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Bombed my GRE

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So I took the GRE a little over a month ago and did pretty bad, I got a 146 on the verbal section and 144 on the quant section. I'm applying to 9 schools this cycle where 2 of them require the GRE and the rest don't but I'm still worried that when I report my score on CASPA, the other schools (those that don't require the GRE) will look at my scores and I won't be offered any interviews. I would say my stats are pretty good. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA and my science GPA is 3.8. I have abut 1,800 hours experience as a CNA working in a hospital. I shadowed a PA in the surgery department (about 150 hours) and I am currently shadowing an MD (about 100 hours so far). 

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Schools can only see the scores that you send to their CASPA GRE code directly from ETS. If I remember correctly, there is also an optional place to self-report your score in CASPA, but I just wouldn't put it there, as it isn't a requirement (if you could self-report without sending scores through ETS, people could simply make up whatever scores they wanted).

As long as you send your score through ETS only to the couple schools who require it, then no other schools will have access to it. 

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I would absolutely recommend Magoosh! It made studying so much easier for me because of all the GRE questions they have prepared. They also have good videos to help correct any mistakes you make and really good tips & tricks to help "game" the test. I have a friend who has been trying to study for the GRE for OT school for the past few months but has been doing it on her own. Now she really wishes that she had used Magoosh.

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