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What is your opposite profession?

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Just came across this funny post by the New York Times... the premise was "let us help you find the career that is most different from the career path that you're on". They used statistics kept by the Labor Department regarding skills and tasks required for each job. 

Check out what the most "opposite" profession is for us here... you might get a kick out of it. 

Granted, "model" and "physicist" are actually considered the two most "distinctive" jobs according to Labor Department statistics, so they're the most common "opposite" jobs that the form will return. The most opposite job for a physician and nurse practitioner is "agricultural grader". "Medicine" is listed as the number one skill for physicians and the number three skill for PAs... oddly enough, medicine doesn't appear as one of the top 10 skills for NPs... (just poking fun, of course)


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I put in "Physicians and Surgeons" and got "Agricultural Grader" then I put in "Lawyer" (my dad and brother are lawyers) got the same thing then I put in "Accountant" which is what my wife is and got the same thing... Shouldn't we be the same as the Physicians, seeing as our jobs are the same? I wonder what algorithm they use to determine the outcome.

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