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  1. Press ganey measures shit. It's a bullshit survey that purely exists so admistrators can justify their jobs. Of course, when it's tied to your compensation, that sucks. Remember, very rarely do happy people fill those things out. The statistics used on that and similar scales are not science.
  2. Your collaborating physician is one of a kind I'm sorry to say.
  3. If you like cardiology and plan to be with this company for a while, why risk it? I understand the desire for more cashola now but when the cardiologist comes in with his 4yo, that urgent care will be your full time. If you don't give a hoot about cardiology and want to hand out zpacks all day long, go for it. PS if it's an urgent care "company" see the threads about new grads and urgent care situations.
  4. Purely medicinal, I'm sure.
  5. There was an awesome neurosurgery telemedicine program at Walter Reed where a PA would see the patients at the remote site, work them up, present surgical candidates to the surgeon via a weekly teleconference; after surgery the pa can follow up with wound care and follow up via teleconference. The patient is there too. This is versus a bullshit pay 15$ to get "looks tired" and a zpack "telemedicine". One is expanding coverage to distant sites and underserved areas, while other is a cash cow that increases press ganey scores.
  6. if I need the warm milk of reading for sleep, there's two fiction series I fall back on: Roger Zelazny's Amber Series and Allan Cole and Chris Bunch The Sten Chronicles. Comfort reading. Takes me away from the mental perambulations keeping me awake. Generally don't like reading new stuff before bed or if I wake, it overstimulates me.
  7. I play Minecraft. I build crazy worlds that I then refine with my 8yo when I get home from work. you tend to forget why you go through this baloney day after day for people who don't appreciate it. So when work takes my sleep, I take that time back.
  8. Ideally, the perfect questionnaire: did you die? Yes. No. If no, then why the &$@( do you care if the provider was nice? In 3 weeks, I am leaving my "give me my antibiotics or I'll tell on you" job for something else. Moving to a civilian corporate job biggest mistake of my life, and every minute of every day I regret the move.
  9. Ha- new PAs in the VA system get shown the hot button under the desk. I don't remember much of my first day- except the very last fellow, who came in (I think) with a cc of "arm pain" or something like that- only to find out that his "pain" was actually lack of movement- apparently he had not been able to move his arm for the past few days? But then it got worse? He wasn't making much sense and neither was his family, but I got the gist he wanted a splint or something for this new onset arm paresis. He then said he had a stroke a week earlier. It was literally the last patient of the day, on a Friday, in my family practice clinic, my sp left an hour earlier (I'm leaving a bit early, you ok?). This was really where the "art" comes in. Since I knew diddly of this guy's Neuro status, and he didn't appear to be actively having a stroke, I was at a bit of a loss. I had an excellent nurse who was able to call an ambulance, while I convinced him maybe he should go.
  10. The one contract I have ever signed was pretty clear it was a contract and it was made clear what the penalty was. If you absolutely can not stay, then don't. They can want you to give 15 months notice, but if you didn't sign a contract, I don't think they can take you to court for it. I'm not a lawyer.
  11. Awesome. Best advice ever. Only thing to add- if there's donuts, don't take a powdered one. And don't forget the follow up, I actually had an interviewer call me when I didn't.
  12. The crazy thing is, chiropractors and NDs and Jenny mcarthy think we are the ones on the fringe...
  13. This reminds me of an episode of Friends:
  14. I still love it. I read everything I can...there's always something more I can learn. I have incorporated GMOTM sore throat treatment into my after visit summary. Many of the people I work with are are "meh". I saw a lady yesterday with a concern for pink eye, and for many providers, unfortunately, injected eye + discharge = conjunctivitis. Ask a few questions, take a peek, and I'm thinking keratitis. Anyways, it's early. It would be nice to have a place to go to discuss clinical stories, I agree.