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  1. BrittanyJ95

    HPSP and HSCP

    There were not any HPSP scholarships available this year. However, there are 20 spots for the HSCP.. All of the candidates who applied to the HPSP were offered the HSCP... There are 20 spots and 20 kits submitted already.
  2. I’m confused.. so so did you guys have to meet with a recruiter and go through meps? My recruiter is saying the cycle opens August 15th and they meet for the first board some time around October...
  3. I'm sure you would be fine using the same personal statement, but has nothing really changed in a year? also, paid experience holds more weight than volunteer work. You may lose some points.
  4. Purchase the Applicants Manual of Physician assistant programs Will tell you all you need to know. sn: your hours are low. I suggest you aggressively look for PA shadowing opportunities. That could possibly make or break you w/ these stats. additionally, apply to schools that require little to no HCE.. Your GPA may be high enough to offset this, if it is the right school. Mississippi College offered me an interview when my hours were close to yours. This is just my personal opinion.
  5. Phlebotomy is an acceptable means to gain hours..You can quit whenever you want. I don't think the switch will have much of an effect on your application. I PERSONALLY think you gain more pertinent experience as a CNA within a hospital. Just my raggedy two cents.
  6. If you get denied it'll be because of your clinical hours. I would suggest getting hours in a more hands-on position.. EMT, CNA, Phlebotomist.. Everything else looks great! Do well on the GRE (above 150 on each), have great letters of rec, a well written personal statement, and ace the interview! Its hard for ME to say what your chances are. I suggest applying to schools that require little to no PCE. I am not familiar with the schools you posted.
  7. https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/topic/18-pa-applicant-stats-page/
  8. If your stats are average, then I would suggest applying in May or early June. Above average stats? June/early July should be fine You have plenty of time from now till then to study for the GRE, take the GRE, write a personal statement, and gather excellent references.
  9. Just apply earlier. Dont waste money on anything else (unless you're balling in dough, and can afford it)! If anything, retake GRE to get V above 150, but honestly.. I think you're golden. Make sure your PS is up to par, apply early (in the first few weeks), and rock the interview.
  10. Turning down my interview. Accepted at my top choice. Goodluck all.
  11. Scrap the entire essay. If a story is how you want to start your essay, then use a life experience that directly influenced your decision to go PA (a medically related experience). Make it short, sweet, and to the point. Please do not use the numerical form of "2" and "4" in your essay. Spell it out if you must. Dont call them your guys This essay did not answer the prompt. Sure, you want to see and do more, but you can do that as a NP or even a CNA. Why do you want to be a PA, specifically. Dont write out your job duties. They have a section for that in caspa My advice. - Sit down and write out the reasons you want to be a PA. Which of those reasons are unique to the PA profession? Talk about this! I chose to write about the opportunity to work underneath a seasoned physician. Two heads are better than one! - Invest in an editing service. I used myparesource - Get more hands-on experience in the hospital setting. This will help in writing your essay.
  12. OCHEM was easier for me. A in oCHEM B in Biochem.. Neither were exceptionally hard. I just did not put as much effort into biochem
  13. Question I am african american, not from a disadvantaged background, never worked in an underserved area, I HAVE completed about ~200 hours of volunteer with the underserved and ~120 hours of volunteer with at risk teens... I have the desire to want to continue to work with the underserved Would i even be considered for the scholarship. Is it worth trying for? I see people who get it are from an underserved area and have worked there for ~4years... Do I even have a shot? my gpa is 3.5
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