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  1. Hi all, I'm starting PA school this May, however, my phlebotomy license is up for renewal this June. I know it's never good to let a license expire because I would have to go through all the training again if I ever wanted to practice phlebotomy in the future. BUT it does cost money to renew and I technically wouldn't need it as a physician assistant. Do PA students and working physician assistants typically keep renewing their professional licenses if they don't ever use it? Note that I am referring to phlebotomy, MA, etc NOT PA-C license. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your post! Out of curiosity, do you know how was the classroom structure/coursework was changed between class 47 and class 48? What were the reasons behind these changes?
  3. For those who have accepted their offers, how did you send your letter of acceptance? Their instructions list "Compose and submit a signed formal letter of acceptance addressing that you have read and meet the requirements of the UPAP Technical Standards*." Was it just a simple handwritten note with a signature? Then mailed off? Thanks!!! Hope to get to know all you guys in the near future.
  4. Just got the acceptance email WOOTWOOT!
  5. I really hope that the way things are going is not a reflection of the quality of the program but rather just oversight by the admissions team. I wish there was more transparency. To anyone who went to the 1st year meet-ups, did you learn anything insightful from the current students that possibly swayed you one way or another? Good luck to everyone!
  6. Hi guys! For those that were accepted and already put down a deposit for the program, did you get any follow-up information? Or are we expected to kind of sit around until the new year to get more information on starting the program? Also, congratulations for everyone who got in!!!! Class of 2020 here we come! Is there a new facebook group? I can seem to find "Case Western PA Program 2020" on facebook.
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