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  1. submitted 5/16, verified 5/20 Looking forward to hopefully interviewing, best of luck everyone!
  2. Rejected without interview again, best of luck to everyone else this year!
  3. Rejected. Best of luck to everyone else!
  4. Virtual is more convenient, in person is much better for building relationships with staff and learning. Nothing like being there and experiencing the clinical environment in person.
  5. just do magoosh When you schedule the test, use the mock tests to get a feel for the test flow and format good luck!
  6. 7/18 interviewees what's up! Great to meet everyone, had a good time.
  7. Interview invite on 7/18, traveling from Tampa FL boyos
  8. Could just do the part time ER scribe gig first, then go MA after when you have more time.
  9. Got the same email today. Good luck everyone!
  10. What PCE do you have specifically?
  11. Everything's in and verified 5/28, hoping to get that interview this year!
  12. Magoosh!!!!! Also use the free practice tests you get when you schedule the test. Simulate test conditions by wearing earplugs and reserving time so none is bothering you.
  13. Lmao 100k for a scribe vs. <20k for a premed? Someone fire their office manager for gross misuse of resources
  14. +1, It seems like you are fully aware that you don't know everything, you know you can improve, but the second you revert back to being a student and being eager to learn again it's uncomfortable to you. I think it would be best to check your ego and keep learning. Aspire so next time he tries to pimp you, you can answer adequately, and possibly even come back with some questions he might not know.
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