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To all reading these messages do not be fooled As a current student at this program I object to what has been said. During the interview process I was nervous about bringing my family all the way

Just received an interview invite for 9/17 at 11:45am!! Looking forward to meeting anyone else interviewing on that day! Really exciting!

I got an e-mail saying "your application is under consideration for an interview invite". Ayeee. It's something!    Anyone else receive this?

4 minutes ago, TheGrind said:

I would also like know this if anyone has any information 

So last year as far as I know, they didn't reject anyone that was interviewed, they just automatically got wait listed if they weren't accepted BUT they let us know if we were on the wait list.... Also they didn't interview very many of us, not sure how it's going to work for y'all but hey, no news can still be good news. I didn't get pulled off the wait list till pretty late.

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I proxied your eRaider account and do not see an email account that was set up during the account creation.  This is likely because you have not been fully accepted to the university yet.  This could be paperwork taking time on the back end or acceptance letters being accepted.  Setting up an eRaider account does not automatically mean students have been accepted, it just makes it easier to have the account set up to move along the process once you have been accepted.  If you are fully accepted and still do not have an e-mail account, please let us know so we can troubleshoot this further.

This was an email I received from eRaider about why I could not loign into my account after creating an account. This is the response emailed to me. Hope this helps!

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