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  1. I feel like the world is moving out of times where beards are looked at as unacceptable and or unprofessional. As long as you keep it neatly trimmed and don't look homeless you'll be fine. I had a beard cut down to a 3 guard with some clippers, cleaned up the edges and went to my interview. Also id go with darker suit.
  2. Received denial letter last week, however I was happily accepted into one of my top programs last month! Good luck
  3. I believe deposits were due March 29. Could be different date for those offered acceptance off the waitlist though.
  4. You cannot see CASPA gpa until you submit your CASPA
  5. Hello everyone, I have searched the forum unable to find a similar topic. So my question is how did those of you who moved into a new apartment go about the process? I will be living off student loans for the most part but how did you go about taking care of the lease signing , etc. if loans are disbursed after school starts...what options do I have available to help cover the cost of signing a new lease? I know some places can ask for 1st and last months rent...which could be upwards of 4,000 in some places. This is stressing me out and I’d love some input from someone who may have been in t
  6. Thank you! That’s some good information. Any tips or input on living situations? Where to live, etc.
  7. I’ve been looking mainly in Doral and up near pembrooke. Pembrooke pines is just a little far. It’s like 45-1 hr without traffic which is scary lol.
  8. I believe she said she will send out invites once class is filled for the Facebook page!
  9. well, if you got 4 interviews i think its safe to say its not your stats or application that needs work, it may be your interview skills. There is some books out there to help with pa school interviews. Also I recommend mock interviews.
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