous (8-4pm and I'm out the door by 4:15pm EVERY DAY), surgery days done by 2-3pm unless there's an add-on from a trauma (pretty rare and only occurs if doc is on call, I don't even have to stay and assist, but I always do), zero weekends or nights, etc. I can imagine in NY that the low salary (with a significantly higher cost of living) is coupled with a significantly more demanding schedule...and honestly I don't even see living in NYC as a perk, that would be a negative to me
  14. Thanks, this is what I kind of figured, but couldn't find anything concrete.
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