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Are Human Head Transplants Ethical?

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Do you remember any new procedure, or treatment, that someone did and then later society rejected it and it was never done again? Honest question. I know there are several things from pig heart valves (before my time in medicine), heart transplants (when I was a kid), artificial hearts, face transplants and etc. that society was uncomfortable with, but then accepted. In other words, if this surgeon opens Pandora's Box, can it be closed again?

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There were protests against heart transplant because some believed that is where the soul resides. I think similar arguments will be made about head transplants.

Lots of things to think about in head transplants. I just read a great fiction book, written by a PA with a PA as one of the good guys, called "Waters of Bimini" that touches on this. It is a fun story and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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