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License renewal during PA school?

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Hi all,

I'm starting PA school this May, however, my phlebotomy license is up for renewal this June. I know it's never good to let a license expire because I would have to go through all the training again if I ever wanted to practice phlebotomy in the future. BUT it does cost money to renew and I technically wouldn't need it as a physician assistant. Do PA students and working physician assistants typically keep renewing their professional licenses if they don't ever use it? Note that I am referring to phlebotomy, MA, etc NOT PA-C license. 

Thank you!

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Interesting question. I doubt any do keep renewing their licenses they had prior to PA-C. 

I myself will be renewing my cardiac sonographer license this June, which will be good for another three years. For me, the renewal cost is small considering the amount of loan I am about to take on for PA school. This will also be a back up plan just in case PA school does not pan out (I hope it doesn't come to that). And finally, I want to keep this license as long as I possibly can because I am not ready to let it go, hahaha. Been doing this for over 9 years. 

Like yourself, I wonder what others have done. 

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I'm going to renew my lab license one last time...just in case.  Not using it during school and not planning to use it after but if it takes a while to get hired/licensed/start a PA job I have it to fall back on if necessary.

If it isn't cost prohibitive might be worth it in case you find yourself needing some spending money before real life as a PA kicks in.

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I just re-certified my registry and state paramedic certs. It's pretty common for former paramedics working in EM to keep the credential up. I don't know of any dual PA-C/phlebotomists, though. I think I'd base the decision on how much time/effort it would take to get it back if you ever decide you needed it....like between graduation and starting work, as stated above.

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The difference between EMT/Paramedic (the former of which I have kept since I earned it in 2006, four years prior to PA school) and a phlebotomy license, as I understand it, is that the entirety of phlebotomy practice is subsumed under PA practice.  EMT and Paramedic have different prehospital roles, defined in law, that are NOT 100% covered by PA.

In my case, when working as an EMT I don't get to tube people in the field, even though I have done so on a surgery rotation.  Nor do I get to start lines, push drugs, or start BiPAP, even though those are certainly within both my PA scope and skillset.  This isn't a big deal, as I work in a county with plenty of medics who treat me like a peer and will routinely go over medical ddx'es and read ECGs with me, even though we all know our training has different emphases.

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