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  1. Hey Katie, were you able to find anything? I'm also looking for a Derm rotation in DFW
  2. I had a similar dilemma last year and I called the programs I planned on applying to to ask their opinion. The general consensus was if you foresee yourself doing significantly better..just wait, otherwise don’t. I’d also add that your other metrics will need to be considered, if you have a lower cGPA/sGPA I’d wait and retake. It personally worked to my advantage and my app was still considered early.
  3. There are 56 students on the fb group (not counting admin). The class size is typically 58 although they do mention accepting up to 60 students on their FAQ page, so I’d say the class is full if not very close to being full. Don’t let this get you down though, I hear tech utilizes a good amount of their wait list. Best of luck!
  4. If I remember correctly I was done around 4 and the tour was optional which kept me there until 5.. so you can definitely make it work but might be cutting it close.
  5. Agree with other commenter, you will be given all information necessary to write the essay portion.
  6. Had a really positive experience. The interviewers were extremely personable and I didn’t feel as though I was being grilled at all. I’ve got nothing but great things to say.
  7. Has anyone received a rejection email without being awarded an interview?
  8. Just got an interview for 10/1 ? verified 6/19 under review email 7/10
  9. Just received my rejection letter. Verified 6/19 Under Review 6/29 Best of luck to everyone out there!
  10. GPA 3.48/SGPA 3.25 (Upward trend with last 60 hours ~3.7+) post bac 34 hours (all science) - 4.0 GRE - 309 with 4 in writing. HCE- ~1500 PCE- ~2100+ (in my husband’s dental office taking X-rays, helping with procedures/treatment, taking vitals) I was pretty bummed because I thought I’d have a good shot of interviewing.. especially since I went to college in Abilene, but it wasn’t meant to be. Best of luck to those interviewing today!
  11. Finally received an email that my application was received/completed and upon preliminary prerequisite check, I meet all requirements. Verified on 6/19.
  12. There’s a spot to input MCAT test scores if you’ve taken one.. i don’t know if it is mandatory to put the score though or optional. I think If I have to input the score then it’s better that I explain why I ever took the MCAT oppose to leaving it up in the air for their interpretation. On the other hand if I don’t actually have to input the MCAT test scores I still plan on mildly mentioning it in my personal statement because it it a huge part of how I found out I wanted to become a PA.
  13. So last year I was accepted into medical school and decided to decline my acceptance after learning more about the PA profession. Needless to say it was an extremely difficult decision to make considering I had an acceptance and was gambling on my ability to get into PA school.. but here we are and I couldn't be happier with my choice/ have no regrets. I immediately registered for pre-reqs and got a new job to obtain patient care hours and up until this point hadn't considered omitting these details from my application, however I have recently been advised that there is the possibility of adcoms viewing it as indecision on my behalf and thus become a red flag. The way I view it is that it is part of my story, although I wasn't always certain what role I wanted to play in medicine, I am now positive that becoming a PA is what I wholeheartedly want to pursue and I was willing to make unique sacrifices in order to make that a possibility. I feel this experience gives me the ability to answer why I want to become a PA. My question is, do you think including this detail is beneficial to me in my application or that it could have the potential to rub people the wrong way and I'd be shooting myself in the foot? Any feedback is helpful.
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