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  1. I asked to shadow for a day and surprisingly was told no due to me not having insurance or HIPAA certification with them. This is a bit of warning sign to me as I haven't heard of being told I can't shadow. I asked to at least see if I can speak with another PA. Waiting for response
  2. All the patients are in one facility. I'm not going from home to home.
  3. I've posted this a couple of times but this is the final word: Salaried exempt employee based on 40hr work week. M-F, 8-5. $129k/yr $5k retention bonus paid after staying for one year (must pay back portion of bonus if I do not stay for 2 full years) 25 days PTO with option to cash out I will be driving 5-20 miles each way to different facilities and performing medicare wellness visits mileage reimbursed at $0.53/mile 1-2 days/week I will work 8 hours from home on chart reviews and adjustments 5 days CME available and $1500 to spend Bonus structure in place for additional $5/yr if targets met (Not counting on this) 10-12 patients/day scheduled Full Medical, dental, vision Malpractice and tail coverage The way I calculate it: $129k + $5k retention bonus + $3-5k from mileage + $5k from 10 unused days of PTO = ~$142k for the first year. What I am worried about: I've never been on salary and I know I can be taken advantage of this way. Also as an exempt employee, I'm not entitled to any breaks, so I'm not sure how 8-5 comes out to only 40 hrs/week. Anyone with salary experience care to comment on this? Does a retention bonus usually mean there's high turnover? Is it a warning sign? I am in the ER right now and I am looking for a low stress M-F job. I'm hoping that I am making a good choice.
  4. Both sound great. As a new grad, how did you get multiple psych offers?
  5. Yea travel time will likely be a downer. But I will be on salary plus mileage reimbursement ($0.54/mile) so I will be getting paid while driving. And I will be diagnosing. I will not be managing or prescribing which doesn't really bother me for now. The pay bump from where I am now in emergency med is pretty significant and I will have a lot more freedom. I am applying for part time positions at urgent cares for Saturday mornings to keep so I won't lose my edge (and make a nice chunk of extra money).
  6. "...pays fairly well." Am I being underpaid at $135k/yr for 10-13 patients/day? They would not budge at all with salary.
  7. I think there's 2 people on this forum who fit that description
  8. Sorry to post this here guys but I need to respond to an offer by tomorrow and need some more opinions. Title: Medicare Risk Adjustor Basically I will be going to 1-2 facilities per day and seeing 10-12 patients in order to find undiagnosed chronic conditions that have been undiagnosed. I would do extensive review of their history and perform a PE and diagnose them. I would be doing this 3-4 days/week and 1-2 days/week I'd be at home doing chart reviews. Offer: $62/hr as a salaried employee for $129k/yr. Tried negotiating twice, they didn't budge. $5k bonus end of year if I stay for a year. One time thing. Potential $5k bonus if I meet certain goals ( I am not counting on this in the first year) Mileage reimbursement. Full health, dental, vision, malpractice. 25 days PTO years 1-4. Unused days roll over to next year. Can cash out. (Full 25 days cashed out would be $12.4k) M-F, 8-5 No 401k match Total for one full year comes out to: $140-$145k ______________________________________________ I am currently making $65/hr in the ER and bringing in about $113k/yr including OT and bonus. + $9k for PTO. I also get a 7% 401k match. This job is very stressful as we are always understaffed. I also work nights and weekends which is getting in the way of life. I will be leaving this job no matter what, but how does the new offer sound? Has anyone had any experience being a medicare risk adjustor or heard anything? How does this contract look? Thanks
  9. Reasons to leave my current job: - Shifts are getting in the way of personal life. Unable to take the time off I need as my requests are almost always declined. Work many weekends. - I see 3 patients on average per hour but during busy times I'm juggling 8-10 patients at once with only one nurse and one tech to help. If 3 patients need labs (they will), we pretty much come to a halt. It's very stressful. - Have not gotten raise in 1.5 years Reasons to take new job: - normal 8-5, M-F job - 2 days a week I'd be at home doing work - 12 patients per day on average - Large company with room to grow - Slightly higher income although less benefits
  10. First, about me: I'm 1.5 years out of school working as an ER PA Current contract: $65/hr, 140 hours/month. Never overnights. Comes out to $109k/yr. I get full health, dental, vision, malpractice. I get $8k in my 401k from the company/yr for their match. I can use 4 weeks of PTO on my off days for a total of $9.2k added on top of my pay. $1.5k for CME which I haven't used. New Contract: Medicare risk adjustor with a very large corporation. I would be seeing patients at different facilities in the county (usually one facility/day) and doing an extensive history and exam in order to uncover new diagnoses. 2 days/week I'd be working from home doing chart reviews. Offered $62/hr on salary for a total of $130k. 8am-5pm written in contract. 40 hour weeks. No weekends. $5k end of year bonus for first year only. I get full health, dental, vision, malpractice. No 401k match. 25 days of PTO $750 for CME What has happened so far: I countered their offer of $62/hr with $70 as I told them I did not want to be taking a step backwards. I was expecting them to meet me in the middle. They counter offered at $62/hr... I told them I would likely not be able to take that and will call them back tomorrow. Can I get any help please? I think I am just going to tell them I need $65/hr as this is what I am currently making and if they are unable to give me the extra $3/hr, then I am going to walk. Although, this job really sounds great :/
  11. I live in southern CA (cost of living is $$$). The average across all specialties is about $110k/yr. I am currently making $65/hr as an ER PA. Would $75/hr come off as offending? The recruiter who is part of this company said the base they have listed is $60/hr which I would not accept.
  12. Great information, thank you. This is exactly what was told to me. I would be seeing 10-12 patients/day, 3 days a week and then 2 days would be at home or office doing chart reviews. Any idea what I should ask for in terms of pay if an MD is getting $200k?
  13. I am interviewing for a job that requires PA or NPs to go to clinics and conduct a detailed history, physical, and chart review in order to uncover diagnoses that have been undiagnosed in order to adjust the patient's risk factor and Medicare payment. Anyone heard of this? It will be with a very large corporation. All I have found online are "medicare risk adjustors" who are not medical practitioners. Anyone know what to expect as far as compensation? I have no reference point Thanks!
  14. Normally it's $179 for the full version. Use your computer and click "buy now" and register. Use the code "[REDACTED]" at checkout and it's free. No credit card info needed. I've heard you can't do it from your phone, not sure. Go go go
  15. Medscape is my do-it-all app