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  1. Sounds like you might be slipping into burnout yourself, or you haven't found the right job yet. You are still early in your career, and there's probably no way that it won't be stressful until you have more experience. There are options for non clinical roles if that's something that interests you. However, it's generally advised that you find whatever it is you want to do and go towards that rather than run from clinical practice into just anything. You might end up in the same situation for all you know. If all you do know right now is that you don't want to be working in your cur
  2. That's interesting that a hospital of all places would make you do live CME since it's still very much covid times. At least they are keeping the online option open. Your state CO might have a small CME conference, most (all?) of which are virtual at the moment. Here are some links you can try: IAPA Spring CME (we also have a fall conference!) WAPA Spring CME Other online CME options Good luck!
  3. I don't personally work in EM/UC but I'm guessing you still have your phone in your pocket. Can't go wrong with MDCalc VisualDx WikiEM Epocrates 5 min clinical consult Medscape can be okay sometimes
  4. For what purpose? Billing? Risk management? Clarity of communication?
  5. I put together this page with data and resources on COVID, including free CME. Hope it helps https://modernmeded.com/novel-coronavirus-disease-clinician-resources/
  6. Here's an article with a lot of resources for all levels in palliative care https://modernmeded.com/palliative-care-cme/
  7. I typically go to conferences, even better if I can be a speaker there, too. This year I'll be having a new baby right around the time of AAPA, so I'll be staying home and doing online CME. I've written about this before, especially ways to make the most out of whatever CME money you have. As an overview, the strategies are: 1. Speak at a CME conference (usually gets you in the door for free, if not ahead, so that you can use your CME funds for other things). 2. Do online CME, especially those with gift card bonus options 3. Find discounts online for said CME
  8. I've always liked Board Vitals CME question banks. Here's a critical care bank https://www.boardvitals.com/pulmonary-critical-care-cme#_l_9b Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. Here are a few: https://modernmeded.com/best-cme-with-gift-card-offers/
  10. I have been putting together a collection of what I think are good CME resources here. There are a couple free options that will get you 22 hours of Category 1 together, the others are paid and vary in price from not much to a bit pricey, but come with up to 100 cat. 1 hours. Good luck!
  11. Sounds like you probably won't need it, but I've always thought Board Vitals had good CME and board review products. Here's their PANCE/PANRE question bank: https://www.boardvitals.com/pance-board-review-questions#_l_7q Jordan G Roberts, PA-C ModernMedEd
  12. Merritt Hawkins puts out a report that includes this kind of thing each year. There might be information in it you can use. Here's the latest one: https://www.merritthawkins.com/uploadedFiles/Merritt_Hawkins_2018_incentive_review.pdf Jordan G Roberts, PA-C ModernMedEd
  13. I'm with sas5814; there's no such thing as out-exercising a poor diet, even for the most physically gifted among us. For us regular schmo's, we need to pay close attention to both. I remember being taught in undergrad exercise science that if you can create a Calorie deficit of 500 kcal/day, you can estimate a "safe" 1lb weight loss per week (500 kcal x 7 days = 3500 kcal; one pound of adipose tissue is worth 3500 kcal). Of course, you'll also burn more or fewer calories from carbohydrate stores depending on the type of exercise you are doing, which kind of throws a wrench into my calculat
  14. For additional revenue, learn to invest, buy and rent out property, marry another high-earner, or pray the government somehow cancels your student loans. Here are some non-pa jobs side hustle ideas https://modernmeded.com/non-clinical-career-topics/ Jordan G Roberts, PA-C ModernMedEd
  15. I personally haven't done one of these, but know several folks who have done the Lynchburg DMSc and it almost immediately seemed like their clout, and careers, went into overdrive. I mean they were already high performers, but the degree of advancement was impressive nonetheless Jordan G Roberts, PA-C ModernMedEd
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    I respect that. We employed folks should be maxing out all of our benefits, CME allowance included Way to make yourself a better practitioner at the same time my friend
  17. BrainAndCo


    Nice work @PACShrink! I'm dying to know, what do you spend your CME money on then?
  18. As jjonesPA says, using multiple sources is probably the best way to go. I graduated in 2015 and have gone on to write for several PANCE preparation question banks. I can tell you some are easier on purpose and others try to be more challenging to better prepare you. My favorites (as both a question writer and learner) would be Board Vitals, Hippo, Rosh, and Kaplan.
  19. Burned out? Over stressed? This can have an impact on your memory and ability learn. I wouldn't recommend overhauling your studying strategy so close to the boards, but if you are familiar with the method-of-loci technique for memory, it's pretty effective. Here is an overview if you aren't familiar with it.Also doing tons of practice questions from several different sources will start to give you an idea of easy v hard questions and eventually you'll see every possible condition presented on the PANCE. Board Vitals is pretty good because their q banks range in difficulty but are all pretty mu
  20. BrainAndCo


    I'm using this one from Board Vitals at the moment, though they have cheaper options available, too. Oakstone also has good psych CME stuff. Good luck!
  21. I'm not sure exactly what the requirements are for it to meet your FL opioid CME requirements, but this one is 8.5 category 1 hours of opioid prescribing practices for $100.
  22. I run a quasi medical business along with my wife. I accidentally started doing medical writing as a freelancer shortly after becoming a PA and we have grown it into a more self-sustaining, CME-focused business. I'd be happy to connect and learn more about what you are doing! I'll withhold any self promotion here, too, but it's not hard to find me from my profile here and elsewhere on the internet. Feel free to message me or reply here. I think the more publicity that serious PA-run businesses get, the better we all look, but I certainly have a biased viewpoint!
  23. For anyone in Chicago, on March 5th, the Illinois Academy of PAs (IAPA) will be putting on a free educational dinner covering Health Considerations for the Congenital Hemophilia Population with Novo Nordisk. There will also be a presentation by IAPA leadership regarding updates to the PA practice act, so it'll be worth it for anyone to go, regardless of specialty. You do not need to be an IAPA member to attend. Please RSVP to Matthew Levy at mlvy@novonordisk.com because space is limited. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  24. It's interesting that this forum always seems so pessimistic about this topic, but the truth is there are options out there that don't require a huge pay cut. Here is an article discussing non clinical side hustles, but it could just as well be applicable to full time careers, too https://modernmeded.com/non-clinical-side-hustles-part-ii/ Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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