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  1. thinkertdm

    Am I Setting a Good Example...

    You have only failed if you go into the supply closet to devour these, you hit up different girl scouts to score more boxes, give different names to each, and list "Oreos" and "nutter butters" as allergies.
  2. thinkertdm

    Am I Setting a Good Example...

    Amen! Thin mints are good, Samoa are moah!
  3. thinkertdm

    'PA Title' on Pre-Grad Resume?

    Put "physician assistant" before you graduate. After, put "physician assistant extraordinaire".
  4. thinkertdm

    DFW CUSH job opening!

    Was it through an online web application? Sometimes those are programmed to automatically filter out people, even when you know (and any real person would also) you fit the bill.
  5. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie pledged Wednesday to usher in a new era of "customer service" at the government's second-largest bureaucracy that will give veterans the care they've earned... Wilkie is not a clinician; he is a businessman.
  6. What exactly are you looking for? A position where you see four or six patients a day, the doc goes over the differential, testing for each one, then spends hours teaching you about each disease? While I understand you got a raw deal on your first gig after graduation, the impetus is now on you to teach yourself. You need to identify deficiencies and gaps in your knowledge base, and read up on those. Your sp may teach, but you need to learn even if he doesn't; ask questions. Every day that you are not seeing patients, you are losing a bit of practical experience that you are hoping a prospective employer will make up for. Frankly, that ain't going to happen. I don't know why you are adverse to moving, but reconsider it; there are lots of fp jobs in the Midwest that would gladly hire you.
  7. I have had a number of jobs in states far away. It's actually easier than it sounds, but takes some planning. Start the license process in the lucky state; shop around for jobs you would like; then apply. You should probably save some money for interviews and moving.
  8. thinkertdm

    Crazy FB removals

    Him signing any paper does not alleviate you of responsibility. It's easy to defend when everything went well, but lawyers will rip out your soul, suck out your blood, then come back for more. That's the world we live in.
  9. Q: What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A: the answer to this problem In other words: oh my God, they killed Kenny! There you go. Families don't understand risk factors, a lifetime of smoking and triple cheeseburgers, they only see YOUR fault for not finding and stopping the problem.
  10. You mean we can get paid for doing this!?
  11. thinkertdm

    I want to become a PA

    Probably the quickest would be to post in the appropriate forum. For that reason, I'm out.
  12. Don't do any work at home. Are you thinking "I'll just finish this at home"? Because that might lead to you (maybe unconsciously) either working slower at work or actually putting it off until you get home- because you know you have a safety net, you slack off a bit and use your safety net as part or your work flow. Aside from that, try tightening up your work flow. Where are areas that are time wasters? Are you using ancillary staff appropriately, to relay normal labs? Do you have Ros check off sheets either in the waiting area or with the lpn? Do you dictate? If you type, do you have a template you can use? Do you send out your own lab result letters?
  13. thinkertdm


    Using logic and reason and science as well as citing as source; that's just cah-razy. The rebuttal is going to be: "yeah? Well, you are a poo poo head". Neotrion: 1
  14. thinkertdm


    I vote this topic be closed; it is contributing nothing to general medical knowledge and it is apparent that one of the contributors has shown up woefully unprepared.
  15. thinkertdm


    For crying out loud. You have failed- FAILED- to cite any reputable source of your herd immunity and immunization argument. I did not redirect any argument, I simply showed where the baloney "immunizations act differently than exposure to real diseases" comes from. You can sit there and state that "this is common information" and make it seem like all of US are ignorant by apparently not knowing this. We are simply asking, especially since this is common information, to give us a source. It doesn't even need to be formatted correctly.

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