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  1. Ok, gonna say this once: it's not being a PA that limits your time, it's your job and work ethic. Some people (see what I did there) work very long hours, that's on them. Some get the job done and are home in time to pick the kids up from school. Some are very organized. Some are not. It's not being a PA. It's the job. second, "even with all of the schooling"? Really? As someone who has worked a number jobs that did not require "all that schooling", trust me when I say the rewardingness is fairly proportional to the amount of schooling. Exceptions exist, of course, but BK required very little schooling, and that job wasn't rewarding at all. You realize that PAs do all sorts of things, right? Tell you what. Shadow a whole bunch, then tell us what you've found. You will learn it better. PS I get two days off a week. I work twelve hours a day.
  2. I would say that the best person would be someone who can honestly write a recommendation based on their observations of your academic performance would be the best. Good grades and achievements are the end result of an educational curriculum. Otherwise, anyone can write "I have seen so-and-so's grades, and they are good!". Vs. "I have directly observed so-and-so during a 24 month course of study; they were consistently prepared, asked good solid questions, demonstrated an awareness of the principles involved...".
  3. Well, for gosh sakes, don’t tell them any of that. While all the jobs you had were excellent, you left to pursue other interests, explore other opportunities, collect shells on a beach.
  4. George Costanza said to just show up and start working. Take the smaller office.
  5. Everyone is correct. The questions are written by lawyers and need to be read carefully. "Do you drive fast" (well, yeah) "to the point you crash into things" (no) so, the answer to the question is...no. "Within the past 5 years, have you been diagnosed with or treated for any: psychotic disorder, delusional disorder, mood disorder, major depression, personality disorder or any other mental condition" (yes, maybe, answer doesn't matter) "which impaired or does impair your behavior, judgment." (only important part of the question. Some of these are obvious, frank psychosis, etc. But ultimately...does it impair your judgement?)
  6. Wait- are you saying you can’t work up chest pain in an office setting? And deliver a baby in the next room? And do it with a shit eating grin on your face to get the press-ganey at a “10”? What a bunch of n00bs. That administrator should get an award! Hell, if you can’t do it right, just do it fast. Most of the time, no one can tell the difference.
  7. I'm not exactly sure of your timeline- you had a bad experience in the ed, tried urgent care, then went back to the ed? You want to form long lasting relationships with patients? Your perceived failures at two aspects of care are leading you to abandon everything? Two ideas- look for a primary care job that will slowly ease you into a full schedule. and some counseling wouldn't hurt either.
  8. You think that's funny? With your sand and palm trees and sunsets.
  9. So, I got this awesome job opportunity from indeed. The email says “because I have a willingness to relocate “, but maybe it’s the “assistant “. As in physician assistant.
  10. I love getting the results for a test I didn't order. I appreciate your patient advocacy, but thats not the way the game is played. Don't order things then expect someone else to pick it up. Even if it's the exact same thing I would order. And if someone orders it under my name, I'll come down and break their fingers. Then get them fired.
  11. Yes, they are unprofessional and your first clue was the bait and switch, advertising for primary care but trying to shoehorn you into an urgent care position. They were probably nodding because you busted them. Also, most primary care is now actually "urgent care", "with no wait time!". However, government entities, and I'm putting universities in that category, are the opposite of organized; I would not be surprised if the HR person was on leave or something ridiculous like that.
  12. I don't even have a dog in this fight. They could hire a juggling monkey for all I care; I'd rather put my money into the American Family Physician than AAPA, the articles are better. The CEO of McDonalds doesn't go around saying "I'm a vegetarian", or the CEO of the beef chopping union with a vegetable sandwich.
  13. The president of the American College of Physicians is an MD: Robert M. McLean, MD, FACP; in fact, every single person on the council of leadership is an MD. Every member of the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons is an MD. There is nothing in a residency program that confers any managerial skill or even leadership skill; and the two years of basic science that medical students are so proud of do not add anything, really. I didn't look, but I'm willing to bet that every single leadership role in an RN society is an RN. What magically gives RN's and MD's to have leadership roles but PA's are "patients only"? I would like to suggest that we show the world that PA's are not the idiots they think we are, and actually have a PA in a leadership role in our own organization. We look like freaking noobs when a non-PA is in charge. I think we can rustle one up who not only is a PA but who has some other skills they can use.
  14. I once drove from Illinois to Florida, overnight to interview the next day; then back the next day. I also drove from Illinois to DC; this trip I stayed in a 58$ hotel halfway there. Nothing wrong with asking for funds, but if they ask if you are going to be in the area, say “hell yeah”, especially if you want a job.
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