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  1. Ian there a Facebook group made yet? Just fyi to all accepted, orientation is May 30th and 31st.
  2. I applied in July/August with a 3.9 GPA/SGPA with 0 health care experience and 4 years military service. I received 0 interviews, the following cycle I gained 1.5k PCE experience hours, received interviews to every school I applied to.
  3. You’ll be just fine! Every month working full time is an extra 160-200 hours of PCE, also your science GPA is solid. For volunteer opportunities you could try googling a volunteer coordinator at the local hospital or a program like meals on wheels. Your packet is definitely not at a weak point here, with the next 8 months you can make yourself a shoe in.
  4. It’s so hard to find not just a willing PA, but an authorizing hospital! When I lived in Fort Worth I went through the same process of cold calling every hospital, clinic, even tried chiropractors! Anything to show for my efforts. One education coordinator at a Fort Worth hospital off 35 even told me “it’s against hospital policy to shadow here, but once you get into a PA school you can shadow!” Thanks a lot. I ended up moving two hours to a rural community just for this oppourtunity, really crazy! Just goes to show when you find a willing PA and a hospital that won’t veto it, treat that PA like an angel bexause they are! I brought donuts every visit for the staff, kolaches etc. Good luck with your efforts!
  5. @CSCH so you mentioned you were averaging 60+ hours a week, as in 5 12 hour shifts? How long is the entire residency? Great posts btw, very straight forward educational!
  6. A big misconception is that the contracts posted on this forum are the “norm”, whereas the opposite is true. People typically request reference to a contract that has the chance to be poor, whereas the people who have really good benefits or salary opportunities do not request assistance. With this being said, 75k is by far the lowest offer I have ever seen, even 85k, however it also seems like your position may be very low stress. Best bet is to do what you feel is right.
  7. I think a lot of people forget that the traditional path still remains high school, bachelors in biology, PA program. Too many people are recommending nursing school, resp tech, all these positions that require huge commitments. As they are valuable, I think the most straight forward path to take is ER tech. There’s no prior experience required and regardless of the school they will award you greatly for the experience.
  8. I just assume it’s a rejection, and plan for next year, continue to volunteer, shadow, etc. I have found this is the most efficient and less stressful method of going about it.
  9. @EMEDPA thanks man, you are a gem to these PA forums, and a goldmine for info!
  10. Wow so much knowledge in one thread. Thank each and everyone of you for your experience on benzos... I start pa school mid next year and these are the kinds of threads I bookmark. 10/10 this is the reason I utilize these forums. And @PACShrink wow, really good story and a good cautious tale for other pas in the field.
  11. Really interesting read! Also answered my question of average residency salary. Earning 60k for a 12 month residency in EM, which then allows a PA much more autonomy and confidence in an ER sounds amazing. @EMEDPA a few questions... So from what I understand typically out of school EM PAs have a tough time finding a job in the ER, and when they do it’s usually a high patient low acuity setting such as fast track? Is this due to not enough training or focus while in ER rotation during school? Once finished with a residency say for example at Baylor in the DFW area, how likely is it that that residency will affect my job prospects away from Baylor say in Kentucky or Idaho? Is a PA EM residency like a golden ticket for getting hired and contract negotiations? i guess my questions are fairly individualized as what I mean to ask is in your experience do you have power in your certificate, or with your experience? Fresh out of school is it unlikely to work EM for a fair salary? EDIT: Oh also, are these residencies in an educational setting or are you shadowing an ER phys/pa? What do they typically entail as far as being beneficial compared to just jumping into EM?
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