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  1. I always list my supermarket job. It shows my customer service side.
  2. I read through it, and it doesn't look like it.
  3. I got mine three weeks ago, and no.superpowers.at.all. No xray vision, no laser beams. I haven't tried flying yet, but I have no reason to think that will suddenly work. I did notice that I watched Les Miserables over the weekend and now I can't get the music out of my head. Is that a side effect? Maybe that should've have been listed on the sheet they gave me.
  4. You could also do telehealth- unless you want to get out of the game entirely.
  5. make a list of the nccpa blueprint on a 4x6 index card for each specialty, they are easy to carry arround you literally can not put all of didactic into a format like that. Go through and pull out the essentials, like IM: an index card with wells criteria diagnostic criteria for whatever use an index card to write down things you see that you did not know, and look up later a preceptor would give us a topic, then allow us a 3x5 card to fill up; if you needed more, you were adding too much.
  6. It seems to me that perhaps its not so much the lack of mask wearing, but the lack of honesty with screening, and the fact people could be asymptomatic but still be contagious. I had a guy who was obviously sick get through screening, because the temperature sensor didn't show a "fever" of 100.4, and he basically lied on the rest. This kind of connects to another point I was thinking about. Maybe its not so much the fault of any one person, but our medical system as a whole- you know, the system that prioritizes profits over common damn sense. PPE cost money. That's bonus money.
  7. It seems to me he's advocating for his position. Maybe people who don't agree with you should just be quiet and go away?
  8. We counsel people every day about risks, and how to avert them. Someone has a 7.7% risk of an MI in the next 10 years, I recommend a statin. I recommend exercise to reduce the risk...of everything. I advise people to quit smoking to reduce the risk of lung cancer and copd. I advise people to stop with the cocaine. The reality is, the chance of something bad with these is minimal, but present. We are bad at estimating our own risk. We are inherently biased. We focus on factors that are protective and tend to diminish the negative. Thats why people come see us, so we can provide a
  9. If you’re focused on grades then you are not learning the real lessons. You left grades behind. The guy who is telling you about his dyspnea doesn’t give a rats ass about your grades, he’s hoping that his lifetime of smoking hasn’t caught up to him. The woman with chest pain couldn’t care less about your gpa, because she’s terrified she will die. The family of the six year old who is falling down really could give two shits about your “grades” because the most valuable thing in their lives is in front of you. I hope that answers your question, because honestly, in real life- no
  10. I’m a little late to the table, but was this name change through AAPA, who I have no affiliation with? I don’t remember any questionnaires or any way to access these questions. No one asked for my opinion, but here it is. “Medical care practitioner” is as generic and forgettable as names come. I think it’s a bullshit title to be slapped on a profession with such a wonderful history. Today, I’m going to go to the “food growing person” to get some vegetables, and maybe the “meat chopping professional “ to get some burgers. Then on to the “hair cutting person” for a haircut.
  11. Absolutely, sure. But medicine is a retail business. Administration doesn’t care-and I’m not being facetious- about what’s best for the patient. They care about the bottom line, which is what happens after income meets expenses. If it looks the same, and costs less, then it is an improvement. NP- poorly trained, but no oversight required, no extra administration required, no funny business about signatures or other jazz. PA- excellently trained, but a physician is needed, time is needed periodically for chart reviews and other miscellany; these are hours not bringing in cash.
  12. Not.At.All. If I’m running a business, why would I go with the more expensive (to me) option? I want to make money, and the profit margin in health care is razor thin.
  13. From a business perspective there is no benefit from hiring a pa who requires multiple levels of beaurocratic baloney over an np who needs none. OTP just adds confusion to office managers who’s sole purpose is to make money.
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