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  1. Yes, I got my orders for duty station as soon as I passed the PANCE and got commissioned. For me, I graduated 1st september, passed PANCE 8th September, Commissioned 23 september and got hardcopy orders pretty much a day or so after commissioning. I believe in my case it was delayed getting orders due to an admin error where my name along with 6 other members names were not put into the system for orders until after we graduated.
  2. Apologies for the late late response. I applied 2018 and there were 18 quotas, and my recruiter told me that there were 20 something that had applied at the time I applied. I will say, the applicant number varies but I don't think it's in 100 ranges, definitely not 1000s. Did you end up applying?
  3. Good luck. Hopefully you hear back soon.
  4. I just found out I passed the PANCE and now am a PA-C. I have updated my recruiter and send an update email to my detailer. Right now it is just a waiting game. I was told my name was on the Program Managers list for October ODS class pending commissioning. I should be getting commissioned pretty soon. Until then I don't really have anything to do but to get back into a better shape for ODS. Any tips and advice before I head into ODS and my first duty station? Thank you. Ashish.
  5. The quotas for HPSP for Navy is usually very very low to none. I don't think there has been any for the last few years now. Right now Navy mostly uses HSCP. The other alternative is to try direct commissioning to Navy after graduation, but usually they require you to have about 2 years of experience as a PA.
  6. Thank you for this info. It is definitely hard to find out about this. So far two of my friends who have inquired about this have been told to apply after they get 2 years experience as a PA. One of them was a Navy corpsman for couple years before he got out and went to PA school.
  7. I'm interested to know about this as well. Because from what I hear Navy didn't have DC for PAs the last few years. Everyone that have talked to the Medical Recruiters have been told that they are looking for PAs with minimum 2 years experience for DC. Definitely not straight from school. Any insight would be appreciated as I have two friends who are looking to get in.
  8. Yellow Ribbon program is for veterans offered through VA. This is for veterans.
  9. I believe there are only four specialty residencies (fellowships) for PAs in Navy. They are ER, Ortho, Surgery, and Flight Medicine.
  10. It was an easy decision for me, prior Navy Corpsman, so I picked HSCP. I agree with @Navy_PA. Navy are located mostly at the coast. If you are a beach person then it is a no brainer. One point though, If you are not planning to stay in for 20 years, or even after the first 3 years of obligatory service, look into HPSP. That would be a better deal financially.
  11. Congratulations!!! Look at that, you got off the alternate list.
  12. Basically, whatever makes you a great PA applicant is what the Navy is going to look for as well. I am prior corpsman and decided to apply for HSCP for PA school. My approach was the same for applying to PA school. THe only thing is if you are prior service, they will look at every single Eval you ever got in the Navy. I think it helped me cause I had made sure in the recommendation of my evals, my LPO or chief put that I was a great Naval Officer candidate. PS should be geared towards why Navy and what makes you a good fit to be a Naval Officer. LOR from your prior Naval chain of command will be good I think. Also good grades is always helpful. Ashish
  13. Congratulations! Make sure when you swear in, you have appointments for getting your military ID set up. Also make sure they have the banking info for direct deposit, and finally make sure you set up appointment to set up mypay account. You don't want to have any problems with getting paid. If you haven't join us at the Navy PA HSCP group on Facebook.
  14. I have heard about people getting accepted from alternate list. Hope this would be the case for you.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, I heard this cycle there were 20 HSCP spots and 2 HPSP spots for Navy PA. If you don't have military background, some military lingo might get lost in translation, so if you feel confused about anything, ask them to clarify. You shouldn't end a call like that still confused. Make the recruiter work for what they get paid to do.
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