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Extra CME monies

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11 hours ago, SamthePA said:

buy audiobook course and get a huge amazon or appke gift card

I'm about to do this - $1000 amazon gift card.

9 hours ago, rev ronin said:

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Invest towards that.  I probably spent $4k over three years getting my FAWM, and had a blast doing it.

Unless I decide this...I'm considering a change to cardiology or another specialty (currently work FM and enjoy my job, but don't see myself staying in FM forever with the extra hurdles to overcome on a daily basis - it's exhausting), so may decide to do CME in specific specialty to provide better foundation to allow for a switch more easily.

Best would be if I can do both!

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There are a couple of companies that offer Amazon gift cards in the $1000+ range with CME. If you google CME plus gift card they should pop up. They are pricey, but I guess if it's other people's money you are spending, you might come out ahead.

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