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  1. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a unit of the United States Department of Labor. It is the principal fact-finding agency for the U.S. government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics and serves as a principal agency of the U.S. Federal Statistical System." 10 year growth outlook of 31%. The future looks pretty bright for us which contrasts the doom and gloom we see on this and other PA forums. Two years ago, the predicted growth was 37% from 2016-2026. Still pretty good compared to other careers. Pharmacy has a 0% growth rate for the next 10 years, for example.
  2. Signed and sent. Can anyone tell me what this would do for CA PAs? What actual changes would we see if this passes?
  3. $1500/yr which can roll over to the next year for a max of $3k One week PTO paid time off/year Licensing, DEA, etc is paid from a separate account
  4. Was reading some comments....wtf "I am in support of the PTA/OTA 85% reimbursement reduction fee schedule if a OTA/PTA is the only one providing treatment. This is no different than the physician and ARNP/PA-C fee reduction requirement. By In-acting this rule, it ensures that payment will match the skill level provided. It will help to enhance quality of care by promoting the use of more educated therapists over organizations attempting to maximize profits by utilizing lower skilled PTA/OTA's with a lower salary. However, in instances where the more skilled therapist is not fully available, just as ARNP/PA-C's, it still allows payment enough for an OTA/PTA to be used in substitution, as these positions was originally attended." We are the same as a PT assistant everyone. Name change needs to happen
  5. Wait a second.... are we seeing actual positive steps forward?
  6. We voted on April 1st for title change and then heard about the results in May. It's now August (basically) and I am curious to see what, if any, progress has been made.
  7. Would make sense if a PA lead a PA organization but maybe I'm just talking crazy.
  8. Your current pay is horrible but $90k for solo coverage primary care may be worse. What region of the US are you in? Your SP is going to be collecting >$100k while doing nothing. Sounds like a great deal on their end. You had trouble finding a gig for 8 months as an experienced PA? And the one offer you got was that bad? Something sounds off. Solo coverage full time in my neck of the woods would warrant something close to $130-160k with full benefits. You could be working in the most saturated and/or low cost of living area but urgent care should be paying you AT LEAST $50/hr.
  9. It depends on what setting you are in. I am with a large corporation that has a 0-4% annual raise based on performance. 4% might not sound like much, but $5k extra per year can add up pretty quickly I have no idea about your specialty or location but if your setting's raise structure isn't as rigid, I would feel comfortable asking for anything from $120-125k
  10. What are the thoughts on when we'll hear about results? Quote me so I get a notification please
  11. Unless you are Mother Theresa and are doing this for the greater good, this is one of the worst offers I have seen. It is lacking in every category except for health benefits.
  12. This guy must be a troll. Is it possible to delete this thread before outsiders get a hold of this? If you define yourself as a physician, you are a detriment to our profession and you will only add more strife between us and physicians. No one cares about what the dictionary defines a physician as. Our society deems a physician as an MD/DO and that's how it should be. Do we need a name change? Sure, but you are a few cents short of a dollar
  13. This "doctor" is actually an NP. He should charged for misrepresenting himself as a physician in addition to all those crimes.
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