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  1. $70/hr is not unreasonable. Depends on where you are
  2. SoCal_PA

    Why PA over MD?

    Depends on what you want. I graduated PA school in my mid twenties and was immediately in the top 5% income in my area (a large city). It gave me the freedom to do what I wanted without worry. It has not even been 2 years now since I graduated but I have a large amount saved for a downpayment, vacations planned, an upcoming wedding, and I enjoy what I do.
  3. Yea, sounds like you jumped the gun. Usually, you ask for about 20% more per hour if you're not getting benefits.
  4. No, it's a large corporation. No benefits included. It's my salary plus a standard bonus
  5. SoCal_PA

    2 years in, $158,000/yr

    My username :)
  6. Clickbait title, I know Just wanted to share my current situation for those of you, like me, who like to see competitive contracts. Primary Job: Primary care. $130,000/yr salary + $5,000 bonus end of year for retention + $5,000 for mileage reimbursement. Standard work week of about 35 hrs M-F. 25 days PTO + 5 days for CME and a small stipend 3% 401k match (Weakest point of the contract) Medical, dental, and vision coverage at a low cost from me. Per Diem: Emergency Med (My previous full-time job). $75/hr x 10 hr shifts. 2 days/month for a total of $18,000/yr Keep grinding out there folks!
  7. I'm no longer a new grad, but I took a primary care position as a 2nd year PA and I'm at around $140k with salary + bonus. Los Angeles
  8. SoCal_PA

    ER offer- New Grad CA

    I started at $65/hr + great benefits in the ER in los angeles. Sounds like a good deal if you're ok with being in a smaller city
  9. The more I think about it, the more I'm against physician associate. I 100% want a title change, but I think this is our only shot and we need to shoot for the stars. Our profession is going towards independence and this new title should reflect that. What should the new title be? Good question
  10. Who that is running for for AAPA is strongly in favor for a name change? They will have my vote
  11. Ditch the books and learn on your feet. Gotta cut the cord as hard as that seems
  12. Nice! I wish there was a way to see what legislation is in the pipelines per state
  13. High 70s shouldn't ever be considered. Maybe 90s with loan repayment of great bonus structure would be ok, but 70s or 80s? No Let's not do this profession a disservice
  14. Strong work everyone. I should have made higher choices. I guess ill post mine too: 129k from salary, 5k signing bonus (new job) + decent benefits including 5 weeks PTO, medical, dental, malpractice etc Bonus structure of 5-10k/yr but I'm not counting that as it's not guaranteed. Also working part time ER at $750/10 hour shift. I can do 2-4 shifts/month With my math, this comes out to 129 + 5 + 18 (2 ER shifts/month) = 152k minimum. I will likely also be cashing out at least 2 weeks of PTO for an extra 5k. This is is my second year out of school. Let's increase that national average ladies and gents :)

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