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  1. I'm getting ready to start my rotations soon and was looking at some comprehensive online study resources to help me prepare for my EORs and PANCE. I have been looking into Osmosis, Online Med Ed, and Hippo Education. I just wanted to put this out there to see if anyone has used any of these and the pros and cons that you found with them.
  2. Thanks JamieC! They checked my credit too!
  3. How can you tell if you have your credit checked on CreditKarma?
  4. The scholarship application opened today.
  5. Yeah! The application opened towards the end of February. Thanks @sammylittle12` I checked with my program and they said they do have a few rotations set up with the VA already!
  6. I will be starting my didactic year of PA school in August and I just working on this application and I was hoping somebody who has applied before could answer this a question: In the preliminary questions they ask about being able to perform a clinical tour at the VA while you are enrolled in your program. Is this referring to doing one of your clinical rotations at a VA site?
  7. Hey @MishaShisha! From my understanding of the scholarship program, there is kind of an assumed flexibility with the applicants. There is no guarantee that there will be a job in a specific area. You can look on the Health Workforce Connector website and it will show you an idea of what some of the areas will look like based off of the HPSA score. I think in recent past years the score has ranged from 17 or 18 up but they say in the guidelines that these scores are always subject to change. From what I’ve read it is very similar to a military contract in the sense that you are trading part of your freedom to choose wherever you want to live for the peace of mind of not having to take out loans and the financial freedom that gives you. If like you said you really will not move after you graduate then this scholarship might not be the best idea for you because once you get to graduation and you don’t have an HPSA approved sites in your area then you are going to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. The loan forgiveness program might be a better opportunity for you that way you have more of say in where you are living after school. The reason I’m applying for the scholarship is I have worked the past four years in a free clinic and have generally enjoyed that. I want to continue to work with underserved communities like mine, but I like that if I get this scholarship it gives me the ability to not take out any loans for school at all! My wife and I have talked about it and we are okay moving to wherever but have certain parts of the country that we would prefer to live.
  8. I think from what I have read in the past years forums it is around the beginning of March but I wonder if it will be delayed this year.
  9. I emailed them this morning and Elise got back to me right away but, I got accepted into another program and decided to give up my spot on the wait list. Good luck to everybody else!
  10. Thanks @needmorecoffee! That is all good stuff to know! Do you know how far down the wait list they got last year?
  11. It was fantastic! Everybody that I interviewed with were super friendly! I felt like the interviewers do a pretty good job of making you feel comfortable and making it seem like a conversation! It all seems to go by super quick though.
  12. I made a quizlet to help me study before the interview. I took it all directly from the study guide and this helped me immensely! Here is the link: https://quizlet.com/307215198/basic-medical-terminology-flash-cards/
  13. From what I understand they will send rankings on wait list in February and it is unlikely that they will pull anybody off of it before then.
  14. What if I want to work in Family Medicine? Do you still recommend a residency? I have read around on the page here and it sounds like people are mixed on whether a Family Medicine Residency is valuable for a PA or not. I've worked at a Community Health Center for the past couple of years and really enjoy it. I am hoping to do similar work once I graduate.
  15. I'm getting ready to start PA school in the next year so I'm curious what do some of y'all who have much more experience and wisdom recommend for somebody like me who is getting ready to embark into this field. What can I do to make a difference or am I starting a journey on a sinking ship?
  16. Never mind I got my rejection email this morning. It is good to know now though!
  17. I'm in the same spot. I know when I got confirmation that they received my application they said not to contact until January 2nd but its weird to have not heard anything at all at this point right?
  18. I just sent you a request to join the group!
  19. I just got an email from Elise saying I'm on the wait list. I guess now I just wait it out and see.
  20. In last years cycle it looks like they interviewed as late as January. I'm in the same boat I submitted pretty early on and I haven't heard anything yet.
  21. Anybody that is going to the November 5th interview want to get together Sunday before?
  22. Does anybody know how the scholarship works if your program starts before the decide on who gets the scholarship? I'm definitely going to be applying for the NHSC scholarship as it is my dream to work as a PA in a Community Health Center/FQHC/look-a-like! I am prepared to take out loans but if say you do take out loans and then you get the approval/countersignature after you have taken out loans then what happens?
  23. Does anybody know if we are supposed to bring a resume or our transcripts to the interview? I know I have seen some schools that have required this but I can't remember if Wake Forest is one of those schools. I have looked through all of my emails and I haven't seen anything about it but I just wanted to ask to make sure.
  24. I am in a similar situation. My wife and I are moving from the Pacific Northwest/ Mountain West area to the South. We are both super excited for the new adventure but I'm low key a little nervous too.
  25. I already got in at another school so its not a big deal. I submitted my application on 7/6.
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