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  1. SoCal_PA

    Older Student Returns

    Yes, go for it! The beauty of the PA profession is that it is full of people from various backgrounds
  2. That's an aggressive no. Move on to better and know what you're worth
  3. Look into wound care. You are autonomous and do procedures daily. Pay is great too. Most companies let you make your own schedule from what I've seen. You can also pick up an extra 2 ER shifts/month if you want in order to keep your general medicine skills (+$15-20k is always good)
  4. Unless you have any reservations, confirm it. No need to play hard-to-get
  5. SoCal_PA

    Do you get sick a lot?

    I started in the ER after graduating and I would be legit sick every 3-4 months. I had sick days but no one was able to use them as we could never get coverage for our shifts. One day I was feeling so deathly that the charge nurse took me to the back and I got a 1L bag of NS and a gram of tylenol + zofran and then finished my 10 hour shift....good times
  6. Now that most people have received their W2s, here's a bump
  7. https://pasdothat.net/Patients The slogan is "PAs Do That"... NCCPA will be running these on their own FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. What do you think?
  8. SoCal_PA

    How soon is too soon?

    Once you accept a job, it usually takes 3 months to get credentialed. So you would like to start working in Sept, you would have to accept a position by June. Starting in April sounds about right
  9. This makes me sick. I do not want to be an NP. We have better medical training and knowledge (for the most part). We should be as aggressive as possible and stop trying to tiptoe around the nursing board
  10. I'm glad the AAPA is making some changes but we really need to expedite as much as possible. We have been behind for too long and the gap is becoming larger
  11. You did the right thing. I hope you don't get punished for it, although I don't see how you could with the description you gave. Keep us updated.
  12. https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/the-100-best-jobs Seems like they actually put some effort into it this year. "Often, the physician or surgeon supervision is more like collaboration, but there are certain archaic regulations that make life for physician assistants – and their patients – difficult. "To give a real-life example of these arbitrary regulations, in my practice, I can write a patient a prescription for morphine," Katz explains. "However by law, I cannot prescribe my diabetic patients diabetic shoes. Often, the stress comes in when PAs are not able to practice to the full extent of their training, education and ability."
  13. Ohhhh baby. Can't wait for some changes
  14. What do you guys use to get this kind of information? Any news on California? (It's a long shot, but I am desperate)
  15. If they offered 75, that's not worth a counter. Do us all a favor and reject aggressively

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