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  1. Have you guys discussed changing the name to MCPFT yet?
  2. Feeling shortchanged due to our title is just part of our profession. My only question, will we be MCP-Cs when we pass the board exam....? Edit: Is it possible to change the title of this post? I think most will not know what it means and glance over it
  3. 500 applications without an interview means that there is something wrong with your CV/Resume. You might want to post it here so we can help
  4. I started in the ER in SoCal in 2016 at 65/hr as an employee with benefits. I can say with fair certainty, they will not increase your hourly rate by $15 after one year of experience. You would have to switch jobs for that much of a pay increase. I would think that a 10% raise would be the ceiling of possibility.
  5. Signed and sent to a few online groups a couple of weeks back. Doesn't look like we will make the cut unless a big swing happens...
  6. https://www.fox29.com/news/new-jersey-national-guard-soldier-dies-of-covid-19 The first American service member to die from Covid-19 is also a PA
  7. 'Every day is getting worse': New Jersey physician's assistant who tested positive for coronavirus and attended a medical conference in Times Square before he fell ill warns people to take the threat seriously https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8091611/Physicians-assistant-tested-positive-coronavirus-warns-threat-serious.html#reader-comments Read the comments section if you want to increase your BP. By all means, let's take the opinion of a med PA over the experts in communicable diseases! NOT! I know this is a bit off topic but why do clinics schedule your appointments with a PA instead of the doctor but charge the same fee? On a planet with BILLIONS of people and only 100,000 have this - I'd say we're relatively safe from catching it unless of course you do something stupid like this guy did. Typical snow flake who has never had the flu.
  8. I have a wife who is a pharmacist and she is envious of our profession. I went to a 3 year program but if I were you I would only apply to the 2 year programs. You would save one year of tuition and gain one year of income.
  9. https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/the-100-best-jobs The difference on their list is $1,500. I think most of us would trade that insignificant amount for more independence
  10. The NPs already have us beat as far as independence and legislation. I wonder why they keep coming up under us on these lists
  11. For comparison, I am in my 3rd year in LA doing internal med. I made just over 150k last year with this job without any OT. We get 9 holidays paid off plus 5 weeks PTO plus 1 week CME time off. Sounds like a good job for first gig as long as they don't overwork you
  12. Pretty low turnout compared to the previous two polls
  13. California needs to step up! Nice win for Florida
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