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  1. PS I think primary care didn't do anything, because wherever the elevator car was headed was better than primary care. That parts my own.
  2. There was a joke about a group of doctors trapped in an elevator; the doors were closing and they were discussing which part of their body they would stick in the doors that would not inhibit them making money. The neurosurgeon stuck his foot, because he needed his hands; there was some others, but when the orthopod came up, he stuck his head in. I totally mess up the joke every time, all I remember is him sticking his head in the door. My apologies to PA's who work in orthopedics. The joke was funny though.
  3. I had a job at a “walk in” clinic. We had 3 providers, for 12 hour days, 7 days a week. You could call in sick, but you paid a price, off the books. And vacations were hell, because they didn’t cover you, the other two covered. Just make sure that you actually get get those bennies. No one plans on getting sick, but as humans, we do.
  4. Probably not. As far as what you can do- contact a lawyer. Sue them. What you will pay for both of those may be double or triple what your licensing costs were. Small claims court is an option that is underused, you may want to look into that. Chalk it up to a learning experience. I’d recommend that one.
  5. I am able to explain how a disease process will occur. I am at a loss for why. Some people people believe that science and faith are polar opposites, but i do not believe that is so, for that very reason. With all our knowledge we will never be able to explain why.
  6. Lay your hands on a patient? Were you being interviewed by Bon Jovi? Lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me All you got to do is Lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me Now listen up! I'm a fighter, I'm a poet, I'm a preacher I've been to school, oh baby, I've been the teacher If you show me how to get up off the ground I can show you how to fly and never ever come back down Everything you want is what I need Your satisfaction is, um... guaranteed But the ride don't never ever come for free, no-oh-oh If you want me to lay my hand
  7. So...he went to the doctor because he couldn't figure out how to work his belt?
  8. Are you thinking about applying? Try this first. Find the heaviest brick you can, then whack it into your head as hard as you can. Multiple times. Then consider yourself lucky.
  9. Just because I work “in the medical field” doesn’t mean I can skip whole years of an entire disciplines training. I’m a PA, can I skip the pre-reqs and first year of pharm school? No? How about PT school? Nursing school? Vet school? Don’t let the term “midlevel” or “assistant” fool you. Our training is no less (and no more) of a skilled highly trained profession than any other. Think about this: an electrician knows a lot about wiring. She might (and no doubt does) know a bit more than the average Joe about general construction. But I certainly wouldn’t let her start building
  10. In my excitement, I forgot the coup de gras: "are you @#$ driving a @#$ truck?"
  11. It's amazing, because most of my (forced) telemedicine appointments (and I'm sure Reality Check will agree) go like this: ...can you hear me?...no? ..how about..what?...no?... or please put your shirt on... or: tell me about the headache with the unilateral vision loss that was scheduled for a video visit
  12. Its a handy tool, to trend their weights dropping- over the course of a year, you can watch a subtle neoplasm at work, rather than relying on subjective symptoms which people either minimize or exaggerate. Or I’ve had a couple with a weight gain of ten pounds or so- not so much they noticed it, but enough to make me wonder if they might have some fluid overload developing. They didn’t notice the dyspnea because their lives were pretty sedentary . Also in the reverse- for the people with “leg swelling” I use the weight to get an idea of what their body is doing. Most of the time it’s
  13. We went to the courthouse in Rockville, md. My mom, my wife’s mom, and her nephew. My mom forgot she had a screwdriver? In her purse, so had a bit of excitement there. My mother in law was in charge of wedding pictures, but didn’t really know that there was a bit of lag after pressing the button and the picture being taken, so she’d press the button then lower the camera to look at the picture, and then capture my body sans head. afterwards, we went to original house of pancakes for the impromptu reception brunch. Bet you didn’t know there was a waiting period for a marriage license
  14. Ok, you asked for advice, here’s mine- tomorrow, go to the clerk or whoever handles marriage certificates. Pay the fee. Now you’re married. Take the money you were going to spend on festivities and put it into a nice savings account- you know, for the “poor times” or as a down payment on “rich times”. Now you’re married, and you can have as big a celebration as you want later. You are kind of betting on at least two things- one, the job market will be such that an employer will want to spend money to bring you on at all, and two, that you are promised tomorrow. Also, best not start
  15. My dad made a butcher block table when I was growing up. Many nights and weekends were spent on that table, and, reluctantly, I had to discard that fine table thirty years later, and I cried, so many memories were in that table. That table lasted three decades. It had value. Mass produced tables last a few yew years. as long as medicine- the most human of professions, really- is packed and sold as a commodity; as long as we are pressed to move people through the medicine machine; as long as patients and our care are considered products- medicine has no value. the eleme
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