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  1. I might go along with it (no, to be honest I wouldnt) if such a plan would actually result in less dead kids, or violent shootings overall. But we have tried that. Clinton banned sale of assault rifles and "high capacity magazines", and there was no change in gun violence. Easy to understand why when you look at how often these guns are used in crimes.....almost zero. We think they are used all the time because a few times they were used with mass casualties, and because the media spoonfeeds us leftist info.
  2. Trump is a buffoon who says terrible things feeding the media a nonstop stream of buffoonery that they propagate into 24/7 news OF his buffoonery Meanwhile they ignore the buffoonery of another NY buffoon (Cuomo). No 24/7 coverage of him telling New Yorkers that it's their fault Covid is spreading rampantly again because they refuse to appropriately social distance or wear masks, or telling them they have diabetes because they are fat. And much of the media focuses on Trump's buffoonery instead of his policy actions that led to truly historic gains. Economy was booming, tanked due to CV, and is booming again. We will have multiple vaccines available in LESS THAN a year. Historic unemployment, especially in minority populations. Lowest numbers of people in poverty. For the first time in 60 years we have not one, but THREE islamic countries with peace deals with Israel (and more importantly, two of them MUST have had implicit approval from Saudi Arabia to do this). Iran is reeling, North Korea hasn't launched a missile in 3.5 years or popped a nuke in 3 years. But according to the media there is nothing to see there, because Orange Man Bad. The incredible left-wing bias of the media (and academia) is one of the biggest problems in the country.
  3. I don't know either. Likely just time moving society, and it's politicians, more away from racism. I'm referencing Trump, and referencing Emed's post above about Trump being a racist. One thing that has been repeated (ad nauseum) in the media has been that Trump has ALWAYS been a racist, and they use DOJ lawsuit against Trump organization (in the 70s?) where they said Trump discriminated against blacks when it came to renting to them. It was settled out of court, but then the DOJ sued again because Trump was apparently doing it again. It was the Nixon administration's DOJ who filed the lawsuits, and Trump was a Democrat. So the media didn't really highlight it much. For decades Trump was a NY Democrat, hobnobbing with Clinton, Sharpton, Jackson, et al. He wasn't a racist, he was a DEMOCRAT. Then he became a Republican. Still no big deal, he was hollywood by then. Then he ran for President, AS a Republican. Suddenly he is a racist, all the way back from the 70s. Oh, wait....Trump organization was run by his FATHER at that time? Well, the media will tell that part of the story about as loudly as they will tell their readers that it was a Republican administration DOJ that went after a Democrat businessman for discrimination.
  4. Thank you, interesting, but doesn't change the conversation about Biden (per his website) wanting to make some scary-looking automatic rifles into Class III weapons. Oh, and 11+ round magazines. Each of which would require a $200 registration fee. I don't know. Police were frequently told by their politician masters to ignore much of the antifa-crowd (using that term loosely to include all the idjits who black-blocked and rioted) as they rioted because they were "protesting". Another factor is how antifa is a more loosely based organization than a right wing militia. Any idjit can start a FB/twitter page calling themselves the PAForumAntifa and boom...they are antifa. There are, however, signs of some structural organization as someone has funded some bad things as evidenced by vans pulling up to protest sites with bats, shields, signs, etc. The DOJ is investigating. Right wing militia members are a different breed, and I think they are far more actually lethal. Other than the poor sucker who accidentally drives into an antifa roadblock, one can mostly avoid the areas where antifa chooses to destroy (or you are doomed to live there and are refused police protection because, well, they are defunded). Right wing militants are more likely to structurally organize, plan a mission, and then actually execute it. One Timothy McVeigh right wing idjit was a lot more lethal than a whole host of antifa idjits burning up parts of Portland every night this past summer. Not passing moral equivalency here, just discussing lethality. If the political storms grow to the point where more and more people are driven to the right wing groups, and they become active, then it could spell the dissolution of our union.
  5. You make it sound like he was a KKK member in his teenage years, quit, changed, then joined the guv'ment. I believe he was still in the KKK when elected to the Senate in the late 50s, but started his "career in the government" in the 40s in the state legislature. He also filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Must be nice to be a Democrat and be treated so well by the press. They will forgive damn near anything you do...as long as you have that "D" next to your name. You can even have your past EXTREME racism exonerated. If you are a Democrat NY landlord you might run afoul of a Republican administration DOJ because your company apparently doesn't like to rent to black folks, but that's no big deal to the press. Well, until you change into a Republican and run for congress. Suddenly that will become a HUGE deal!
  6. I think you are reading his plan right, I just don't think he will follow through with his plan. Only 1.8% of people in the US make more than $400K a year. Meanwhile 44% of people didn't pay taxes in 2018. We can tax that 1.8% at 100% and still probably not cover our deficit. Just to prove that point, From https://www.financialsamurai.com/how-much-money-do-the-top-income-earners-make-percent/, it shows that the top 1.4 million earners in the US (1%) earned 1.685 trillion total, with an estimated 2021 annual income of $470K for 2021. If we tax that top 1% at 100% (meaning they would quit working), that is only HALF of our estimated 2020 federal DEFICIT. We CANNOT get ourselves out of our spending mess by taxing the rich cause there isn't that many rich to do it. The best way out of our mess (if it isn't too late for this) is for the 44% who don't pay taxes to pay SOMETHING, drastically cut spending, and wait for us to grow out of it. The next best way is to stimulate large scale inflation like we had in the Carter years to help knock the actual cost of the debt down. Or, just kick the can down the road until we run out of people who will loan us money, then just borrow money from the lender of last resort (the Fed) who loans us money with the ink still wet from them creating it out of thin air......and we become Venezuela. Bump stocks are not outlawed. They were classified by executive order as an automatic weapon, therefore considered a Class III weapon. You have to be approved by the ATF to own a class III weapon, which requires the $200 registration fee (tax). Same thing with suppressors, large caliber (.50 cal and above) weapons, explosives, etc. I know several people with legal class III weapons as they have the ATF stamp for them. I have a friend who HAD a bump-stock, but don't know if he still has it. I doubt he spent the $200 to register it (or if he would be approved to have it). The same way the federal government did it when we passed the 1935 National Firearms Act that I believe created the weapon classes, and put automatic weapons into the Class III that requires registration (and approval from ATF). Fortunately (thanks to Harry Reid) there are 130+ new conservative judges on the bench (and 3 on the SCOTUS) who will likely uphold our 2nd Amendment rights and strike down such an executive order or legislation as unconstitutional. Yes, someone (in charge of elections at DHS?) said that, and was canned by the President. Of course, this was highlighted by the leftist media to show just how safe and secure out election was. Meanwhile the right wing media is hyping up every rumor or problem found as proof of fraud. And too many of us are too entrenched to seek a truth that may not be aligned with our desire for confirmation of our beliefs. I blame the media for this (see the Vox article posted by Emed for good example of this). I'll wait 4 years to see if you are fine with the results. To be honest, I think you will be, just as I accept Biden has almost assuredly won this year. But in 4 years it won't be leftists in pu$$y hats being driven crazy by the media declarations to "resist" the "unlawful presidency", it will be the antifa goons. As to Roth conversions - I just moved everything I could from IRAs to ROTHS and paid today's price for it. I think Trump lost a great opportunity to cut spending and work toward balancing our budget, while pushing economic growth by cutting bureaucracy. While he did a good job cutting bureaucracy, and our economy was on FIRE, he spent like a damn democrat. My hope was that he would have won a 2nd term and used that as the launching point to start cutting spending. Instead we have further explosion of spending with a large expansion of the federal government, some version of a "green new deal", etc ad nauseum. So yeah, if you can protect yourself from future taxes, this is the time to do it (although I don't think ROTHs will be safe in a few more years.) I am also moving into equities anytime I get a good deal. More cattle, more real estate. Things that make me money, but will go . Stocks offer a short term protection against inflation (the Caracas Venezuela stock market was up 200,000% in 2018 https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2019/02/05/believe-it-or-not-venezuela-has-a-stock-market-and-its-been-destroyed/?sh=f98f20d3ff8b), but that only lasts as long as you can find someone to buy your stocks.
  7. Yeah, we have talked about this before. Everyones tax situation is different, but doesnt change the fact that the Trump tax cuts introduced a 20% deduction, OFF THE TOP for 1099 contractors and small business owners. Maybe your tax guy didnt take advantage of it, or a thousand other possibilities. But it is an awesome thing for 1099s.
  8. Know any other way out of this mess? Lots of people who make less than $400K will pay a lot more in taxes. The media will give him a pass when he breaks this promise though. The donut hole is absolutely designed to close. However I this isn't due to Biden's tax plan (which makes the donut hole), but rather the existing plan for the SS max to increase every year. It won't be just those who suddenly make more than $400K, it will effect EVERYONE who makes more than the $137K max as a greater portion of their income will be subject to the 12% SS tax. Again, not Biden's fault, but his tax proposal maintains this, which means his promise of no increase in taxes for those making less than $400K is not accurate as his tax plan doesn't fix this. Depends on what you consider a tax. I consider any payments the government requires me to give them to be a tax. The Biden gun plan calls for declaring those scary looking guns to be class III weapons, the same as automatic weapons, explosives, suppressors, and large caliber weapons. Those scary 11 round magazines (or larger) will also be declared to be a class II weapon. To legally own a class III weapon you have to have the weapon registered with the ATF. There is a $200 registration fee PER ITEM. Don't believe me, go buy a suppressor (not that I have one, it was lost overboard as well). Also requires fingerprinting and paperwork from a dealer, who often charges you $50 for this as well. It's not a retroactive fee. It's declaring these guns to be a class that now requires registration. I believe that is what Trump did 3 years ago with bump stocks. That's our opinion as well. We certainly did suffer through 4 years of idjits wearing pu$$y hats screaming "HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT" along with the media repeatedly questioning his legitimacy. Wonder if you will be singing the same tune in 4 years if funny things happen with the election and a Republican is declared the winner. I certainly will be. Thank you, hadn't seen that. Don't put a lot of stock in such projections anyway as the situation is too fluid. BTW - If you DON'T think taxes are going higher, why do a roth conversion at all? You will probably be in a lower tax bracket in retirement than you are now, so it would make sense to leave the money as pre-tax.
  9. There has been a push for decades to expand voting and make it easier for everyone to vote. This push has been successful because it's hard to argue against making it easier for people to vote. 30 years ago to vote you had to make an effort to register to vote, then stand in line in your assigned voting precinct, someone would ensure you were on the list of registered voters (and often requiring an ID to ensure you were who you said you were), and then you were allowed to vote. The only mail-in balloting were military abentee ballots where the military member had to go to their voting officer to request the ballot from their registered home town (ensuring you only voted in the home town that you entered the military from), then return the ballot TO the military voting officer who would mail it back. That's pretty secure. Did fraud happen? I'm sure it did, but it would be HARD to commit mass voter fraud this way. Today we have massively expanding voter registration where many counties have more people registered to vote than they have actual citizens. That is a problem. Today we have massively expanded mail-in voting. We expanded absentee balloting to anyone who doesn't want to go to the ballots that day can request one, and there is now a push to have states mail ballots to all registered voters. That's completely insecure, and will lead to chaos. We see a little of it this year. It will only get worse. There are now MANY ways for people to commit ballot fraud with minimal risk of getting caught. Is there fraud? Yes, there is. Has it affected an election yet? I don't know, but it will as the fraud gets worse. The democrats got rid of the supermajority vote required to confirm judges. It bit them in the arse in the past 4 years. They have worked to get rid of election security over the past 30 years, it just might bite them in the arse when the Republicans start bending the rules as well. Some rural counties might get an extra couple hundred thousand people register there to vote and get ballots to mail back. As we see in Georgia, once those envelopes have been opened and counted it is impossible to match them back up for an effectual audit. We are unleashing chaos with our voting, and we will not be better off for it. Much of the country now has doubts about the election process. The next time a Republican wins office much of the REST of the country will then have doubts. Voter ID, in person, on paper is the most secure way to vote, and that's how we should do it.
  10. Whoever is proscribed by the state law to be allowed to vote, but federal law should prohibit states from allowing non-US citizens from voting. My comment about "we have lost control of who votes" is in regards to widespread mail-in ballots, not restricting WHO can legally vote. Look at the impossible situation Georgia is in with doing recounts, as well as the problems elsewhere. They have no idea who actually filled out the ballots. We need much tighter election security, preferably vote-in-person with ID with rare exceptions that require a notarized signature to request an absentee ballot.
  11. How about Wharton business school?https://budgetmodel.wharton.upenn.edu/issues/2020/3/6/biden-social-security We've already talked about the pending inflation/weak dollar that is going to come. You are already maxing out your social security payroll tax by making over $137,700. (For the novices, after you make $137,700, you and your employer stop paying the 12.4% social security tax on additional income. No, this isn't set up to benefit the rich, it's because social security doesn't want to have to pay us rich folks a large amount of benefits when we retire early). Biden's tax plan restarts this after $400K creating a donut hole for earners making between $137,700 and $400K. But there's a catch, the donut hole is designed to close with increases in the $137,700 limit over time until it catches the $400K. In other words, in the future EVERYONE will be forced to pay the 12.4% social security tax on 100% of their income. By the way, notice their key point that the Biden tax plan is going to reduce our GDP by 0.6% by 2030 and 0.8% by 2050. Absolutely no way we will be able to grow our way out of our debt.
  12. He promises to repeal Trump's tax cuts. The Trump tax cuts included the 20% "pass through" deduction for independent contractors (that is a lot of us) who made LESS than $400K a year (specifically, I think it was ONLY for 1099 contractors who made LESS than $400K/year). So, if you are a small businessperson or 1099 contractor, Biden will take away your 20% deduction. Yeah, taxes are going up for a lot of people making less than $400K/year. Many of us here will have much higher taxes due to Biden/Harris administration (especially if both Georgia seats go blue).
  13. Here's another one for you. Straight from Joe's website: Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. Currently, the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Due to these requirements, such weapons are rarely used in crimes. As president, Biden will pursue legislation to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. Nope, not exactly a tax. But if you have to register your firearm (and all magazines in excess of 10 rounds), it costs $200 per item to register class 3 weapons. How many folks making <$400K/year have scary looking semi-automatic weapons and magazines that carry greater than 10 rounds? Oh, and that would include your 13 round glock magazines.....$200 registration fee please (for EACH magazine). I sure don't have any. Lost them all overboard a few years ago.
  14. This article has all the elements of a biased opinion piece instead of an actual news article. "On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly made explicitly racist and otherwise bigoted remarks, from calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, to proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US, to suggesting a judge should recuse himself from a case solely because of the judge’s Mexican heritage. The trend has continued into his presidency. From stereotyping a Black reporter to pandering to white supremacists after they held a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to making a joke about the Trail of Tears, Trump hasn’t stopped with racist acts after his 2016 election. Most recently, Trump has called the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu” — racist terms that tap into the kind of xenophobia that he latched onto during his 2016 presidential campaign;" If you have the same intense bias as the reporter does, then this paragraph makes you feel good as it legitimizes what you already feel: Trump is a racist/bigot/xenophobe (don't forget transphobe, anti-semite, mysogenist...and throw in anything else your heart desires to make you feel better about hating him). If you LOVE Trump, then all of this of course is easily explained away because the reporter is so bad at being an actual REPORTER that they have taken so many things out of context, and twisted them in the most negative way possible, that this paragraph makes you feel good as it legitimizes what you already feel: Trump is America's savior and the media is evil/dishonest/fake/enemies of the state/part of the deep state....and throw in anything else your heart desires to make you feel better about hating them. I think in reality (if our emotions can allow some reality) this article highlights how terrible Trump is, AND how terrible much of our "media" is. Regarding the original two DOJ lawsuits against Trump LLC, even the NYT says "In fairness, those suits date from long ago, and the discriminatory policies were probably put in place not by Donald Trump but by his father. " https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/24/opinion/sunday/is-donald-trump-a-racist.html
  15. Everything. National debt is $27.5 Trillion, and only 125 million taxpaying Americans to pay for it. It will have gone up another million dollars in the time I type this. How do we get out of that? Growing our way out of it is now impossible. We don't have enough people/countries to buy all this debt, so the fed reserve is printing money just to loan it to us to fill the gap in need. The only way out of this is massive inflation, which (after a painful lag) will cause rapid rise in income. So while you may think it's just the rich today who make >$400K, I don't see ANY way that in the near future this will be anything other than a modest income. Suddenly we are all paying that maximum tax rate.... Biden is one of the most centrist players in the Democrat party. Most of the rest of the party has gone hard left and wants to tax everything to give free everything to everyone (starting with free healthcare, free college, and paying off student loans). Biden will also be 78 years old at inauguration (if he makes it that long). Low chance he completes his first term, which leaves us with Harris who by some (admittedly biased) sources was the furthest left Senator (even left of Komrad Bernie). Speaking of Bernie. There are already 800,000 mail-in ballots requested in the Georgia senate run-off. That's 8% of the POPULATION of the state. Yeah, I know, dems/lefty's will say "there's no fraud in mail-in ballots". The reality is we have lost control of who votes. Without voter identification/in-person-voting there will be (if there isn't already) widespread voter fraud. I think the Dems will gain both seats in the Senate. This leaves Komrad Bernie, the guy who HONEYMOONED in the USSR (not Russia, but the actual USSR), who will be the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. Minor correction. Our national debt has gone up $3,000,000 since I started typing this.
  16. Another option: Roll over everything into IRA, then convert all of this pretax money into a ROTH. Use the post tax money you would have put into ROTH tthis year to pay the taxes on the conversion. Then next year you can put post tax money into your empty IRA, and do backdoor. But no, dont mix pretax and post tax retirement money.
  17. https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-mask-use-younger-generations-cdc Mask use is increasing, but still lags in one demographic. Darn boomers....oh, wait.... This is good news. In my area I would say mask use is much lower than this.
  18. But facts dont trump the intense feelings and emotions todays leftists have. Folks like [2 other posters] think they are liberals, because they have been told they are liberal by their professors and the media they consume. But they are not liberals at all. They are intolerant, ILliberal leftists. They cannot stand people who think differently than they do. You and I are far more liberal, in the classical sense, than today's leftists who use the term liberal.
  19. I dont think so. I think it is the natural course of the disease. I see the same thing in the ED with people presenting mild/moderately I'll, send them home and they get better, then decompensate a week or so later.
  20. Which is why I have said it's going to magically get better between Nov 3rd and Jan 20th. The disease itself wont. But the national hysteria will drop because the media will stop/change their reporting on it.
  21. Defending a populations right to revolt, or in this case his defense of freedom, is not the same as justifying the actions of the small group of nutcases who planned on kidnapping the governor. One can understand, and agree with, the reason behind their grievances without agreeing that it is time to start kidnapping elected officials. Just like one can agree that policing in America is out of control and needs drastic changes (starting with changing qualified immunity, demilitarization, etc) without agreeing that burning down neighborhoods is a good idea. My question ("Is there any amount of freedom you would not surrender to achieve safety?") wasnt about moving goalposts, but rather about identifying a major difference in ideology between the right and the left. The right chooses freedom over safety, while the left chooses safety over freedom. This generalization applies to our covid response, derivs the nationalization of our healthcare, gun control debate, social security, etc. If they weren't idjits they wouldnt have done what they appear to have done. They deserve to be in prison for a long time. Too bad few people say the same thing about the left wing extremists who are driving the urban rioting. By most non-crazy-left-wing accounts Rittenhouse was a kid who went to the riots to play "Army medic", was attacked by multiple people (some of whom were armed and fired at him), causing Rittenhouse to run for his life, and eventually forced to use deadly force to save his life. He does not appear to be the vigilante that much of the news (not surprisingly) painted him as.
  22. no, it doesnt. In no way did he defend those nutcases. He brought up a different subject. Is there ANY amount of freedom you would NOT surrender in order to "stay safe"?
  23. I believe in diversification. I've read somewhere that wealthy people have multiple independent income streams, and as I have applied that to my life we have become more wealthy. Applying that to your situation, maybe consider not a healthcare focused MBA that would probably have little use outside of healthcare, but rather a more broad traditional MBA that would allow you to expand outside of healthcare. It is nice to have the income from healthcare while you create/expand businesses totally unrelated to healthcare. Just something to think about. Good luck!
  24. Worse yet, some have strong negative emotions anytime they are confronted with an opinion discordant with their own beliefs, and since they have no capacity for processing those negative emotions, they act out in socially abhorrent ways (such as serial downvoting/sniping we see a few folks doing here). If enough of these folks come together we get the rioting that we have seen lately.
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