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  1. I received a call last night stating that I was pulled from the waitlist and accepted into the program. I didn’t realize I was on a waitlist haha. So I guess at this point they’re still trying to seat the class!
  2. I have been an ophthalmic assistant since 2014. While I completely agree with you, and think that what we do constitutes direct patient care experience, unfortunately most of the people I talked to in admissions did not. I called all of the schools that I applied to before applying there, and most said it was "too specific." Some people even told me that they preferred that applicants have experience working in primary care. Honestly, your stats look pretty good, so it could potentially be your patient care hours. Good luck to you!
  3. THanks so much for your input! This is very helpful.
  4. Hello, I have been waitlisted at the last 3 schools I have interviewed at, and have yet to hear back from one interview. The funny thing is, I feel that I am a subpar applicant on paper (3.37 for both cGPA and sGPA with a 299 GRE). I do have about 7,000 hours of direct PCE and good LOR's, however. I always figured that if I made it to the interview I would be okay, as I really do believe that my personality and interview skills are my strong suit. So my question is, do schools still continue to prioritize applicants with higher GPAs and put those with lower GPAs on the back burner after i
  5. I️ would be interested in meeting up the night before!
  6. Excited to meet you all on 12/1! Coming from Denver.
  7. Congrats to those who were accepted! I was placed on the alternate list today. Really hoping to get in eventually.
  8. I was placed on the waitlist after the sept. 26th interview, but they did not specify high, medium or low status like they have done previous years. Not sure what to expect but trying to keep the faith!
  9. @3chainz congrats! I also received an invitation to interview for 9/30. This will be my second year interviewing at USC, and really loved the program last year. See you then!
  10. I also received an interview invitation yesterday for Tuesday, 9/26. I am very excited to meet you all!
  11. I just spoke with an admissions representative who said that they have never done interviews earlier than January, and that last year's first interview date was January 19th. However, according to last years forum it looks like interviews started in September, so I'm not sure! I'm wondering the same thing.
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