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  1. Aerobic exercises provides a plethora of positive health benefits but does carry some risks such as but not limited to mechanical injury, rhabdomyolysis, and sudden cardiac death. Before starting any exercise program, you should consult with your primary care physician.
  2. How does this ND, as an adult with the capacity for critical thinking, not consider the possibility that her quack "medical opinion" might result in a bad outcome with subsequent litigation? It blows my mind...
  3. The ER has a different culture than the rest of the hospital for sure. Some people do better on one more than the other, perhaps you're more of an ER person. For sure check out the ER tech job to see how it compares. That being said, you seem to really like the engineering idea so maybe that's really what you enjoy.
  4. Applied in August 2018, just got the email that my application is being reviewed yesterday. Planning on touring the campus next week, maybe pop in and meet some staff. Congrats to everyone who's gotten in so far!
  5. Second degree BSN is solid, opens up numerous pathways through nursing such as admin, NP, research, informatics, teaching, etc. Really depends on what you enjoy doing
  6. Are you watching the videos on magoosh? Have you been doing the practice problems? If you repeatedly get some types of questions wrong, it's essential to watch the videos and try to understand why you're getting them wrong. In addition, utilize all of the time optimization methods that magoosh teaches as opposed to a way you might be used to doing it. Magoosh was my primary resource, also used the ETS book and their practice tests which were really useful for getting used to the format and feel. 153q/153v/4.0w
  7. Attended the virtual open house today and there was some good information. Apparently they have rolling admissions and interviews until May!
  8. Organic chemistry isn't the boogeyman everyone makes it out to be imo, but it's certainly a class that will take you for a ride if you don't respect the time commitment. But all in all, it's just another class that plenty of people have passed and if you put in the work, you will too.
  9. Look if the cardiologist has already popped 9 stents in you, the 10th should be free right?
  10. 3 months of concentrated practice is fine I used magoosh and would personally recommend it The videos are pretty helpful as far as general strategies to use and how to approach the test and what methods to use. The methods magoosh uses are designed with speed in mind, which is crucial for success on the test. If you get a question wrong on the practice questions and you don't know why, watch the video(s) at the bottom Oh, also the ETS website has a fee waiver if you're financially challenged like I am. It cuts the fee in half. Also ETS gives you some practice tests, which I also highly recommend taking because they simulate the time constraints of the actual test.
  11. Rejected tonight, feels bad man. Props to everyone who got in or at least waitlisted this cycle.
  12. No interview, got rejection notice today. Good luck to everyone!
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