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  1. Ditch the books and learn on your feet. Gotta cut the cord as hard as that seems
  2. Nice! I wish there was a way to see what legislation is in the pipelines per state
  3. High 70s shouldn't ever be considered. Maybe 90s with loan repayment of great bonus structure would be ok, but 70s or 80s? No Let's not do this profession a disservice
  4. Strong work everyone. I should have made higher choices. I guess ill post mine too: 129k from salary, 5k signing bonus (new job) + decent benefits including 5 weeks PTO, medical, dental, malpractice etc Bonus structure of 5-10k/yr but I'm not counting that as it's not guaranteed. Also working part time ER at $750/10 hour shift. I can do 2-4 shifts/month With my math, this comes out to 129 + 5 + 18 (2 ER shifts/month) = 152k minimum. I will likely also be cashing out at least 2 weeks of PTO for an extra 5k. This is is my second year out of school. Let's increase that national average ladies and gents :)
  5. This is non scientific and totally informal. How much money do you make per year not counting benefits? Just considering the annual money you are taxed on per year (Income + bonuses)
  6. I would gladly donate to this cause. "Assistant" needs to go ASAP
  7. Interesting. In my 1.5 years of rotations in school, I was never once put down. Best of luck
  8. This is my second year out of PA school: Salary: $129k/yr. M-F. 8-5 Bonus: $5k guaranteed for first year, Potential for more with metrics met 25 days PTO. Can be cashed out for max of $12,400 if all unused 5 days paid CME time off and $1,500 stipend for CME Medical, Dental, Vision insurance coverage Mileage reimbursement at $0.54/mile (estimating $3-$5k/yr) 401k 50% match up to 6% (4 year vesting though) Other random: UpToDate subscription. No Holidays scheduled as off. Must use PTO if wanted off. With some math including cashing out on half of the PTO, I see this as $140k/yr of compensation plus some other benefits. The job: Will have to travel from as little as 2 miles to as much as 30 miles to a different location each day and do wellness exams. 10 patients/day, all in one location. Will work from home 2-4 days/month. I do live in an area with high cost of living ( Los Angeles). According to, mean salary for PAs here is $98k/yr Just wanted to put this out there as I like seeing other people's contracts for comparison
  9. This will be my first renewal and I am confused. I'm from California . On the NCCPA site, it says my CME earning window goes until 12/31/2018. My license is up 11/31/2017 and I have to renew. It says I need to have fulfilled my CME in order to renew my license...? Why is there is there a discrepancy in the timeline?
  10. As long as you don't say "ER room", you're ok
  11. Here are the 2013 vs 2016 stats. Pretty big jump in employment #s. Median pay almost kept up with inflation
  12. They update every 2 years I believe. Just updated 2 days ago. And more specific pay information
  13. Both sound great. As a new grad, how did you get multiple psych offers?