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  1. Interesting. In my 1.5 years of rotations in school, I was never once put down. Best of luck
  2. This is my second year out of PA school: Salary: $129k/yr. M-F. 8-5 Bonus: $5k guaranteed for first year, Potential for more with metrics met 25 days PTO. Can be cashed out for max of $12,400 if all unused 5 days paid CME time off and $1,500 stipend for CME Medical, Dental, Vision insurance coverage Mileage reimbursement at $0.54/mile (estimating $3-$5k/yr) 401k 50% match up to 6% (4 year vesting though) Other random: UpToDate subscription. No Holidays scheduled as off. Must use PTO if wanted off. With some math including cashing out on half of the PTO, I see this as $140k/yr of compensation plus some other benefits. The job: Will have to travel from as little as 2 miles to as much as 30 miles to a different location each day and do wellness exams. 10 patients/day, all in one location. Will work from home 2-4 days/month. I do live in an area with high cost of living ( Los Angeles). According to, mean salary for PAs here is $98k/yr Just wanted to put this out there as I like seeing other people's contracts for comparison
  3. This will be my first renewal and I am confused. I'm from California . On the NCCPA site, it says my CME earning window goes until 12/31/2018. My license is up 11/31/2017 and I have to renew. It says I need to have fulfilled my CME in order to renew my license...? Why is there is there a discrepancy in the timeline?
  4. As long as you don't say "ER room", you're ok
  5. Here are the 2013 vs 2016 stats. Pretty big jump in employment #s. Median pay almost kept up with inflation
  6. They update every 2 years I believe. Just updated 2 days ago. And more specific pay information
  7. Both sound great. As a new grad, how did you get multiple psych offers?
  8. Yea travel time will likely be a downer. But I will be on salary plus mileage reimbursement ($0.54/mile) so I will be getting paid while driving. And I will be diagnosing. I will not be managing or prescribing which doesn't really bother me for now. The pay bump from where I am now in emergency med is pretty significant and I will have a lot more freedom. I am applying for part time positions at urgent cares for Saturday mornings to keep so I won't lose my edge (and make a nice chunk of extra money).
  9. "...pays fairly well." Am I being underpaid at $135k/yr for 10-13 patients/day? They would not budge at all with salary.
  10. I think there's 2 people on this forum who fit that description
  11. Sorry to post this here guys but I need to respond to an offer by tomorrow and need some more opinions. Title: Medicare Risk Adjustor Basically I will be going to 1-2 facilities per day and seeing 10-12 patients in order to find undiagnosed chronic conditions that have been undiagnosed. I would do extensive review of their history and perform a PE and diagnose them. I would be doing this 3-4 days/week and 1-2 days/week I'd be at home doing chart reviews. Offer: $62/hr as a salaried employee for $129k/yr. Tried negotiating twice, they didn't budge. $5k bonus end of year if I stay for a year. One time thing. Potential $5k bonus if I meet certain goals ( I am not counting on this in the first year) Mileage reimbursement. Full health, dental, vision, malpractice. 25 days PTO years 1-4. Unused days roll over to next year. Can cash out. (Full 25 days cashed out would be $12.4k) M-F, 8-5 No 401k match Total for one full year comes out to: $140-$145k ______________________________________________ I am currently making $65/hr in the ER and bringing in about $113k/yr including OT and bonus. + $9k for PTO. I also get a 7% 401k match. This job is very stressful as we are always understaffed. I also work nights and weekends which is getting in the way of life. I will be leaving this job no matter what, but how does the new offer sound? Has anyone had any experience being a medicare risk adjustor or heard anything? How does this contract look? Thanks
  12. Reasons to leave my current job: - Shifts are getting in the way of personal life. Unable to take the time off I need as my requests are almost always declined. Work many weekends. - I see 3 patients on average per hour but during busy times I'm juggling 8-10 patients at once with only one nurse and one tech to help. If 3 patients need labs (they will), we pretty much come to a halt. It's very stressful. - Have not gotten raise in 1.5 years Reasons to take new job: - normal 8-5, M-F job - 2 days a week I'd be at home doing work - 12 patients per day on average - Large company with room to grow - Slightly higher income although less benefits
  13. First, about me: I'm 1.5 years out of school working as an ER PA Current contract: $65/hr, 140 hours/month. Never overnights. Comes out to $109k/yr. I get full health, dental, vision, malpractice. I get $8k in my 401k from the company/yr for their match. I can use 4 weeks of PTO on my off days for a total of $9.2k added on top of my pay. $1.5k for CME which I haven't used. New Contract: Medicare risk adjustor with a very large corporation. I would be seeing patients at different facilities in the county (usually one facility/day) and doing an extensive history and exam in order to uncover new diagnoses. 2 days/week I'd be working from home doing chart reviews. Offered $62/hr on salary for a total of $130k. 8am-5pm written in contract. 40 hour weeks. No weekends. $5k end of year bonus for first year only. I get full health, dental, vision, malpractice. No 401k match. 25 days of PTO $750 for CME What has happened so far: I countered their offer of $62/hr with $70 as I told them I did not want to be taking a step backwards. I was expecting them to meet me in the middle. They counter offered at $62/hr... I told them I would likely not be able to take that and will call them back tomorrow. Can I get any help please? I think I am just going to tell them I need $65/hr as this is what I am currently making and if they are unable to give me the extra $3/hr, then I am going to walk. Although, this job really sounds great :/
  14. I live in southern CA (cost of living is $$$). The average across all specialties is about $110k/yr. I am currently making $65/hr as an ER PA. Would $75/hr come off as offending? The recruiter who is part of this company said the base they have listed is $60/hr which I would not accept.
  15. Great information, thank you. This is exactly what was told to me. I would be seeing 10-12 patients/day, 3 days a week and then 2 days would be at home or office doing chart reviews. Any idea what I should ask for in terms of pay if an MD is getting $200k?