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  1. Just to play devils advocate here. Aside from the sizeable fringe element, do you suppose that at least some of the unvaccinated remain so because it hasn't been sold to them right? Take a step back from the craziness and walk with me here. Here's a scary virus, hundreds of thousands have died, we see nurses sobbing on TV- then, almost overnight, poof. A vaccine. Now, you and I know what goes into drug research and development. But for the average person- and remember, we aren't talking about the willfully stupid here- the average person's science understanding is barely above knowi
  2. A belief in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis.
  3. Do you work in a small cboc? Our place is very strict on masks and screening- no mask, no entre. You should have told told them it would make you more comfortable for them to put the mask on. Most people don’t wear it right anyways. That metal piece at the top? BEND IT OVER YOUR NOSE. Tell your rn you won’t see them without a mask. They can arrange a video appointment, phone, or go to the Ed. (Or, you know, put the mask on). It’s no different than wearing pants. I wear pants. I hate how I have to wear pants. But I somehow manage to do it.
  4. I got the vaccine the second week it was available. I would have gotten it soooner except I had gotten another vaccine-tdap- two weeks earlier. I hear a lot of people say , when discussing their various maladies, they are “fighting it”, “or “trying to it kick it”. Exactly how, I want to say. How, exactly, are you fighting it? I mean, aside from coming to me and expecting me to fight it for you? the one, immutable fact is that we are all going to die. It’s not morbid, we shouldn’t hide from it and we shouldn’t actively run from it. I feel, my self, that I will stand and face it that
  5. I agree on all your points. There are elements of truth in there. “Science!” is quoted a lot, like it’s a solid thing. Science, in fact, is the opposite. It’s always questioning, always disassembling, always taking nothing for granted. The thing about Science! Is that there needs to be something to base all other assumptions on, the kernel in the pearl. Many people stop wondering five of six steps back, to established facts, but even these can be erroneous. A hundred years ago, in the inchoate field of genetics, people were thought to have 48 chromosomes; this lasted a few years but for
  6. I don’t get mad over the vaccine, actually. I just document it. I do get mad, and this is the sad part, that they come back, again and again, without trying anything to begin with, or not doing what I told them. I had a guy literally yesterday, who lost 50 pounds, bp disappeared, prediabetes disappeared. I was floored. I asked him what he did. He said “ I started taking my life seriously “. So there you go. If you can’t take your life seriously I can’t help you.
  7. So…I got this today from an RN, no doubt trying to be helpful, perhaps suggesting my residual blood clots are due to a vaccine. Reading this, as well as various comments from patients over the past few years- refusal to understand basic science concepts- make me believe that another dark ages are upon us, and it’s only a matter of time before scientists are stoned (and not in a good way) or worse. I will leave this gem here. You’ll notice it’s legit, because it cites a YouTube video as evidence. (Actually, it’s too precious to leave uncommented) Dr Charles Hoffe and the D-Dimer Te
  8. Is this a case where they compared the money saved vs the money lost in a lawsuit? did the ceo work next to you? Did the board of directors? In fact, the mere mention of those entities in conjunction with healthcare demonstrates the problem here.
  9. In illinois we had a dictation service, it was awesome. they also had dragon, but I loved the dictation service. In florida, we either use the dragon you mention, but any dragon..is..slow.. and not..as..fast...as me... so I just type everything. it sucks. as does the VA. I'm going to start sending emails to my chief for the OT. He won't approve it, but at least it will be on record.
  10. Your definition of success is different than a business person. They are successful when the bottom line is in the black. I’m sure they have a formula of cance of “something serious/patient satisfaction satisfaction score” and take their chances that it’s not worth the money to screen for these things. I can’t say it enough. Admins and business owners don’t care about lives, and outcomes only count for reimbursement purposes. Try it. Today, go to your supervisor and say “I think the speed I’m going isn’t safe”, and they will laugh their asses off.
  11. 99.9% of “healthcare” organizations are, in fact, retail entities whose sole purpose is to maximize profits. To do this, they need the money makers moving the meat. The supermarket managers don’t give a hoot what the lobsters in the tank think, and the admins at your job don’t care what you think. Rarely, you might find a place that cares about the end product that they sell, and not on sheer profit, but they are few and far between.
  12. I was perusing the internet and noticed that the steaming pile of …baloney known as naturopathy in many states can be licensed as “naturopathic’doctors’”. PAs, on the other hand, who are not trained in wackadoodlery, but are trained in evidence based medicine, can’t go to the bathroom without asking permission from their physician overlords. I’m sure the naturopathic doctors got some blowback but they are licensed to spread their water and snake oil (which may or may not contain snakes and/or oil) Willy nilly.
  13. Lasagna, manicotta, or souffle. Perhaps eggs. You are right, so many permutations on casserole...you would have pages and pages of results.
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