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  1. As someone who moved out here in 3 weeks last year, it's totally doable. Stressful, sure. But housing is actually a lot better now than when I was looking last year so if you really want to come to Tech, you can do it!
  2. The airport here takes like 45 minutes AT MOST to get through. Plan to bring just your carry on and you'll be fine.
  3. They do rolling admissions so if someone on the wait list is more impressive than someone they're interviewing in January, they'll probably pull that person off the wait list and put the January person on the list in their place. They wait list quite a few people, no idea how many and no, they will not tell you your number on that list. There's definitely hope for people on it though, I was pulled off the list in May. Super stressful but hey, I'm here.
  4. I'm not here to start an argument, just to give a different perspective as a current student. There have been very few issues (aside from the ridiculous Midland rent) and the one big issue that we brought to attention of the staff was dealt with very promptly and as professionally as it could have been given the timing. The only people that are no longer here after 2 semesters are the ones that simply did not meet the GPA standards. Probation was several years back, from my understanding it was because of the turnover rate of staff and/or paperwork issues, you may have heard about UTMB experiencing something similar this past year. That has all since been addressed and the current staff is a wonderful group. One thing that I really appreciate about this program in particular is that they listen to us and make the changes we suggest to try to make their program better. That's very rare to see and that's my input on this matter. Good luck, y'all!
  5. So last year as far as I know, they didn't reject anyone that was interviewed, they just automatically got wait listed if they weren't accepted BUT they let us know if we were on the wait list.... Also they didn't interview very many of us, not sure how it's going to work for y'all but hey, no news can still be good news. I didn't get pulled off the wait list till pretty late.
  6. I know last year they interviewed at least into November and continued accepting students all the way into May. I think they said they only interviewed 175ish students last year but I'd imagine they're going to do more this time around. They are pretty good about giving you at least a month of notice before your interview too. I didn't interview until the middle of October and I had everything submitted and verified pretty early in June, wasn't accepted until May either so don't lose hope. Good luck! Y'all are going to be fine
  7. I was just pulled off the wait list as well! If anyone needs a roommate and doesn't mind having an adorable medium sized dog around let me know!
  8. Congrats, y'all! When was everyone notified? I was wait listed too I just wanna know if they're staggering invites so I know if there's still hope lol
  9. Oh goodness. I'm just getting nervous because I don't want to re-apply without getting an answer but I also wanna apply really early this time.
  10. I forgot I sent an email to the department about a month before I emailed Ms. Mealer the same thing. Anyway, got an email today from the department saying they're still reviewing and interviewing.
  11. A couple weeks before the new cycle opens, CASPA will send out an email for instructions on how to apply as a reapplicant. It saves transcripts, experiences and biographical info from last cyle and you're free to update it all as you please. You don't have to submit new transcripts unless you've taken classes since you got your coursework verified last time.
  12. I agree with all of the above however, if you want to submit it to caspa to kind of get ahead of the game for next year, go for it if they'll let you. I've been updating my application for experiences constantly so I don't have to mess with it as much in April.
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