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  1. “Oh so you’re a nurse practitioner?” same shit different name. You get paid well to practice medicine. Physician assistant/associate/praxioner who cares.
  2. Great and you are even if you disagree with the name. You have an issue with being labeled as an assistant. I’m very independent in hospital medicine and have no issues with the name. I’m respected for how hard I work whether it’s in conjunction directly with the doc or not.
  3. Im a physician assistant. The people who have issue with this have self esteem issues. There’s nothing wrong with our name.
  4. I do telemedicine (over the phone, no video) as a side gig. Basically when the offices close, many patients still call and need advice. So I either tell them to manage it at home, schedule UC visit or refer them to ER. It's always been busy....it's 3-4x as busy as it was with COVID-19.
  5. How about we keep PA as is and just move on. Holy crap.
  6. I do tele triage as my per diem gig. For reference, I had about 4 years as a hospitalist PA prior to starting this gig on the side. There is definitely a learning curve because you have to determine: a)do they need the ER? b) can they go to UC instead? c) can they monitor at home and follow up later. I am used to managing heart failure, rapid afib, etc but when you cannot see the patient and perform an exam, get labs---it is very easy to become extremely conservative and lump people into a and b, and that was with 4 years experience in a hospital setting. I love the gig now because it's fairly easy and I can safely triage, but I cannot imagine the anxiety it would cause if this was my first job out of school. No thanks.
  7. To add on, our new obs unit will have a strict inclusion/exclusion criteria list for the triage hospitalist to go thru. It should be your bread and butter cases with <24h anticipated stay---likely much less than this.
  8. Hmmm, I have a sneaky suspicion this is for my hospitals new obs unit opening up and we're hiring 10 new PAs. I clearly don't have experience with it....yet, but I will be the one covering it overnight come monday, so I can let you know. I expect it'll be fairly easy, but I have 6 years on the job now and I see these patients already---now they just get their own, new, fancy wing.
  9. Because those 29,900 others did not have enough payments or they did not qualify based on the type of loans they had. It's
  10. It's straight forward. I got 3 wrong. 1 in derm (never see derm in hospital), 1 in peds (i am adult hospitalist) and 1 i read too quickly. I could have taken the 3 full minutes and likely gotten the peds and derm one right by googling, but I don't care.
  11. buy audiobook course and get a huge amazon or appke gift card
  12. Can't answer your questions as I am wondering that exact thing except on a smaller scale---doing it from one state for patients in a different state (currently do it in the state where patients are but thinking of moving). Malpractice coverage is my main concern and whether or not it travels across state borders. I imagine at the very least you'd have to get third part malpractice if you're in a different country.
  13. Ok, so I found this from that site after looking a little harder. It seems that I would be OK. Thanks! http://ctel.org/2013/10/practicing-telemedicine-in-massachusetts-make-sure-you’re-licensed-there/
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