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  1. Ohhhh baby. Can't wait for some changes
  2. What do you guys use to get this kind of information? Any news on California? (It's a long shot, but I am desperate)
  3. If they offered 75, that's not worth a counter. Do us all a favor and reject aggressively
  4. No income tax is the part I'm most envious of. California is looking less and less appealing
  5. You bumped the old thread! Post in this one https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/topic/48486-how-much-do-you-make-poll-pt2/
  6. Ummm..... of course it can be done. What am I missing here?
  7. SoCal_PA

    New Grad Offer- EM

    Have you tried negotiating? If it's 12 hour shifts, I assume you'll be working 12 shifts/month on average which comes out to $112k + your monthly bonus = $130k. As a 1099, I think the rule was subtract about 30% from your gross to accommodate for the extra tax and lack of benefits. If you're young and hungry, one extra shift per month will bring in $9,360 extra. Might be worth a shot. I would negotiate though.
  8. Everything looks good except the solo coverage. I am not one of those PAs who needed their hand to be held but this is new for you. You will need someone to talk to a few times/day
  9. We are trained in the medical model. They use the nursing model. I'm just glad my PA program was attached to the medical school, which is how I've seen all other PA programs around here
  10. Done. PS: I wouldn't have liked it if my school's title was "School of Nursing and PA Studies"
  11. Minor admin duties for an extra $100k? Count me in ?
  12. SoCal_PA

    PT to PA?

    Best case scenario, I would go to a two year program and live with parents. If you like sports med/ortho, you can easily find a job paying double what you are making now. I think it would be worth it
  13. That’s not too bad. Using an inflation adjuster, $70k in 1996 is $114k in today’s money. And $40k in early 90’s money is about $75k. There’s definitely an improvement in pay, but there are still new grads out there taking jobs for $75-80k unfortunately for us and them
  14. Here is my current breakdown Primary job with benefits: M-F 35 hrs/week on average. $140k ER gig 1-2x/month on weekends. 10hr shifts. Using 18 shifts/yr, comes out to $13.5k For a total of $153.5k this year. I’ve been a PA for 2 years now but I do live in a relatively high cost of living area
  15. Everyone will interpret this differently and everyone has different situations. This is not scientific. Just, "How much do you make as a PA?"

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