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  1. @Lheitman11 I can tell you this much that Navy will ask for 2 years minimum experience before considering to commissioning you. You'll have better luck with direct commissioning into army. Finally this topic has been asked and answered many times on this forum. So, just as @BLM8867mentioned, do you have specific questions we can help you with? My advice, do a quick search in this forum and you'll find wonderful insights in military life already been posted. Then if you have specific questions regarding your situation ask us more.
  2. Some of the standards and requirements on surface level doesn't make sense, might seem cruel as you, @Mantenso, put it but it is not detrimental to recruitment for medical professions wanting to join. They get enough applications that meet all their requirements that they can be picky. Does it suck? Yes it does for people who want to serve but aren't qualified. I am sorry you had to go through the process and better yourself to prove you are fit but not given a chance. That does seem unfair but hey, on the bright side you have improved a lot, health wise, and that's all some of us can ask for.
  3. I think HPSP is for Army, Air force and Navy. But how you get to select the branch I'm not sure.
  4. @pursuitofPA Direct commissioning into Navy after graduating PA school is difficult, in a sense, they require at least two years experience as a PA. If you really want, to join the navy, should apply for the scholarship now. You might get atleast one year of benefits which will also guarantee your commissioning after graduation. If you wait until after graduation, then the navy will most definitely ask for 2 year experience. Army or air force, might have different requirements. Hope this helps.
  5. Definitely follow others advice on going through other posts on this forum. There are many success stories, what they did to get accepted, and what there situations were. I advised my friend to apply last cycle even though she had less than 1000 hours patient care experience at the time of application. I knew she already have an impressive application checklist, so I told her to apply to schools she met the requirements for. She ended up having well over 1000 hours by the time she was interviewing, and she had a hand full of interviews. Other than PCE, her overall application packet was strong and that's what many school are looking for. Overall, are you going to be a good fit for their program. You definitely will get admitted somewhere. Just apply smartly. Choose the programs that highlight your strengths. Good luck.
  6. Is your husband in the military? If yes, then there might be a small chance. I don't think there is a great need for providers at bases in South Korea. And they usually give spouses and local population priorities for work on base for host nation partnership relation. I've never been stationed there so it might be different, however it was the case in Japan where I was stationed. I think the chances are slim as a civilian to land a job as a PA on base in South Korea. Anyone else have any info?
  7. Okinawa can be great depending on which base and command you get attached with. I've had bitter sweet memories from there. Overall great place to be at. Being an officer should help you get some freedom there. Great food, great people, wonderful island. Enjoy.
  8. @emilymuff How's your PS coming along?
  9. I was stationed in Okinawa, so not exactly mainland Japan but I will tell you this, Japan is a fascinating place. I loved it there. Overall, the food and people were great. Advice, have a open mind, try to learn a bit of Japanese and enjoy. I'll see if I can find someone who is stationed there that I know. As for deployment, you will be slightly more limited as you are already overseas but if you volunteer and your command can spare you, then you can get deployed. I myself would like to get stationed in mainland Japan one more time. But first let me make it through the first year of PA school. It is kicking my ass. Good luck. Edit: I just realized it's you @vb315. I've asked you few questions in the past. Lol.
  10. If there is no grade assigned, would you be able to put as Pass/No Pass?
  11. I think it is still worth it if you really want to join the Navy. I believe someone here had posted some time ago that they applied on October after starting PA school and got accepted fairly quickly and was able to start getting paid from January. So, they did lose about 5 months but on the long run, that isn't too bad.
  12. First of all, I'm happy you were able to take care of yourself. Second, No it's not fair but military gets enough people signing up so they can chose who to accept. Third, yes, many if not everyone will face anxiety and depression at some point but not everyone requires treatment or medication. Military already has a very high rate of suicides so it only makes sense if they want to minimize the risk by selecting who to accept. Just my opinion.
  13. Navy HSCP, you are "active duty" getting active duty pay at E6 grade but no tuition is paid. You pay the tuition. However, the years in school will count towards retirement years. Navy HPSP, pays for tuition with a little allowance to live off of. Your years in school doesn't count towards retirement years. This is a quick difference. Pay amounts vary. The benefits of one vs the other vary between individuals and what they want over the long run.
  14. My program we use touchscreen laptop with pen and one note. Works great but I don't really use the pen as much. I end up just typing my notes.
  15. I personally am also in the camp of not studying before PA school. I didn't and still surviving. You'll be studying enough in PA school. As far as studying for physio, for my ass it was the easiest course. I would rather chose reading hour favorite books. Work on increasing reading speeds. And most importantly enjoy your time with family.
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